Rumor Roundup: Vince misses Raw, Cole pitch, WWE reacts to AEW signings


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Is Adam Cole in AEW?

Bryan Danielson and Adam Cole are now part of All Elite Wrestling. ... Daniel Bryan Bryan Danielson is ALL ELITE TOO! And he's with Jurassic! DraftKings NationDaniel Bryan, Adam Cole join AEW to finish All Out PPV [VIDEO]

Who won between Darby Allin and CM Punk?

CM Punk vs. Darby Allin CM Punk wins by pinfall. It was a heckuva match, and Punk brings back his patented finisher. But the pop for him in his hometown was unforgettable. DraftKings NationAEW All Out results 2021: Winners for CM Punk vs. Darby Allin, Omega vs. Christian Cage, Casino Battle Royale…

Adam Cole Initially Thought WWE Contract Lasted Longer

SEScoops 07 September, 2021 - 08:30am

Adam Cole, himself, was surprised when he learned that his WWE contract expired.

Cole had been regarded by many as the MVP of NXT. He found plenty of success on the brand, holding the NXT Championship for over a year. While Cole had plenty of standout performances during his time with WWE, there was a big clerical error.

Soon, Cole found out his WWE contract expired and even top WWE officials weren’t immediately aware of it. Speaking to reporters following the All Out PPV, Cole admitted that he didn’t even know.

“Yeah so, funny enough, believe it or not, I was also surprised. Yeah, I was under the impression that it was like six months later. So it was a surprise to me. It was a surprise to them. It was public knowledge for a lot of people that I had signed a little extension, I was in the middle of a really serious angle with Kyle O’Reilly, which was very important to me. He’s one of my best friends in the entire world. Then after that is when stuff kind of opened up for me, but very surprising to me. It was just as surprising to me.”

Adam Cole signed a brief extension with WWE to finish his feud with Kyle O’Reilly. Once the extension was over, Cole became a free agent. On Sept. 5, he made his debut for AEW on the All Out PPV. Cole aligned himself with The Elite before being cleared out of the ring by Bryan Danielson, who also made his AEW debut.

Danielson & Cole’s post-All Out comments were refreshingly WWE positive

Cageside Seats 07 September, 2021 - 08:30am

One thing that really stood out for me with both men, however, is how positively they spoke about their former employer. From Jon Moxley to CM Punk, we’re used to ex-WWE Superstars criticizing Vince McMahon’s company and his way of doing things - usually for completely justifiable reasons! Released talents have used escaping from prison metaphors to describe their post-WWE careers so often its become a running joke among the fans.

Cole & Danielson definitely compared and contrasted the two companies and their head honchos backstage at Now Arena, and they surely will in the interviews they’ll be doing in the coming weeks. But they also talk about their WWE careers in positive terms. It’s a nice reminder that AEW isn’t so much the anti-WWE as it is the alternative to WWE that wrestlers and fans have needed for the past 20 years. It’s easiest to talk about these things in either/or terms, but the reality is we’re going to have both.


- Cole was as surprised as anyone to find out his WWE contract was expiring. Says he was under the impression it ended “six months later”. He confirmed that he signed an extension to finish his NXT angle with Kyle O’Reilly, “one of my best friends in the entire world”.

- “When you think about where I was [WWE], that was my dream since I was nine years old... But I knew in my heart pretty early on that I wanted to come here [to AEW]. And it was no knock whatsoever on them. I had a very excellent four-year experience. But I wanted to come back and work with a crew who I love being around 24/7, a crew that is just as passionate about pro wrestling as I am, and fans that feel the exact same way that we do. So making the decision was a fairly easy one.”

- He’s excited for the challenge represented by AEW and its talented roster.

- Cole confirmed rumors he met with Vince prior to leaving, and said “the talk went great... the conversation was awesome; I had no bad experience with him whatsoever. He is an intimidating man who definitely commands respect in a lot of ways.”

