Rick and Morty Writer Details Season 5's Tricky "Disgusting and Tasteless" Episode


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Is Rick and Morty Season 5 Episode 4 out?

The weekend's almost over, but before it wraps up, Rick and Morty returns to television tonight with a fresh chapter from Season 5 dropping on Sunday, July 11, with episode 4 airing at 11 p.m. on Adult Swim. oregonlive.comRick and Morty Season 5, Episode 4 free live stream, time, TV channel, cast, how to watch online (7/11/21)

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Is this the stupidest Rick And Morty episode ever?

The A.V. Club 13 July, 2021 - 04:04am

There’s a joke of a theme, involving Kathy Ireland (not actually her voice) and the death of a marine who looks like a badass but absolutely isn’t, but even the novelty of making a joke about how stupidity of the theme feels staid. The Simpsons pulled this shtick ages ago, and while they doesn’t mean it’s off limits, there’s nothing fresh about doing a ridiculous story and then shrugging your shoulders at the end of it. It’s that old problem with lampshading in art: just because you have someone point out how bad a thing is in the context of the fiction doesn’t actually make it less bad.

And hell, I didn’t need a theme, I just needed a script that didn’t assume “random and gross” was also always funny. This is bordering on Assy McGee territory, and the thing about Assy is, those episodes were only 11 minutes long. “Spray” has isolated moments of cleverness, but more than anything, it feels like where Rick And Morty is going to end up once the ideas run dry. Not the worst show on the air, as the cast and artists and writers are too talented, but one that goes through the motions without any effort, because they know that’s probably going to be enough. It’s more or less how last week felt too, right down to the “well, let’s push boundaries of good taste because that’s what this show is all about, right?” vibes. The only reason this week is any better to me is because at no point did anyone pretend I was supposed to feel anything about any of this.

'Rick and Morty' Season 5 Episode 4 is the most controversial one yet

Inverse 13 July, 2021 - 04:04am

"Rickdependence Spray" is maddening and brilliant.

Once again, Morty’s horniness almost dooms everyone. After a serious and emotionally impactful Episode 3, “Rickdependence Spray” feels like lowbrow whiplash.

Season 5 Episode 4 might be the series’ boldest episode ever, and it borders on the obscene. Early discussions on Reddit make it clear that you either love this story for its cutting commentary on gender dynamics, or you hate it for being too ridiculous and/or offensive and going too far off the rails. “Rickdependence Spray” will definitely be a memorable one, that’s for sure.

The episode starts out at the horse hospital where Beth works as a horse heart surgeon. Morty’s impatiently waiting to go to a movie when he notices a device called a “breeding mount” used to extract "reproductive material” from the horses. Morty gets that same look on his face we saw back in “Raising Gazorpazorp” when he saw an alien sex doll, and that led to him having an alien hybrid son.

Somehow, this is so much worse.

After Morty spends a week “volunteering” at the hospital depositing his reproductive material, Rick conveniently winds up building a biochemical weapon to combat the “Chuds,” the cannibal horse people living underground.

Rick’s device backfires because the DNA is all sorts of messed up. The levels of catastrophe that ensue are on par with that time Rick made a love potion but the flu caused it to mutate enough to Cronenberg the entire planet. The sperm become enormous dragon monsters with horrible teeth and enough intelligence that they can build a trebuchet, understand language, and eventually develop enough machinery for the Sperm Queen to speak from an android body.

Giving her a voice and gendering it as a female is a stroke of brilliance because it enhances the theme of male shame at play here. There are moments of this episode that feel a little bit like Big Mouth in its exploration of shame related to masturbation in adolescents. The Netflix series is known for presenting abstract ideas like shame, anxiety, and hormones as monsters we can communicate with directly. There’s a lot of inherent value in normalizing taboos, if only so we can talk more openly about them. Does this Rick and Morty episode go a little bit too far? Probably, but at least the show is tugging us in the right direction.

Co-creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland seem to delight in generating shock-factor. Even at its worst, Rick and Morty is a smartly written show that maintains one serious rule: Never take anything too seriously.

Sometimes that makes for a mixed bag. Remember, the pilot episode has a bit where Morty has to put a mega seed “way up” in his butt. The show has also made several incest jokes throughout the years. It’s programmed to make you feel uncomfortable, to push the envelope and expand your boundaries.

This particular episode is unhinged, especially when the big strategy to defeat the creatures is to embiggen one of Summer’s eggs so they can be lured to Las Vegas. And the many performers from Vegas are deputized and fight in an epic final battle. The off-the-rails approach works here, especially when there are such brilliantly scripted moments and one-liners.

