Samsung's Galaxy Unpacked line-up seemingly revealed in extensive leak


Engadget 12 July, 2021 - 04:56am 37 views

On display are the foldable Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3, which Blass previously shared pics of in late June; the Galaxy S21 FE, Samsung's follow-up to the solid sub-$700 phone that was glimpsed in April; the Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic smartwatches that were leaked recently, too; and the Galaxy Buds 2, the latest addition to the company's growing range of wireless earbuds

If history is anything to go by, we'll probably see more leaks and teasers (including from Samsung itself) in the run-up to Unpacked. By the time the actual event rolls around, you should be well-versed on what to expect.

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Galaxy Z Fold 3 is thinner than the Galaxy Z Fold 2

SamMobile 12 July, 2021 - 06:26am

Samsung had mentioned earlier that it wants to make foldable devices thinner and lighter, and it appears to have done just that with the Galaxy Z Fold 3. The upcoming foldable smartphone from the South Korean firm passed through China’s TENAA certification process, revealing some of its important specifications.

According to the listing of the Chinese variant of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 (SM-F9260), the smartphone measures 158.2 x 128.1 x 6.4mm when it is unfolded. It means that the smartphone is slightly thinner than its predecessor, the Galaxy Z Fold 2 (which is 6.9mm thin). Going by the leaked images of Samsung’s upcoming foldable flagship, it appears to have less air gap between the two sides when it is folded. A lower air gap translates to a thinner body that also looks more appealing.

The phone’s TENAA listing also reveals that it features a 6.2-inch cover display, Android 11, and a 4,500mAh battery (dual batteries with 2,155mAh and 2,345mAh capacities). The Galaxy Z Fold 3 also features GPS, dual-SIM functionality, 5G NR (SA/NSA), LTE, and Bluetooth. Going by previous leaks, the phone sports a 7.55-inch foldable Super AMOLED display with a 16MP under-display selfie camera and S Pen functionality. It also has a side-mounted fingerprint reader, stereo speakers, and a USB Type-C port.

The Galaxy Z Fold 3 is rumored to feature a 12MP+12MP+12MP triple rear-facing camera setup, consisting of a 12MP primary camera (1/1.76-inch), a 12MP ultrawide camera (1/3.2-inch ISOCELL 3L6) with autofocus, and a 12MP telephoto camera (1/3.6-inch ISOCELL 3M5) with 2x optical zoom. The primary and telephoto cameras are expected to have OIS and dual-pixel autofocus. The ultrawide camera can double up as a macro camera.

The smartphone features Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888 processor, 12GB/16GB RAM, and 256GB/512GB internal storage. Other features include Samsung Pay and an official IP rating. Samsung is expected to unveil the Galaxy Z Fold 3 on August 11, 2021, alongside the Galaxy Z Flip 3, Galaxy Watch 4, Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, and the Galaxy Buds 2.

A swathe of Samsung Galaxy devices leak ahead of Unpacked event

Android Authority 12 July, 2021 - 04:29am

Let’s start with the phones. Blass showcased a rotating view of the Galaxy Z Fold 3. The image hints at speaker grilles at the top and bottom of the phone, a large front display, and no S Pen slot. The device will seemingly arrive in silver, black, and green colorways.

The Galaxy Z Flip 3‘s GIFs, meanwhile, echo designs showcased in earlier still leaks. This includes the larger cover display, vertical camera module, and two-tone finish. Colorways on display include black, lavender, gold, and green.

Wearable fans got a taste of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, too, including the rumored Classic model. It packs two buttons on its right-hand side and is showcased in black, grey, and white. Click the image below to view the GIF.

A sportier Galaxy Watch 4 model is also on show, wearing an activity-orientated watch face, silicone straps, and two buttons on its right side. These GIFs seemingly match up with rumors that Samsung will launch a Classic and standard model of the Galaxy Watch 4 line. Click the image below to view the GIF.

A leaked render of the Galaxy Buds 2 also surfaced, including the Buds Pro-like case. While all cases will seemingly feature a white finish, the buds and case lining will be clad in gray, purple, or white. Click the image below to view the GIF.

Finally, one device that isn’t believed to make the Unpacked cut was also showcased — the Galaxy S21 FE. The phone is still believed to launch later this year, but Blass nonetheless shared a GIF of the phone. We’ve seen plenty of renders before, and the design depicted in the GIFs line up with these. Expect a punch hole camera, triple rear camera array, and right-hand side buttons.

So when can we expect to see Samsung’s new device armada? According to Blass, August 11 is the date of the event. Although early rumors pointed to a late July event, August does make sense. It’s usually when the Galaxy Note series debuts.

