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What time is sea of thieves Season 3?

Sea Of Thieves Season 3 Release Date The new season kicks off on June 22. gfinityesports.comSea of Thieves Season 3: Pirates of the Caribbean Release Date, Plunder Pass, Content and More

Pirates of the Caribbean comes to life in the perfect environment

As Captain Jack Sparrow graces the shores of Sea of Thieves: A Pirate’s Life this week, developer Rare has created a crossover with Disney that brings Pirates of the Caribbean characters to life in the perfect environment. It’s the result of a year of work during a challenging pandemic and what feels like a significant and free expansion to Sea of Thieves.

Rare has teamed up with Disney to make this a reality, and instead of opting for simple skins or a basic character appearance, there’s a whole narrative around Pirates of the Caribbean characters entering the Sea of Thieves. It’s resulted in some strong fan service, thanks to a shared appreciation between Rare and Disney, and Captain Jack Sparrow fighting alongside players in A Pirate’s Life.

This first meeting led to an opportunity to bring Captain Jack Sparrow to Sea of Thieves in a way that respects the virtual pirate world and the story of Pirates of the Caribbean. “Essentially they summarized it as ‘you’ve made the game that we should have made, we’d love to make a Pirates of the Caribbean game but you’ve kind of made it with Sea of Thieves.’”

Rare has crafted five episodes as part of the expansion, or Tall Tales as they appear in Sea of Thieves. These adventures let players explore some new environments and enjoy meeting familiar Pirates of the Caribbean characters. While the story content lasts around eight hours in total, if you’re new to Sea of Thieves or returning from months or years of not playing, you can jump into the Pirate’s Life story freely.

The opening episode sees players meet the Cursed Captain, an animated skull that you can carry around to unlock clues, lore, and parts of the adventure. The Cursed Captain is part of a wonderfully animated environment, with some fun puzzles for players to figure out. The Black Pearl also makes an appearance here, and Captain Jack Sparrow will help you fire cannon balls to defeat it.

Fans of Sea of Thieves will also be delighted to visit some key locations in the game this season. There’s a huge underwater Sunken Kingdom that allows players to swim to the very depths of the ocean and participate in underwater combat. It’s here you’re introduced to a new weapon, the Trident of Dark Times, that is used to defeat Sirens beneath the seas.

You’ll also fight hoards of brand-new enemy types in the Sunken Kingdom, including bipedal crustaceans that attack from land or sea. Crabs, eels, and hermits will all prove challenging to defeat, and they’re the first non-skeleton enemies since the launch of Sea of Thieves three years ago. The Kraken will also finally show its face in the murky depths of the Sunken Kingdom.

Rare is also experimenting with how solo players and groups of friends experience the story. The multiplayer, open-world aspect of Sea of Thieves has often turned solo players away from the game. Some players don’t want to meet rival pirates on the seas that will happily sink their ship and ruin hours of progress. A Pirate’s Life attempts to answer that by cordoning off parts of this new campaign from the shared open-world. It allows you to enjoy meeting Captain Jack Sparrow in peace, without having to worry that you’ll be sniped in the head or that someone is blowing up your ship and stealing all your bananas behind your back.

A Pirate’s Life feels like a big step forward for Sea of Thieves, and a combination of a lot of changes to the game over the years. I originally started playing Sea of Thieves at launch in March 2018, hitting the max Pirate Legend rank within weeks. While the jolly open world was intriguing at first, the novelty of sailing the high seas soon wore off for me due to a lack of things to do. Returning to play Sea of Thieves again this year has been a delight, and the virtual seas feel like they’re now truly alive with content. I’m hoping we see Rare deliver more of this delightful storytelling in future seasons of Sea of Thieves.

Sea of Thieves: A Pirate’s Life is available now on Xbox One, PC, Xbox Series X / S, and on Xbox Game Pass.

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Sea of Thieves: All Headless Monkey Captain Journal Locations

GameRant 23 June, 2021 - 03:59pm

One of the tasks players are given is to find all of the Headless Monkey Captain journals. Simply put, players have to put in a lot of work before accessing the location where all of them are located. A lot of it revolves around helping out Poor Dougie and finding Captain Bones' Special Recipe. Thankfully, it knocks out a ton of commendations on the way. Once players open up that bridge in Sailor's Grave leading to the Headless Monkey shipwreck, they can use this guide for the locations of all five Headless Monkey Captain journals.