- Asked to compare McMahon to his new boss Tony Khan, Cole put over how infectious Khan’s love of wrestling is: “I know that I love pro wrestling, but you can’t help but be more excited, and more ready to go, and more fired up when you’re around Tony.” Also says he’s “an amazing, amazing person.”

- One things he’s excited for in AEW is “the option of having conversations about different ideas”. Cole doesn’t say that WWE stifles those discussions, instead mentioning that when it comes to creativity people are afraid to sound or look stupid. That mentality doesn’t exist at AEW, and he loves that the lines of communication are open.

- Khan says Cole’s signing and plans for his debut came together over the past few days. Cole calls it his “favorite moment of all-time, seriously.” He’s had a lot of moments in his career he loved and is grateful for, but this one “was so special on so many different levels.” He was so excited he couldn’t stop shaking when he came out.

- He wants to wrestle everyone on the roster, except The Elite of course. Specifically puts over Darby Allin, MJF, and Jungle Boy, who he can’t wait to kick in the face again.

- Being able to continue his Twitch channel was “incredibly important”. Cole talks about the positivity of the community there as opposed to elsewhere online and in social media.

- Khan mentions how often Dynamite won the “War” with NXT, but says Cole was responsible for their one loss in the demo: “This guy scared the shit out of me every Wednesday.”

- Danielson isn’t cocky, but he knows how good he is. After watching their roster, he came to AEW to find out how good they are. Mentions Kenny Omega, Jungle Boy, and Allin: “They’re good. I wonder how good?”

- He’s excited to be here because it’s new and fresh. “I don’t know how many of you are married or have kids. When you’re married and you have kids, your life becomes a little bit tame. I love it, but it’s a little bit tame. I need one part of my life that’s a little bit wild.”

- Bryan is here to show the world what elite really looks like. “Punk had come in and said like, ‘I want to help the young guys’ and all that kind of stuff. No man! I’m gonna kick their fucking heads in.”

- Asked about his interviews where he said he felt disconnected from the experience of main eventing WrestleMania 37, Danielson said that connect was back at All Out. The feeling still resonated when he meditated after the show.

- Brie Bella joining him in AEW would be “very difficult. It was hard for me to come here because I have so many ties within WWE. She’s happy there, she has so many business connections there, so I don’t know.”

- He loves the crowd doing the YES! chant, but he tries to respect WWE’s intellectual property out of respect for the people who work there. He’s not sure if he’ll take part, but the fans doing the chant is great. Khan interjects that he’s not sure YES! is WWE’s intellectual property.

- Everyone at AEW is more open and authentic. “That’s not a knock on the place I worked before...”

- Mentions briefly working in WWE Creative and says, “I like just wrestling.” Khan interjects to say the even though Danielson doesn’t want to mentor people and just want to kick their asses, he’s one of the best minds in the business and everyone at AEW will learn from having him around.

- The Brodie Lee tribute show was a turning point in Bryan’s thinking about AEW. “The final decision honestly was, I started thinking about things - and WWE was so gracious with me as far as the offer they gave me, they were gonna let me go do some different stuff outside. But sometimes, I hate to say this - Vince and I have a great relationship, and I love him. I do. Sometimes he’s overprotective of me, and I want to be able to push my limits. That’s one of the things that I love about this, is the physicality of what we do out there. And being able to push my limits, and being able to do that here, in a safe manner is one of the things that drew me here.”

- “And there’s also, there’s an excitement... you see the crowd... and you felt how excited people are about this product. And it feels vibrant... I want to be a part of this. But I really battled back and forth. There’s a lot of people there [WWE] that I consider family, that actually are legitimately my family, and people that I love there. So it was a really tough decision.”

- He does want to wrestle in Japan and Mexico, but because of COVID isn’t sure that’s safe right now. So his focus is going to be on AEW until it is.

- Danielson says people were clamoring for him to come to AEW because of what the existing roster already built. That’s why adding him and Punk gives you chills.

