Rumour: Insider Says N64 Is Coming To Switch Online, Believes It Will Introduce A "Higher-Priced" Subscription Tier


Nintendo Life 15 September, 2021 - 11:30pm 22 views

Does Nintendo switch have Bluetooth?

The Nintendo Switch can finally connect to Bluetooth headphones. ... The Switch can only be paired with one audio device at a time and it can only use Bluetooth when two or fewer wireless controllers are connected to the system — which means one pair of Joy-Cons only. PolygonNintendo Switch update enables Bluetooth audio pairing

Can you connect Airpods to Nintendo switch?

A firmware update to the Nintendo Switch has enabled the use of wireless headphones directly with the console (without the need for an external third-party dongle or workaround to use Apple AirPods, Powerbeats, and other popular Bluetooth headphones with the system. Nintendo LifeHow To Use Bluetooth Headphones On Switch - Connect AirPods To Nintendo Switch

This Switch Case Lets You Store Eight Cartridges, Available Now From My Nintendo (Europe)

Nintendo Life 15 September, 2021 - 06:00am

The latest My Nintendo freebie has arrived, and this one really reminds us of the good old Club Nintendo days.

For 500 Platinum Points, you can now claim a special Nintendo Switch Card Case which stores up to eight cartridges at once – similar cases were often released for the 3DS when Club Nintendo was around, and we're so fond of them that we've held onto them ever since.

There are actually two different cover sheets included, so you can choose whichever design suits your tastes more. Or, thanks to the case being the same size as an ordinary Switch case, you could even swap it out for an official cover from one of your physical games.

You can pick it up here (Europe) or here (UK) by spending your points on a voucher. From there, simply add it to your basket and pay your country's shipping fee (prices can be found below).

Let us know if you grab one of these with a comment below.

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Already ordered. Triggered big physical vs. digital discussion at work, but I'm sure we'll be immune here.

I wanted to order this, but Nintendo UK Store is still broken for me and refuses to let me place orders because it won't recognise my valid payment details.

Something sorta interesting and vaguely useful for once! Not sure how many people would get proper use out of this, since only those who take lots of carts with them on trips and such are likely the only ones benefitting. And even then, there are more compact cases for that sort of thing that also store a whole lot more carts.

At least they're slowly getting somewhat better with the rewards, just gotta hope they keep it up and not devolve back to bits of paper.

My Hori case which is 1/3 the size of that can contain 24 cartridges. I whish I could find one that could contains a lot more though.

Edit: @Anti-Matter So the tortoise wins again

lol, I don't have enough of the platinum coins. The phone I had Super Mario Run installed on died ages ago, and I don't really want to download any other Nintendo mobile games and click on stuff until I arbitrarily did the correct things that earn me points so that I can "afford" this Switch case.

Why can't they just sell things in the regular shop too, I wonder?

@Matl From my point of view, it's basically free and it will replace the small stack of cases next to my TV (most of the cases are in a bookshelf on the other side of the room). I've never really had more than 4 cartridges on the go, anyway.

I recently blew a load of platinum coins on 3DS themes because I never use them. Fortunately, I had 500 coins left over to get this.

@EarthboundBenjy I think you can get 50 a week just by going to logged in to your my nintendo account.

Pretty cool if you need a box that sits right with your physical collection, just like the 3DS one did.

Not cool at all if you want more than one.

@EarthboundBenjy For the same reason they don't allow you to redeem it more than once: they want to annoy scalpers, I guess. But this should be mass produced.

Id need about 6 of these. Will just stick to the Hori's holdind 24 each.

Nope, got me a clean little tin case that I can take anywhere. Ok it's only six spots but that means I can only carry the essentials so I get to choose.

@TryToBeHopeful True, that's another great reason for something like this. Definitely been there a couple of times but its never bothered me too much. Just a shame it doesn't hold more than 8 for those who would genuinely get good mileage in that sort of situation.

It only took them a million years to come up with this brilliant idea.

I already have two cases capable of storing 80 games each (which I've almost completely filled!) so I have no need of this, haha.