Sea of Thieves: A Pirate's Life is available now on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Sea of Thieves: A Pirate's Life is worth diving into as a solo player

Destructoid 23 June, 2021 - 03:30pm

Sea of Thieves: A Pirate’s Life makes a great first impression, even as someone who’s been away from the base game for well over a year and isn’t particularly attached to the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. But free is free, and I had to see the new crossover story for myself — the first chunk, at least. If you’re on the fence, I recommend doing the same.

First off, it’s worth noting that A Pirate’s Life could be your first experience with Sea of Thieves period (outside of the tutorial) and you’d be fine. As Chris detailed in his guide, starting the Pirates of the Caribbean questline is pretty simple, and there’s even a main menu listing to spawn you into the world in the precise spot needed to get everything underway. From there, you’ll hop in your ship, sail into a portal, and enter a distinct story-driven zone in which you won’t need to worry about rival players wrecking your fun.

The first Tall Tale, A Pirate’s Life, plays out like a walking tour — with light puzzle-solving and platforming — through a moody theme park-inspired area. It’s so cool.

Whether you’ve recently been on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride or you’ve gone on it at some point in your young life (you think), you’ll surely recognize narrated snippets (“Dead men tell no tales“), the iconic catchy music, and even some familiar set decorations.

Rare nailed the atmosphere in every facet, and for folks who haven’t spent a lot of time up close with Sea of Thieves, the studio’s craftsmanship here will be even more impressive.

Gameplay-wise, the mission gets a bit more interesting when the cave corridors open up into a mini hub. There’s a chatty skeleton in a suspended cage in the middle of the area, and you’re free to poke around for secrets and find a meandering way up to rescue him. Once you do, you’ll carry the captain’s skull around and eventually climb up a barely-still-standing tower to summon the Ferryman’s ship. I can’t get enough of this visual design.

Without oversharing story specifics, once aboard the ghostly vessel, it won’t be much longer before you meet Jack Sparrow and start blasting away at a rival ship.

Again, for new players especially, even if they’re going it alone, this is a nice little combat tutorial without it feeling too forced. You have all the supplies you need to load and fire cannons, take out otherworldly foes with your sword or pistol who clamber aboard, and munch on food to heal up. For this sequence, you don’t have to worry about steering the ship or protecting Jack, or anything like that. It’s a smooth on-ramp. I shook off my rust.

A Pirate’s Life took me over an hour to complete, and that’s just one of five Tall Tales.

I also dug into the second mission, The Sunken Pearl, which feels more like the traditional open-ocean Sea of Thieves experience in that you’ll sail out to a conspicuous marker in the sky and need to adjust for the changing winds along the way. Once there, you’ll then dive down — way, way down — by following bits of wreckage until you reach the seafloor.

After finding a key item in the sunken Black Pearl, making sure to stay oxygenated every so often using bubble vents, you’ll engage in some on-foot puzzling and combat. The second Pirates of the Caribbean Tall Tale doesn’t feel quite as tight or directed as the first, but it’s still decent, doubly so if you enjoy Sea of Thieves‘ whole vibe on a lower-profile day.

Will I keep plugging away to finish Jack Sparrow’s arc? I’m not sure. Maybe with a crew.

As much as I feel like you can play this stuff alone and have a good time, the feeling was admittedly much stronger in the more linear and finely-tuned first Tall Tale. From the look of things past the second mission, the rest of the Pirates of the Caribbean campaign will be more enjoyable with at least one other shipmate, if not a full four-person crew.

Don’t let that stop you from diving into A Pirate’s Life, though — even if you only complete the first part, it’s worth your time. It’s a treat. I may have moved on from the wider Sea of Thieves experience after mostly getting my fill of the game earlier in its lifecycle, but I’m glad I showed up again. I wonder how Rare might try to top this; it won’t be easy.

If you’ve got Xbox Game Pass, queue this up!

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How to complete the 'Sea of Thieves' Sunken Pearl crossover Tall Tale

Inverse 23 June, 2021 - 03:11pm

Seek the Black Pearl or walk the plank.

This second Tall Tale takes you on a journey to find Jack’s compass. After all, what good is a pirate without a trusty compass?

There are a lot of intricacies to getting started and completing this Tall Tale, but in this guide, we’ll show you what you need to know to get through it. Here’s how to complete (and start) the Sunken Pearl Tall Tale in Sea of Thieves.

Beginning the mission requires a few prerequisites. You need to finish the first Tall Tale, “A Pirates Life” before starting this next one. You do this by speaking with the Castaway at any outpost. Then go through the steps to complete that quest, which eventually leads you to Jack Sparrow. After it's finished, go back to an outpost to speak with the Castaway again, and you’ll be able to start The Sunken Pearl by interacting with the shell on the wall behind her.