- He’s not going to get too worried about ratings, etc. His focus is on creating excellent professional wrestling. One thing he truly believes is, “you show excellent professional wrestling to anyone, and they will enjoy it. Because excellent professional wrestling is fucking awesome.”

AEW shifts the balance of power with spectacular 'All Out'

New York Post 07 September, 2021 - 08:30am

AEW’s “All Out” pay-per-view delivered the debut of former WWE stars Ruby Soho, Adam Cole and Bryan Danielson; CM Punk’s first match in more than seven years; and an absolute classic steel cage match that saw the Lucha Brothers defeat The Young Buck to become tag team champions. This wasn’t a night filled with five-star matches, but where All Out succeeded most was with logical storytelling and huge moments that pulled every ounce of emotion out of the NOW Arena crowd in Chicago on Sunday night.

It felt like the first time you could see AEW become true competition for WWE – no, not NXT, but WWE. Danielson said as much to reporters, and Chris Jericho tweeted “Tonight the game changed” after the show.

It was a little more than two years ago when everyone wondered if AEW or NXT were going to win the Wednesday night ratings war. Fast forward to now, and AEW won handily and is now growing rapidly, adding three of the bigger names in the industry in less than a month. Punk – the guy everyone wanted WWE to bring back – showed he still had a very good match in his victory over Darby Allin, and AEW officially signed a member of this year’s WrestleMania main event in Danielson and the biggest star in NXT during the war in Cole.

Let that sink in. The guy WWE had leading its charge for NXT just switched teams.

AEW even added a swerve to it all. Cole, who is very close with The Young Bucks and is the boyfriend of women’s champion Dr. Britt Baker, debuted first after Kenny Omega retained his world championship against Christian Cage in a solid main event with an avalanche One-Winged Angel. He quickly superkicked Jungle Boy to rejoin the group he was a part of during their time in Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling. Just when you thought they were out of surprises, Danielson’s music hit, and he eventually stormed the ring to even the odd with Jurassic Express and Cage, setting up an instant storyline with The Elite.

It all made Punk’s return to the ring somewhat of a secondary story after he gobbled up headlines for the past two weeks. Punk, wearing full tights instead of his traditional trunks, started slow with Allin before the match peaked in the final five minutes. He grew more confident and fluid as things progressed and told the story of just being a little bit smarter and better than his game young foe. Punk sat up and smirked to avoid Allin’s Coffin Drop finisher and turned the opponent’s attempt at a Poisonranna into his signature Go To Sleep move for the win. Punk got handshakes from Sting and Allin. Expect those three to team up soon.

All of those were special moments, but the Bucks against the Lucha Brothers stole the show in-ring. These two teams are incredible whenever they face one another, but this had a different feel with Matt and Nick Jackson being the heels this time and Pentagon and Rey Fenix having the crowd fully behind them to win their first title in AEW.

There was plenty of action, some blood, a sneaker sole lined with thumb tacks and the crown hanging on every false finish. Eventually, Fenix jumped off the top of the cage onto the three other men. It gave him and his brother the opening they needed to win the match. Cameras later caught Pentagon hugging his kids and family in a super touching moment to cap it all off.

While that match relied on a ton of action, others proved how some well-crafted storytelling can leave both competitors looking good. Chris Jericho against Maxwell Jacob Freidman was the best example. A Jericho loss meant the end of his in-ring career in AEW and MJF – who used a Y2J-like countdown prior to his entrance – has only lost one single match in the company. So how do you fix that? You have MJF dealing with a “back injury” during the match, then have him declared the winner only to have things restarted because Jericho’s foot was on the rope in time. Jericho would eventually win with the Walls of Jericho, but MJF has plenty of ammunition to talk his way around his loss.

In addition, Miro was able to retain his TNT championship against Eddie Kingston, thanks to some shenanigans around the turnbuckle cover that the Yonkers native pulled off “by mistake” during the match. Kingston missed a clear chance to win after a DDT because the referee was trying to put the turnbuckle cover on. Kingston was then blocked by the ref from running Miro into the exposed turnbuckle, giving the champion an opening to eventually hit a mule kick for the win. Don’t expect this feud to be over. Kingston winning the championship at Arthur Ashe Stadium in a few weeks would be a cool moment.

