Richard Branson set to launch into space on Virgin Galactic spaceship


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Where is Richard Branson launching from?

Branson, two company pilots and three Virgin Galactic crewmates are launching from Spaceport America, near Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, on what's expected to be at least an hour-long flight, reaching altitudes a little over 50 miles above the Earth. CBS NewsWatch Live: Richard Branson launching to space aboard Virgin Galactic rocket plane

Where does Virgin Galactic launch from?

Virgin Galactic initially launched SpaceShipTwo test flights from the company's facilities at Mojave Air and Space Port in California. However, in 2020 the company moved Unity and its carrier craft to its permanent home at Spaceport America, where it plans to fly regular passenger flights beginning in 2022. Space.comVirgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo Unity 22 launch with Richard Branson: Here's when to watch and what to know.

What time does Richard Branson take off?

Branson will be joined by two company pilots and three Virgin Galactic crewmates. They will take wing from Spaceport America, a hub near Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. The flight is expected to last at least an hour, with lift-off is set for 9 AM ET on Sunday, and will be broadcast on ABC and CBS. DeadlineHow To Watch Richard Branson’s Historic Virgin Galactic Space Launch On Sunday

How long is Virgin Galactic flight?

The flight is now scheduled for 10:30 a.m. EDT Sunday and will be livestreamed by Virgin Galactic and on It was previously set to launch at 9 a.m., but weather overnight at the launch facility in New Mexico caused a delay. The flight is expected to last about 90 minutes. The Wall Street JournalRichard Branson’s Virgin Galactic Space Flight: What You Need to Know

The billionaire joined the first fully crewed flight of his space tourism firm.

Billionaire Sir Richard Branson is set to launch to the edge of space Sunday in the first fully crewed flight from his private space tourism firm Virgin Galactic.

Branson, 70, will serve as a mission specialist on what is being called the Unity 22 mission, the fourth crewed spaceflight for Virgin Galactic's VSS Unity spacecraft. Unity is launched from a separate "mothership" aircraft called VMS Eve that takes off from a conventional runway before releasing the spaceship at an altitude of approximately 50,000 feet.

The launch will take place from New Mexico's Spaceport America, and live coverage will commence at 9 a.m. ET on Sunday on Virgin Galactic's website and social media pages.

Pilots Dave Mackay and Michael Masucci will fly the spaceship, with C.J. Sturckow and Kelly Latimer flying the aircraft from which the spaceship will dispatch.

Branson's role is to evaluate the private astronaut experience to prepare for future customers, which Virgin Galactic expects to do beginning in 2022.

"I truly believe that space belongs to all of us," Branson said in a statement earlier this month announcing his spaceflight. "After 17 years of research, engineering and innovation, the new commercial space industry is poised to open the universe to humankind and change the world for good."

Branson's spaceflight comes just nine days ahead of when Amazon founder Jeff Bezos said he will launch into space via his own firm, Blue Origin.

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