After you’ve accepted the quest, sail out to the nearby blue light coming out from the ocean, indicating your objective. You should be able to see it from your location. After you arrive, jump out and follow the debris all the way down to the ocean floor, making sure to stop at the bubbles for air.

At the ocean floor, you’ll see more bubbles coming out of elongated pieces of coral, so follow them until you reach the Black Pearl. Once there, swim to the main deck of the ship and then head down into the opening towards the front. Move the debris and grab the key from the blue coral enemy.

Then, swim back up to the ship’s main deck to open the captain’s quarters to grab the compass. Follow the compass to a cave. Follow the path until you get to a room with several mermaid statues, all of which are holding different items. You’ll notice on the wall, there’s a carving that represents the mermaid statues in the room.

As you can expect, you need to shoot or attack the statues to get them to match the positioning on the carving. When you attack, the statues move their arm, so match the carving and then shoot the main statue in the center to confirm. You’ll have to do this again on the next floor above you.

If you’ve done this section correctly, you’ll spawn a group of enemies to face. Take them out and one will drop a Siren Heart, which can be placed in the statue with the purple piece of coral in its hand. Once you’ve done that and arranged the statues correctly, the water will rise once again.

Climb to the top and hit the glowing item on the left side of the wall to open up the path ahead. After that, head back towards the Black Pearl and you’ll come across a siren. Take out the Siren and acquire another Siren Heart. Follow Jack’s compass to yet another set of mermaid statues and place the Siren Heart in the correct one.

Then, attack the Mermaid statue to the left of the large door and make your way through the path. Once again, you’ll come to more statues. You know what to do. Position them accordingly, then swim up to the top and use your gun to shoot the bigger Mermaid Statue to confirm the positions. If done correctly, you’ll be able to reach the next area.

Fight the enemies, and interact with the nearby pulley to open the nearby door. After this, you’ll need to interact with another pulley to lower a shipwreck. Once you do that, quickly run over to it and it will rise like an elevator.

Follow this path and you’ll come to yet another set of mermaid statues. Shoot them all to match the carving on the wall and then look up again to snipe the bigger statue to confirm the positions. The water will then begin to rise so head back into the previous room and jump onto a ladder that can now be climbed thanks to the water level being raised.

Climb up, use the pulley to raise the bridge, and follow the path to grab the key. Head back to the bridge and this time take the path to the right which leads to another barrier. Shoot the glowing orb on the right and continue onward. Take this path to the main deck of the ship ahead and use the key to unlock the captain’s cabin.

Go inside, grab the chest and then take out the enemies that spawn. Raise the anchor after you’ve taken out the first wave and a second wave will spawn. Take them out and then you’ll be able to face the Kraken. Keep shooting the Kraken with cannons and it will go away.

After defeating the Kraken, you’ll be spawned in a new area, which leads to the Siren boss fight. There isn’t much to this fight — keep shooting and make sure you eat food when you need to heal. Afterward, you’ll have one more mermaid statue room to get through and you’ll then be finished with the Sunken Pearl Tall Tale.

Sea of Thieves: The Sunken Pearl | How to complete the Statue Puzzles in Siren Spire - VG247

VG247 23 June, 2021 - 12:09pm

The Sunken Pearl is a Tall Tale introduced in the third season of Sea of Thieves — which, as most fans are already well aware, features a major crossover with Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean.

This is the second of five Tall Tales that make up the season’s story campaign A Pirate’s Life. After you’ve completed the campaign’s titular first quest, you’ll need to head off in search of Captain Jack Sparrow’s ship the Black Pearl… the only wrinkle is, it’s currently in the Sunken Kingdom which, as the name suggests, is at the bottom of the ocean.

To get what you need from the Pearl you’re going to need to traverse Siren Spire — where you’ll need to complete puzzles (and occasionally fight enemies) to progress up through the levels of a tower.

When you first enter Siren Spire, The Mysterious Voice that’s guided you this far reveals herself to be significantly less friendly than she appeared and calls up some Ocean Crawlers — a new enemy type for the season — to fight you.

You need to defeat several waves of these enemies using your weapons of choice. When the last one goes down, they’ll drop a Siren Heart.

Pick this up and do the rounds of the Siren Statues in the cavern — there are four in total, one of them larger than the others. When you reach the one with an empty cavity in its chest, follow the prompt to Return Siren Heart.