I've ordered mine with the no more heroes posters too, admittedly, I did do a bit of grinding on fire emblem to be able to afford it. I'm looking forward to them coming. I might even do a challenge or two with it...

There are generic ones for $20 that hold 30. I have two of those and they also make them for DS/3DS which I have two of those as well.

I just wish you could redeem gold points towards these things too. Its a pain in the rear to get platinum points of these sort of values.

sending for my country will be 6euros... it don't justify

@RupeeClock oh god it's still not fixed? Guess my Metroid amiibo purchase won't work next month then either 🤦🏼‍♂️

I am WAY beyond 8 games. But I am glad they're offering things like this again. I still have a Club Nintendo 3DS case that I use. But it holds 18 games, not 8.

I hope America gets this. I would use this to put eight games from my backlog into one case.

My Nintendo Australia has had these for over a year, i've got 2.

Unfortunately they only accept Paypal when you do not pre-order any items in the order.

@Matl Speaking for myself, I'd use it for Multiplayer party games, (Mario Kart, Smash, etc.). Single player games can just stay in their cases most of the time, but I can totes see a use for this!

Neat, but I’m holding out for that inevitable Metroid swag.

Didn't want to pay £1.99 shipping so gave me a good excuse to drop nearly £30 on Zelda amiibo (Guardian and Horseback Link). Here begins a lifelong Zelda amiibo collecting mission!

I’ve got over 350 physical switch games - anyone know how to earn 22,000 platinum points?!?!? 🤣

Luckily there's numbers inside, I'm having difficulty with simple maths, so I don't want to have to use 8 fingers to count my games on and have only 3 fingers remaining to hold the case.

But seriously, 'only shipping' ends up way more expensive than what I'd be willing to pay in total. Again. Club Nintendo was much, much better at the time.

The switch is such a soulless console with no personality compared to Nintendo's previous machines. Evident with this generic case.

@Anti-Matter Yeah. 8 Carts only won't do for me either as i have 10's of physicals on Switch.

At least there is something useful for Platinum points for once.

LOL!!! 10 US dollars for a piece of plastic! Nintendo, never change 🤣

All this when a Hori24 already holds 24. It might look good on the shelf but to get just 8 slots to pay more for shipping. I'll stick with Hori24-I can store more and easier to travel with.

I could have ordered a lot of stuff if because there were nothing of value, I would have not lost the thousand of silver coins I had.

@1UP_MARIO HOW do you post photos?

@LeighDapa use and upload your photo, paste the url

Cool. I remember these from the 3ds days. However I have over 80 Switch Game Paks at this point, so I have a 3-ring binder solution instead.

@HIGHscores85 the Switch is (wisely in my opinion) marketed to an older audience. Everything from the industrial design on down to the OS look are meant to exude a more premium feel than past consoles, which skewed clearly more “toy” than Switch.

YAY!!! More plastic for the landfills, WAHOOOO!! 🥳🥳

@Clarice They are just another greedy corporation, whose fanboys/girls give a pass to.

I wonder when they will start accepting Paypal and other payment methods in the My Nintendo Store.

Tsk I wish I hadn't wasted my platinum points for that useless Mario keychain, I could have used them to grab this case, which is probably the first useful prize I've ever seen on My Nintendo.

@RupeeClock I have had that issue for suck a long time now and it will on accept a credit card no cards blocked anywhere else . Also I preordered the new switch lite been sitting in my ordered history for weeks and still there but they claim it hasn't gone through despite no cancellations or errors and the wont do anything . its really a sad state for customer service so I wont buy from them now if they don't want the support I'll take it else where. complaints fall on deaf ears and go no where.

It’s here. Really happy with it.

@1UP_MARIO Came to post the same but with (some) different games. Pleased with it. And that you can mix and match the external and internal covers.

@TryToBeHopeful I like it. I ordered another one.

@1UP_MARIO didn’t know you were allowed…

Hold on there, you need to login to post a comment...

Who knew they were this useful?

And a Switch OLED dock update

Update: Nvidia responds to confirm list, states they're 'speculative titles'

Connect wireless headphones to Switch via Bluetooth

Soft launch expected to start soon

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