Even though Blass unveiled this bundle of devices simultaneously, they may not debut at the same time. Nevertheless, this leak does give us a taste of what Samsung may unveil at a later date.

What do you think of the leaks and the devices included in them? Let us know in the comments below!

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 appears on TENAA with key specs, Flip3 also makes an appearance 12 July, 2021 - 12:20am

Samsung is expected to launch the Galaxy Z Fold3 on August 11, and it is already being certified at different markets ahead of its arrival. The latest listing revealed the phone had been approved in China, where it has appeared on TENAA with some key specs.

According to the certification, the SM-F9260 smartphone will be thinner than its predecessor Galaxy Z Fold2 5G, with 6.4 mm thickness when the device is unfolded. The Fold3 should also have an improved hinge, removing the air gap between both sides, meaning it will be thinner in both form factors.

The Galaxy Z Fold3 5G full dimensions are 128.1 x 158.2 x 6.4 mm when folded, and the footprint is pretty much the same as the previous phone. This means there wouldn’t be any major changes to the battery or the screen, and the TENAA listing confirms it - a 6.2” cover display and 4,500 mAh battery. We can also see the phone will run Android 11.

According to leaksters, the biggest change in the new phone will be the under-display camera under the big panel. Other features will be a Snapdragon 888 chipset, 12 GB RAM and an ultra-wide camera with autofocus.

TENAA has also listed the SM-F7110, which is the Galaxy Z Flip3, but there is no info on dimensions, battery or any other specs.

this isn't old generic samsung this is the new bland samsung old samsung died when the dj koh ceo got replaced and they started churning out this garbage their galaxy s series no longer has MST, Spo2 and heart rate sensors, microsd car...

Will keep my 2 and wait for the fold 4 I think

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Samsung’s next Galaxy Unpacked device lineup may have been entirely spoiled in huge new leak

The Verge 11 July, 2021 - 06:09pm

New phones, watches, earbuds, and a date: August 11th

First up, the foldables. Blass has already leaked what appear to be official renders of the rumored Galaxy Z Fold 3 (which could support the S Pen stylus) and Galaxy Z Flip 3, but the new GIFs he shared give looks at both devices at all angles.

Here’s the Z Fold 3, which Blass shared GIFs of in white, green, and black:

And here’s the Z Flip 3, which Blass tweeted in purple, black, gold, and green:

Blass’ thread also includes GIFs of what look to be the rumored Samsung Galaxy S21 FE in white, a yellow-ish gray, purple, and black. The phone, if released, will likely be a mid-range version of the S21 and looks to take a lot of design inspiration from the Samsung flagship (like how the S20 FE looked similar to the S20).

Whether or not this phone is actually in production has been something of an open question; in June, in response to a report claiming Samsung had stopped production of the phone, Samsung said that “nothing has been determined regarding the alleged production suspension.” These GIFs from Blass might be a sign that the phone is a go.

But Blass didn’t just share GIFs of phones — he also tweeted GIFs of two new Samsung watches. One model seems to match closely with rumors of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, with what appears to be a rotating bezel and two buttons on the right side. The watch, which Blass tweeted in white, black, and gray, is also expected to run Google and Samsung’s new smartwatch platform.

The other watch shared by Blass appears to match rumors of the Galaxy Watch Active 4. This watch doesn’t look to have a rotating bezel, and according to OnLeaks and GizNext, it might come in two different sizes: 44mm and 40mm. Blass shared GIFs of the watch in gray, dark green, white, peach, and two tweets of a black watch (though I can’t tell the difference between them besides what’s shown on the screen).

Blass’ GIF thread also reveals three colors of unannounced Galaxy Buds that match rumors about the Galaxy Buds 2, which, according to leaker Ice Universe, will have active noice cancelation. Blass’ GIFs show the buds and the inside of the white case in gray, purple, and white, matching the style of a leaked render shared by 91mobiles that showed green, black, and white bud / inner case combos.

Finally, let’s talk quickly about that rumored date, August 11th, which to me seems like the one you might want to circle on your calendar. When Samsung showed off its smartwatch platform developed with Google at the end of June, it said there would be an Unpacked event “later this summer,” so August 11th would fall in that timeline. And the company has hosted summer Unpacked events in early August for a few years now, meaning August 11th wouldn’t be out of the usual pattern.

Since Samsung hasn’t officially announced any of these products or the date of the event, there’s always the chance that what Blass leaked doesn’t actually come out. But given Blass’ past track record and the detail of the GIFs he shared, it seems possible he may well have revealed some of the biggest news from Samsung’s next Unpacked event.