Look around the cavern and you’ll spot a glowing mural depicting four Sirens that just happen to look a lot like those statues. From left to right, they are:

To solve this puzzle, you need to move each statue’s arm so that they’re holding their tridents in the position indicated by the mural.

Just be aware that the angles shown in the mural are a bit misleading — in particular, the trident that’s held low in the mural actually needs to be angled down towards the floor on the statue.

Interact with the statues’ arms by bashing them with your weapon of choice. If you’re still not sure about positioning, move each statue arm through a few different rotations until you’ve got a clear idea of how they relate to each other — that should make it easier.

Once you’ve got the statues in position, use your weapon on the large statue with the conch in the centre of the cavern. If the solution is correct, the cavern will slowly begin filling with water, raising you up to the next level.

(And if you got it wrong, there’s no penalty, so you can try again if you need to.)

Good news: the second puzzle is very similar to the first. You’ll even be using the same statues. Less good news: you’ll be doing the same thing again but underwater this time, thanks to the new water level in the cavern.

(It’s not really that much of a hardship: just be sure to keep gulping down any air bubbles you pass to increase your oxygen, or resurface if you really need to.)

There’s a new mural on this level of the cavern, but it’s really quite easy to remember: each of the three smaller Sirens is holding their trident at the highest position. On the statues, this means that the tip of the trident needs to be pointing back over their shoulders.

Swim down to the last level, adjust the arms on the three smaller statues, and bash the larger statue so it blows on its conch again.

Rather than raising the whole water level this time, a single geyser shoots out right in front of the mural you used to solve the latest puzzle. Stand on it and take a wild ride to the next level!

Reaching this level of the cavern triggers another two waves of Ocean Crawlers you need to fight off. Be sure to pick up the Siren Heart the last one drops.

This level features a new mural and also a new set of statues, so find the one missing its heart and pop that back in its rightful place.

This time Sirens in the mural are as follows, from left to right:

This puzzle is largely the same as the last two, except that one of the statues is up on a ledge above you and out of reach of your melee or short-range weapons. Luckily there’s an armory box nearby, so you’re not stuck if you didn’t pack the right equipment.

Interact with the large Siren statue to make it blow its conch once more and, if you got it right, the cavern will begin flooding again. Allow yourself to be gently floated upward on the rising water.

When you reach dry ground on the new level, you’ll see a ramp made out of what appears to be the spine of some large aquatic mammal leading up higher still.

Climb the skeleton and then keep hopping up makeshift stairs until you reach a landing with a mermaid checkpoint statue and a shimmering barrier.

When you’re ready to continue, cut through the barrier with your weapon. You’ll land up in a kind of observation room at the top of the Spire, where the Mysterious Voice will reveal her true identity and give you a classic villain speech, all while what looks suspiciously like a Kraken circles menacingly around outside.

Once she’s done, cut through the barriers keeping the room dry and you’ll be back out in the ocean. It’s time to start keeping on top of your air bubbles again.

Before you get moving again, you’ll need to defeat several enemy Sirens in combat. The final one you dispatch will drop another Siren Heart — be very sure to pick this up from wherever it happens to fall!

Pull out Jack’s Compass and follow it to a rock wall with a carving of a Siren face on it, and with a statue to either side. Place the Siren Heart in the empty chest of the right-hand statue.

Look back to the Siren face and you’ll notice there’s a familiar bit of mural to either side, indicating for you to move both statues’ trident arms to the middle position. With this done, swim up to the ledge above the left statue to interact with another Big Siren Statue with Conch.

When you get this right, the cave wall with the Siren face carved into it will lower, allowing you access to the Sunken Citadel and the next phase of the quest.

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Sea Of Thieves' Pirates Of The Caribbean crossover proves it doesn't need Pirates Of The Caribbean

Rock Paper Shotgun 23 June, 2021 - 10:00am

Season Three of Sea Of Thieves, that most piratical of online PvPvE adventures, kicked off last night with some new enemy types and cosmetics and such. The headline feature, though, is a bunch of Pirates Of The Caribbean crossover stuff, hence why the current season is subtitled A Pirate's Life. Yer PotC bits are primarily showing up in the Tall Tale story quests, and last night I played the first two. Through a combination of the game being a bit janky off the back of a big update, us being a bit stupid, and some utter, utter cheese grater sinking our ship, it took us six hours.