There’s a genuinely smart throughline about the failures of male bravado and the negative impact of toxic masculinity. The giant human egg is Summer’s idea, yet a man takes credit for it. Then she and Beth play a crucial role in the battle at Las Vegas, where the Chuds also inexplicably show up to lend a hand — or a hoof? A male caused this problem, and (almost) every man that gets involved just makes things worse. Horse people and sperm monsters aside, Rick and Morty is saying some really compelling things about gender dynamics and the patriarchy.

It helps that we’re in on the joke from the get-go. Morty hides his shameful secret for as long as he possibly can before he’s outed and shamed for his masturbatory practices. And of course he bonds with a nervous monster sperm of his, even treating it like a pet. (Typical!) He gets his comeuppance when that specific sperm fertilizes Summer’s egg, resulting in a giant mutant incest baby that gets shot out into space.

One of the episode’s best lines — one that’s easy to miss — comes rather late when someone says they should kill the mutant incest baby. “That’s a human life!” the President says, “and this is an election cycle.” As absurd and far removed from reality Rick and Morty gets, it is still astutely aware of the backward logic and inherent absurdity in the real world. With the fate of the world hanging in the balance, the POTUS is only concerned about his re-election campaign.

What could be more realistic than that?

Rick and Morty season 5 just aired its dumbest episode yet

digitalspy.com 13 July, 2021 - 04:04am

Messy in more ways than one...

'Rickdependence Spray' starts with Morty banging a breeding mount used to collect horse sperm in his mother's workplace. And not just once either. The "dirty little dog" has sex with it over and over again. One week in, Rick suddenly interrupts these plans when he uses the "horse" sperm to create a weapon that will kill the CHUDs, cannibalistic horse people who live underground.

Weirdly enough, that's not the strangest set-up we've ever seen on Rick and Morty. But then Morty's semen accidentally leads to the creation of killer space sperm... and that's it really. Throw in some action-movie tropes along with a giant incest baby, and that's the crux of this episode in a nutshell.

When episodes like this succeed, they're among the very best that Rick and Morty has to offer. But sometimes, Rick and Morty shines brightest when it's at its most stupid. Remember when we discovered that the legendary rapper Ice-T is actually an anthropomorphic letter from the planet Alphabetrium? It's dumb, but crucially, it's also funny, because Rick and Morty is actually really smart about dumb humour, for the most part.

Because of that, we spent most of this episode waiting for Rick to reveal that he knew what Morty did all along, and that he created the killer sperm to teach his grandson a lesson. It's a narrative this show has played around with before, and that would have made it a tad predictable, but at least this kind of twist would have added an extra layer to the story. Instead, this episode really is just about Morty's killer sperm impregnating Summer's giant-size egg. And it's just as dumb (and gross) as this sounds.

There's something to be said for committing to the bit. Those "sci-fi puzzle box" episodes work so well precisely because the writers truly commit and surprise us by taking things to the nth degree. And the same can be said for some of Rick and Morty's sillier jokes too. Just look at the very best episodes of 'Interdimensional Cable' to see what we mean. Those would never work unless you go balls-to-the-wall crazy with it. Like the most squanchy you could imagine.

'Rickdependence Spray' does that too, but unfortunately, it relies far too hard on grossing us out without anything smart to back it up. Watching Rick make out with a pregnant horse princess is kind of funny, sure, but it's also aggressively dumb in ways that just feel a bit empty. And don't get us started on that giant incest baby who floats off into space at the end.

Rick and Morty normally prides itself on being smart, to the point where some fans have even argued that only intelligent people can understand this show. While that's absurd and narcissistic, it is disappointing to see the writers resort to shock value here without something more interesting to back it up.

Of course, there will be fans who laughed all the way through this episode, and who perhaps even enjoyed a respite from some of the more convoluted stories we've seen in recent weeks. Not every episode can be — or even should be — as complex as something like 'Mortiplicity'. Standout episodes like 'Pickle Rick' are proof of that.

And there's nothing wrong with grossing us out either. Fans of the show have come to expect that ever since King Jellybean tried to molest Morty all the way back in season one. But without something smarter and funnier to back up the horse sex, all you're left with is another messy low point like last season's Slut Dragons episode.

Rick & Morty Episode 4 In Under 60 Seconds (Season 5)

Screen Rant 13 July, 2021 - 04:04am

Rick & Morty Season 5 Episode 7 Leaks Early In Canada

Screen Rant 12 July, 2021 - 11:32pm

The current season is good for the series' loyal fanbase, as well as first time watchers, because each episode is able to stand on its own while still referencing the universe the show has created. While Rick and Morty has used some similar themes that have carried on throughout different seasons, like different versions of the Smith family interacting with each other and the effect relationships can have on people, season 5 doesn't need the context of previous seasons for the episodes to be understood. With the second half yet to be released, it is unknown how far they will continue to push themselves to meet the standard fans have set for them, in addition to the standard they have set for themselves.