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12 Tips for Getting More From the Galaxy S21 Camera App

MUO - MakeUseOf 11 July, 2021 - 03:30pm

A lot of the special features of the cameras can be accessed from your phone's camera app. Some are automatically turned on from the start, but some you have to turn on when you want them. Let's check out the best things you can do with your S21 series camera app.

To make sure it's turned on, open your camera app and click on the cog icon in the top left corner. This will open up your camera settings. Make sure that Scan QR codes is toggled on and blue and you're good to go.

The Scene Optimizer feature helps you do just what it sounds like: optimize your scenes. It helps you figure out what your best shot is by focusing on an object automatically, blurring out the rest of the scene, adjusting your lighting, and more.

It can recognize a wide range of scenes, and isn't just limited to the S21 app—it's a feature of many Samsung devices.

This is another feature that should be turned on automatically, but just in case it was accidentally toggled off, here's how to get to it. Open your camera app, tap the settings gear icon in the top left corner, and toggle on Scene optimizer.

If you want even more help with your photos, make sure you toggle on Shot suggestions in your camera app settings. This feature will give you on-screen advice that helps you line up an amazing shot. This, especially paired with the Scene Optimizer feature, will give you some really nice looking photos, even if you aren't an expert.

If you have an unruly camera subject like a bouncing child or an energetic puppy, toggle on Tracking auto-focus in your camera app settings. This will help your camera stay focused on your selected subject even if they move during your shot.

Make sure you also check out Shooting methods in your camera app settings. When you tap this option in your settings, you'll see all the different methods you can use to take a photo.

The typical way you'd take a photo is by opening up your camera app and pressing the circle icon at the bottom. But there are a few different ways you can take photos, including:

With improvements to the cameras on S21 series phones, taking pictures in dark settings or at nighttime is a lot easier. Better cameras mean more light can be captured, making your photos taken in the dark come out a lot clearer when you're in Night mode.

To access and try out Night mode, open your camera app. Where you'd usually switch between photo and video mode, tap the More option. Select the option titled Night and you'll be in that mode until you close out your camera app.

This is great when you want to film your reaction to something or just try to make a really cool looking video.

By default, your camera will record videos in Full HD with a variable frame rate. But your camera can do much more. There's are three different video capture options that you may not be taking advantage of: Ultra HD at 30fps, Ultra HD at 60fps, or 8K at 24fps.

Of course, 8K is the highest resolution possible for video capture, but it has a fairly low fps, or frames per second, rate. Ultra HD is still a fantastic resolution and you can record at 60fps. Play around with the different video capture options and see which one works best for you.

To switch between different video capture resolutions, open your camera app and switch to Video mode. At the top, you should see a setting option that says FHD AUTO. When you tap this, you can see the available video capture options and switch between them.

To find the Settings to keep section in your camera settings, open up your camera app and tap on the gear icon in the top left corner. Scroll down and you should see Settings to keep as one of the last options.

In this section, there are three different settings you can toggle on to stay on until you manually turn them off again.

When you open your camera app, you'll be able to easily switch between different zooms at a moment's notice. Above the different camera modes, you'll see different leaf icons. These icons control the different zooms your camera is capable of. If you have an S21 Ultra, you'll see one extra icon that's for your 10x zoom lens.

Did you know that you can create GIFs from any video you shoot on your Galaxy S21? And it's super easy to do too.

Open the Gallery app where you'd usually browse through all your photos and videos. Select the video that you want to use to make a GIF. Tap the three vertical dots in the bottom right corner and select Open in Video player.

After you select this, tap on your screen and you should see a square with GIF in it in the top right corner area. When you tap this square, it'll instantly throw you into editing mode where you can choose exactly which portion of the video you want to capture in a GIF.

Now that you know the ins and outs of your S21 camera app, it's time to put that knowledge to use. Taking pictures and videos is a great way to capture memories and get out creative energy. Even if you're nowhere near a professional skill level, you can still take great photos and videos with an S21 series smartphone.

That's what makes this phone series so great. And if you have an S21 Ultra, you can do even more amazing things with your cameras.

Sarah Chaney is a professional freelance writer for MakeUseOf, Android Authority, and KOINO IT Solutions. She enjoys covering anything Android, video game, or tech related. When she’s not writing, you can usually find her baking something delicious or playing video games.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S8, including S8 Ultra set for an early-2022 launch

Good e-Reader 11 July, 2021 - 03:09pm

There have been reports about the launch of the Galaxy Tab S8 for quite some time now though it seems the wait just got stretched that bit more. For according to the latest on this, Samsung is not likely to launch the high-end tablets before early 2022.