Kris Statlander will have to wait for hers. The Long Island native lost clean in the middle of the ring to Baker and her Lock Jaw submission. The match over-delivered and was a long time coming after Statlander missed 10 months because of injury. The powerful Statlander was as big a threat to Baker’s title as anyone in AEW. Now that opportunity shifts to Soho, formerly Ruby Riott, after she eliminated Thunder Rosa to win the Casino Battle Royale after being the surprise joker entry.

Not everything clicked at All Out. Jon Moxley’s match against Japanese star Satoshi Kojima was hard-hitting, but went long for something that had very little story behind it. Thankfully, it led to the AEW debut of New Japan legend Minoru Suzuki. Moxley will face him Wednesday on Dynamite.

Paul Wight also made his AEW in-ring debut against QT Marshall in what felt like a throw-away match between CM Punk-Allin and the main event. Wight looked like the giant he truly is, but the crowd wasn’t really into it. This was better suited for a Dynamite and it might be time to move Marshall and The Factory back to the “Darks” for a while.

All and all, those are small blips on an otherwise stellar and special night that felt like the start of a new era – and just maybe a new popularity war in pro wrestling.

Biggest winner: Pro wrestling

Biggest loser: Kris Statlander

Best match: Lucha Brothers over The Young Bucks in a steel cage

Grade: A

Cole & Danielson's AEW themes are absolute bangers

Cageside Seats 07 September, 2021 - 08:30am

After that, there was some speculation about whether Bryan Danielson would stick with his WWE theme, the copyright-free “Ride of the Valkyries”. I was in the “bring back ‘The Final Countdown’ from his ROH days” camp, because I’m old and the Netflix seasons have lessened the importance of maintaining Arrested Development kayfabe for me... sorry Gob.

What we heard in Now Arena definitely wasn’t the Europe classic, and while it kept a little Wagner, it wasn’t quite “Valkyries”, either. What it was was very good - especially since it incorporates the “kicking people’s heads in” thing Bryan is bringing back for his AEW run...

“Born For Greatness” is outsourced, but AEW went with in-house composer Mikey Rukus for Adam Cole’s new theme, “All About Tha (BOOM!)”. Rukus, who also helped bring Lucha Bros to the ring during their all-time great entrance at last night's event, merged a little of the riff from Cole’s Undisputed ERA NXT music with a Rage Against The Machine vibe that really works.

This one all depends on how Cole integrates the BOOM! and BAY BAY of his entrance with the track, but I’m optimistic.

Her Riott Squad sisters were only some of the wrestlers excited Ruby Soho is All Elite

Sportskeeda 06 September, 2021 - 11:05am

Tears! You are a star RubyRue

IM SO PROUD OF YOU @realrubysoho

I…am…Sobbing #RubySoho

And an entire industry of peers & fans erupt.

Ya’ll are blessed to have her

Good things for good people. You love to see it. #AEWAllOut

For her part, Soho told the media after All Out she was blown away by the fan reaction. Fans chanting her name - especially a name she’s never performed under before - was new to Ruby:

“I have never experienced anything like that before. And to have people have that anticipation for me to come out, and for people to want that, and for people to get it, and get excited - is something that I think all of us in the wrestling industry thrive for, just that moment of just being accepted and wanted and welcomed at this new incredible company that you work for.

“That’s always a scare, right? You’re working in a new place, ‘Am I going to be accepted? Am I going to fit in with it?’ It just felt like home immediately from the moment I walked out there and it was just - it was incredible.”

Get used to it. With an AEW Women’s title match against Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. in your future, you’re gonna be hearing quite a few “Ruby Soho” chants.

I’m sure Liv, Sarah, and quite a few other former co-workers will be chanting along at home, too.

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