The extent of our piratical ineptitude was not suprising. What is, though, is that the Pirates Of The Caribbean stuff in the first two Tall Tales is a relatively small feature, and that the Pirates characters in particular end up being kinda annoying. Rare have adapted Pirates' vibe more than anything else, and while the rest of the changes are rad, especially the new enemies, you'd better be ready to spend time playing what feels a bit like a non-copyright infringing amusement park called Buccanneers Of The Central Americas.

Of course, this is an official crossover, and I don't wish to be a massive downer on the effort that the folks at Rare have put in here, because it's really fun. There are some really cool set piece moments, like sailing through a portal I persistently referred to as a giant magical sea fanny, and ending up in the land of the dead. You have to travel through a network of caves themed after the Disneyland ride that originally inspired the whole messy movie franchise, and it even plays audio from said ride, too, including the line, "Dead men tell no tales..." repeated a truly comical number of times. Then you emerge in a ghost pirate town with a ghost pirate pub and everything. It's also really cool to swim deep, deep, down to the seabed and suddenly discover The Black Pearl, looming out of the dark at you like a sexier Mary Rose. This whole bit is accompanied by a mournful siren song, and its very fantasyland piratey, 10/10.

(The magic was lost somewhat when we had to do it twice more, because a bug in a puzzle room in the siren fortress made us very confused, and prevented the exit from triggering properly. But you can't have everything.)

But these bits could have existed without the PotC IP being involved. There's no real reason that sunken ship wasn't any other banjaxed tall ship, apart from that we were told it was The Black Pearl. And in both of the Tall Tales, a PotC film character turned up at the end to be like, "Remember this? Stop blowing holes in the ship! Wahey!", and felt like a bit of a tacked on annoyance.

Thankfully, their appearance formed a very small part of the overall story. Now, there was an implication in both the Tall Tales that the friends you meet along the way will all come back later for some big climactic battle with Davy Jones and a kraken and what have you. But so far, it feels like the best pirate theme park you have ever seen was given an astronomical budget - albeit on the bizarre condition that they featured a Jack Sparrow impersonator for at least 20 minutes.

Now, this isn't necessarily a bad thing. In fact, after some consideration, I think Rare should have leaned really hard into this and characterised the Jack Sparrow in question as Mike Smith, 38 year old IT consultant from Hull, or one of the million other dudes who dress up as the Cap'n for weekends and bank holiday events. This would surely make everything a million times more enjoyable on a number of levels. Like, sure, actually being on a pirate ship and getting attacked by angry eel monsters is more intense than Mike is used to, but when stacked up next to a hen do, it isn't that bad, wahey! So there's no way Mike is dropping out of character.

Ultimately, this crossover has only served to make Pirates Of The Caribbean look bad - not because Rare have done a bad job with it, but because Sea Of Thieves is just more fun anyway. A Pirate's Life is good, but it's good because Rare are really nailed on with making this pirate shit now. It's good because, as I suspected, Sea Of Thieves has already become the more iconic pirate IP compared to PotC. At least to me. But listen, if the untold treasure chests of gold coins Rare make from doing this means they can make even more big expansions and updates, I'll put up with all the Mike Smiths I have to.

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Disney Fans Explore Hidden Rooms From the Pirates of the Caribbean Attraction | Inside the Magic

Inside the Magic 23 June, 2021 - 09:48am

One of the worst things about visiting Disney World, Disneyland, or any Disney Park is that at some point, you will have to leave!

Dealing with the Disney blues is something almost all Disney fans have to face, but there are ways to kick that sadness out and turn it into magical reminders of happiness. From adding Disney decor to your home to watching Disney attraction videos on YouTube, there are many options available for fans to be reminded of the magic.

Now, there is a new video game that may not only help with the Disney blues but will allow fans to dive deeper into an attraction that Walt Disney himself created. Sea of Thieves: A Pirate’s Life was just released as a collaboration with Disney, and the video game follows Jack Sparrow’s adventures that we have seen in the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction.

Although the video game takes inspiration from the films, it seems that the aesthetic and setting are very much based on the Disneyland version of the attraction. Players will not only feel like they are in the ride while playing, but they will be able to explore rooms and show scenes that, typically, a Guest would only get to watch from their boat!

Many Disney fans would love to explore all of the different details on the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction, and it seems that this video game is a pretty close second to actually being able to do it in real life!

Disney Parks (@disneyparks) TikTok made a video that shows a side-by-side comparison of the video game and the attraction, and some scenes look identical to the ride.