As it is, there already are reports of Samsung preparing three tablet devices to succeed the highly acclaimed Galaxy Tab S7 and Galaxy Tab S7 Plus devices. In addition to the base Galaxy Tab S8 and a more up-market S8 Plus, there likely is going to be an S8 Ultra model as well this time, one that will have a rather huge 14.6-inch display.

Other specs being associated with the S8 Ultra include a Snapdragon 895+ SoC powering the device which again is expected to be available in three variants – Wi-Fi only, LTE, and a 5G enabled model. The tablet is also rumored to have a huge 12,000 mAh power source which would be charged via a 45-wat faster charger.

In spite of its expansive display, the tablet is slated to weigh just around 650 grams and measure around 5.5-inch. Memory and storage configuration with the S8 Ultra includes 8 GB + 128 GB setup for the base model and 12 GB + 512 GB for the top-end version. Cost-wise, expect the Wi-Fi, LTE, and 5G model of the S8 Ultra to start at $1,319, $1,408 and $1,498 respectively.

The likely reason Samsung has pushed back the launch of the S8 range is the other products the company has in its pipeline that should keep it engaged for the better part of this year. There is the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and the Galaxy Watch 4 series that Samsung has lined up for a launch this year and might be able to launch the three new tablet devices only next year.

With a keen interest in tech, I make it a point to keep myself updated on the latest developments in the world of technology and gadgets. That includes smartphones or tablet devices but stretches to even AI and self-driven automobiles as well, the latter being my latest fad. Besides writing, I like watching videos, reading, listening to music, or experimenting with different recipes. Motion picture is another aspect that interests me a lot and maybe I’ll make a film sometime in the future.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic vs. Galaxy Watch 4 Active: What will be different?

Tom's Guide 11 July, 2021 - 02:00am

How Samsung's next-gen smartwatches could stack up

Though the official device names aren’t confirmed, recently published renders revealed Samsung’s possible next-gen smartwatch strategy. Instead of releasing one model at a time as it has the past few years, customers could have a couple of options from which to choose.

We’re expecting to see both follow-ups to the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 and Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 — two of the best smartwatches currently available. We also expect the upcoming watches to run the new unified Wear OS software, as well as One Watch UI, Samsung’s approach to improving integration within its product ecosystem. 

Here’s how else Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic vs. Galaxy Watch 4 Active might compare, from price and release date to features and battery life.

The Galaxy Watch Active has been less expensive than Samsung's flagship. When the Galaxy Watch Active 2 launched, it cost $249 for the Bluetooth model and $299 for the LTE-equipped model. 

Design will likely differentiate the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic vs. Galaxy Watch 4 Active. While we expect the Classic model will retain the Galaxy Watch’s iconic rotating bezel, we think that the Active version will have a slimmer casing for a more workout-friendly fit. 

If the images are accurate, both the Classic and Active models will feature a redesigned frame that allows for gapless transition from the smartwatch chassis to the straps. The pair of crown buttons also seem to sport a uniform, oblong shape.

We’d guess the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic vs. Galaxy Watch 4 Active will come with different straps, too. The Classic version will probably get leather straps, while the Active version will stick to a more sweat-resistant silicone.

The One Watch UI platform promises to better extend Samsung's smartphone apps, tools and settings to user's wrists. Based on what the company has shown off so far, it looks like a pretty convincing watchOS 8 rival. 

Either way, both Galaxy Watch 4 models should get some spec upgrades. It could build on the storage to match the Apple Watch's large storage offerings, plus a faster processor. The Active version could get fall detection, VO2 max readings and other tools that came with the Galaxy Watch 3, as well.

We're highly interested to see how Samsung handles the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic and Galaxy Watch 4 Active battery life. 

The Galaxy Watch Active 2 lasts a more considerable 60 hours, depending on workouts and display. Samsung could maintain the Active 2's stamina, or it could shorten it like it did the Galaxy Watch 3's battery life compared to the first Galaxy Watch. It would be hard to justify drastically different battery life estimates for two smartwatches released together, though.

Shoppers may soon find themselves deciding between the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic vs. Galaxy Watch 4 Active. We can’t say for sure how the two models will differ, but based on our experience with the company’s smartwatches, we’re confident price and design will be deciding factors.

It’s possible the two Samsung models will mirror the relationship of the Apple Watch 6 and Apple Watch SE, with both being capable activity trackers with similar battery life and important safety features, but the flagship providing certain exclusive tools. 