The 7th episode of season 5 of Rick and Morty, entitled "Gotron Jerrysis Rickvangelion," was leaked early in Canada. Viewers, such as The sweet speed, shared the news via Twitter that Amazon Prime had aired part of the 7th episode, as opposed to the episode intended to air, "Rickdependence Spray." The news was later confirmed by CN News/Schedules on Twitter. Check out the tweet below:

Heads up: Canada leaked the 7th episode of this season of Rick and Morty. Was leaked through Prime Video.

The 7th episode of the show appears to feature the Smith's forming a massive Voltron-esque robot composed of a series of differently colored robotic ferrets or weasels. The series continues its trend of parodying '80s pop culture, which it has done in the past with characters such as Scary Terry, Rick copying Inspector Gadget, and most notable example, the title characters themselves being parodies of Doc. Brown and Marty from Back to the Future. The reinvention of classic icons is undoubtable a staple of the series, with some, like the decoy Smith families featured in the season 5's "Mortiplicity," being more successful than others.

Having received a 70 episode order back in 2018, Rick and Morty has time to see how far they can go with whatever ideas they choose to focus on. They have proven that the series can manage more than anyone initially thought, and yet they have avoided becoming too complacent with their success. Whether an action episode about giant sperm set on destroying life as people know it, or a short reminiscent of Eli Roth's Hostel, the Smiths are not pinned down to one concept. As the season continues, it will be thrilling to see how the writers choose to change and enhance what is already an iconic franchise.

Source: CN News/Schedules

Rick & Morty: Who Voices The Sperm Queen (Where You Know The Voice From)

Screen Rant 12 July, 2021 - 05:49pm

The story of “Rickdependence Spray” revolves around Morty using a machine at his mother’s horse hospital – intended to help get sperm samples from horses – to masturbate. That leads to a baffling science experiment through which Rick accidentally turns all of Morty’s sperms within the machine into giant, sentient monsters, led by a powerful queen. It’s in the running for one of the strangest storylines the show has ever featured, but it also isn’t without its moments of solid comedy.

Comedian Michelle Buteau voices the sperm queen in Rick and Morty, and there a number of movies and shows from which one might recognize her voice. In addition to her extensive stand-up comedy career, which includes the Netflix special Michelle Buteau: Welcome to Buteaupia, Buteau hosts the Late Night Whenever! podcast and is the author of an essay collection called Survival of the Thickest. On screen, Buteau has appeared in films like Isn’t It Romantic, Someone Great, Work It, Happiest Season and Always Be My Maybe, where she played Veronica. Her TV credits include Private Robinson in Enlisted, Beck in The Tick, Bree Washington in First Wives Club, and Wrenita Butler in Tales of the City. Buteau has also appeared on shows like Key & Peele, China, IL, and Russian Doll.

It’s unlikely that Buteau’s sperm queen will return in the future, given that she is seen plummeting to her death at the end of the episode, but of course that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Rick and Morty has always done a strong job of bringing back more minor characters when the story calls for it, such as David’s U.S. president character. It should be interesting to see what other crazy characters feature in the rest of Rick and Morty season 5.

Rick and Morty Accidentally Leaked a Season 5 Episode

ComicBook.com 12 July, 2021 - 04:35pm

Rick and Morty has accidentally leaked the seventh episode of Season 5 long before it was supposed to actually premiere! The fifth season of the Adult Swim animated series is now a quarter of the way through following the airing of the fourth episode, "Rickdependence Spray," on Sunday evening. While this episode had garnered a huge response from fans due to many of its wild ideas, apparently some fans in Canada ended up getting to see a much different episode of the series instead as the seventh episode of the series was reportedly leaked early.

According to a report from @CNschedules on Twitter, the seventh episode of the season, "Gotron Jerrysis Rickvangelion" (which is also seemingly going to be the episode tackling anime like Voltron as teased in promotional materials), was released through Amazon Prime Video in Canada instead of the fourth episode. It was reportedly long enough for clips of the episode to get out. You can get the details below, but beware of spoilers for this future episode:

And here's a clip if you wanna see a little bit, but be sure to watch the full episode legaly on @adultswim 1st August to support the show !https://t.co/YBDjvOLNAr

Thankfully it won't be too much longer before the seventh episode of Season 5 actually and officially airs as "Gotron Jerrysis Rickvangelion" is currently scheduled to air August 1st on Adult Swim at 11:00PM EST. If you wanted to catch up with the season's current four episodes now available, the first episode is now streaming completely for free with YouTube, and the rest of the season's released episodes are streaming on Adult Swim's website with a cable subscription. If you wanted to check out the seasons leading up to all of this, all four seasons of Rick and Morty are now streaming on HBO Max.

The season has now reached its halfway point with the fifth episode coming this next Sunday, July 18th, and thankfully the season won't be broken up into two halves like the season before. But what do you think? How have you been liking Rick and Morty's fifth season so far? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!

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