It won't be long until we know more. Samsung usually holds a summer Unpacked event sometime in August, which just a few weeks away. We plan to update this story as we learn more about each new smartwatch, so stay tuned.

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Camera comparison of flagship smartphones: Which current Android smartphone has the best camera? 11 July, 2021 - 12:00am

We use all the smartphones in this comparison with their photo, portrait, and night image modes, which are integrated under different names in each of the camera apps of the various manufacturers. All pictures in this comparison are taken with the aid of artificial intelligence software. The camera settings remain in their respective manufacturer defaults. Please also note that most of the pictures are taken using a tripod.  

While the Mi 10 Pro still had some significant problems with backlit shots, the Mi 11 Ultra, but also the Galaxy S21 Ultra, handle such situations extremely well. Here particularly the Axon 30 Ultra leaves something to be desired, and images are generally reproduced by the ZTE flagship with colors that appear too warm. In terms of color accuracy, the other smartphones produce more beautiful and authentic colors, even though the OnePlus 9 Pro shows some slight deficits in the contrast. In terms of sharpness of the images, the OnePlus smartphone is also surpassed by the competitors from Samsung and Xiaomi, and overall we like the pictures taken with the Mi 11 Ultra best. However, we also see some good contrasts, a realistic color reproduction, and many details in the photos taken with the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

In our portrait pictures, the Bokeh effects turned out quite well in all four flagships, but the blurry areas are separated best from the cat in the center by the Mi 11 Ultra. On the other hand, all the test photos show some weaknesses focusing on the central object.  

The fact that the recordings of the ultra wide-angle camera of the Mi 11 Ultra and Galaxy S21 Ultra cover a noticeably wider angle than those of the competitors from OnePlus and ZTE stands out. Overall, the Galaxy S21 Ultra probably offers the best sharpness levels, and the software does a really satisfying job particularly in the areas on the edges of the images. However, the photos can also appear a bit overly sharpened.  

The most affordable model, the Axon 30 Ultra, does visibly worse, and in low light conditions, neither the sharpness nor the dynamic and exposure look right. 

The smartphone that does the best job in the dark is the MI 11 Ultra. Although the Xiaomi flagship overexposes some of the lights, most of our images are reproduced pleasantly sharp and look natural. The noise level is also relatively low.

As during daylight, the Mi 11 Ultra also sets the standard in zoom pictures here. The Xiaomi flagship is also able to bring solid results using the tele lens in low light conditions. On the other hand, pictures taken with the Galaxy S21 Ultra are disappointing, particularly those that use the 10x zoom range. 

However, things look different in low light conditions. Here, the noise level of the Mi 11 Ultra is the lowest, and the details in the pictures are most pronounced. As already in the Galaxy S20 Ultra before, in terms of sharpness and illumination the low light results of the Galaxy S21 Ultra are not optimal several months after its release. Due to its relatively affordable recommended retail price of 749 Euros (~$890) and its Trinity camera system, the Axon 30 Ultra is one of the most interesting flagships of the year. However, particularly in the dark, the ZTE flagship is unable to keep up with the photo quality of the camera elite and in the end clearly offers the worst overall package. 

In our camera tests, the OnePlus shows itself again and again as a very good allrounder with some weaknesses in the zoom area. While in very good light conditions, the OnePlus 9 Pro is able to convince us throughout, its selfies also appear imbalanced in daylight. In this point, we see the Galaxy S21 Ultra as the strongest (with the front cam), but a Mi 11 Ultra is able to use the qualities of the main camera on the back also for selfies with its small secondary display there. 

While this year again, none of the manufacturers delivers the perfect camera package, in the area of photography Xiaomi is closer to this with its Ultra smartphone than the top model of the electronics manufacturer from South Korea. 

Galaxy Unpacked: a famous leaker purports to spoil the Samsung event with an entire threadful of leaks 11 July, 2021 - 12:00am

They are joined in this new pre-launch mega-leak by the Galaxy S21 FE, in a move that suggests Blass believes it will be unveiled alongside them after all. The extensive image thread provides a potential idea of button and port placements for every device involved, as well as what might be all of their new colorways.

Then again, this means they often repeat numerous details included in earlier leaks. On the other hand, there are a few potentially interesting details to be discovered, the odd new goldish-green shade developed for the Z Flip3 and the "Sound by AKG" branding inside the Galaxy Buds2 charging case.

The Galaxy Unpacked event that may confirm or deny all these tips is still slated to take place on August 11, 2021 - another rumor Blass reiterates at the start of his new thread. On the other hand, Samsung has not yet deigned to lend this theory any weight (correct at time of writing).

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