You can explore ✨iconic✨ scenes from #PiratesOfTheCaribbean in Sea of Thieves: A Pirate’s Life 🏴‍☠️ #Disney #DisneyParks #GamerTikTok #SummerOfGaming

As someone who played VMK (Virtual Magic Kingdom) in its heyday, I can say that Disney fans definitely need more theme park-based video games, as it allows us to explore the parks even if we can’t be there in person. Sea of Thieves: A Pirate’s Life is available on mobile, Windows PC, Steam, and Xbox.

We have also discussed how the game brings back Jack Sparrow into the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise but does so without Johnny Depp. Read more about that here!

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Captain Bones Special Recipe - Sea of Thieves 23 June, 2021 - 07:46am

In Sea of Thieves, you will run into two skeletons playing chess and one of them has an empty tankard that needs to be filled with Captain Bones Special Recipe. These two skeletons are seemingly locked in an eternal game of chess in the town of Sailor’s Grave. They are located on the bottom deck of a shipwrecked vessel near the tavern. Solving this puzzle can be tricky, but it will give you a nice reward. Our Captain Bones Special Recipe – Sea of Thieves guide will show you everything you need to do in order to complete this and claim your prize.

The first thing you will need to do once you encounter these stalemated skeletons is to light the candle on the table with the Flame of Souls. Next, go back to the pulley elevator which you used to get ahold of Captain Cursed. You will need his head to complete this. Make your way to the elevator and go up. You will see another pulley here, which raises another platform. Interact with this and then jump on the platform to reach the other side. There is another pulley on this side, which moves two platforms. Use it. Jump on the first platform. However, don’t jump on the second one just yet. Look around you and you will see a small gap in the wall to your right. You will be able to recognize it by a burning candle on top of a barrel. Jump in here and pick up a bottle of Captain Bones’ Special Recipe. Make your way down again to the chess-playing skeletons.

Pour the Captain Bones’ Special Recipe into the tankard of the skeleton on the right. When the skeleton drinks this, its head will explode. This unlocks the “A Powerful Thirst” commendation. You can now buy your way into the game, but only with Poor Dougie’s Medallion. Put the medallion on the chessboard. Next, place the head of Captain Cursed on the now-headless skeleton. He will win the game for you. Your reward for this is the Ship’s Key. Return to the first pulley elevator. Go up and you will reach a door you can unlock with this key. This will net you not just the “Ship of Thieves” commendation, but also all the gold inside.

We hope that you have found our Captain Bones Special Recipe – Sea of Thieves guide both informative and enjoyable to read. Check out our Sea of Thieves archive for other guides, such as how to find Siren Heart in the Sunken Pearl.

Chapter 2 Season 7 Week 3 is here…

The question of how to disable crossplay in…

Ubisoft has announced that it is going to…

A Pirate’s Life in Sea of Thieves is…

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Pirates Of The Caribbean: 10 Unpopular Opinions, According To Reddit

Screen Rant 22 June, 2021 - 01:30pm

For a series that was originally based on a theme park ride, Pirates has come a long way, and the future of the series looks even bigger. But some Reddit critics and overly enthusiastic fans have a ton of hot takes about the movies, good and bad. Whether it’s comparing the series to other stronger franchises, criticizing fan-favorite characters, or singing the praises of the later movies, there are many unpopular opinions about Pirates.

However, one Redditor believes that Pirates is much better, citing that it has fewer plot holes and a less toxic fanbase. But though the two franchises have more in common than meets the eye, such as sword fights, weird creatures, and magic, there’s no denying how much better the Star Wars movies are, and they’ve had a much bigger impact on pop culture too.

They argue that they are annoying throughout the movies, and in Dead Man’s Chest and At World’s End, they don’t have any character arcs, as their only role is to screw over Jack.

However, though it received a tepid reception because of exactly that, there are some who come to its defense. They claim that On Stranger Tides was an interesting departure, and to their credit, with it being a completely unfiltered Jack Sparrow movie and the addition of Penelope Cruz, it’s certainly different.

The user actually puts across some good points, as they explain that they wanted to destroy piracy and protect the country from thievery and murder. But as the movie hides all of the terrible stuff that pirates actually get up to and the characters are portrayed as loveably goofy, the audience just sees the British as bad guys.

It caused a massively heated debate, as the post has over 1500 replies. But ultimately, the Lord of the Rings movies have a more dedicated fan base, made more money at the box office on average, and have way higher scores on IMDb, with The Return of the King considered the seventh greatest film of all time.

And to be fair to the user, when Rush surprisingly reappears as Barbossa in On Stranger Tides, it’s a big moment and it briefly steals the show from Jack Sparrow.

They argue that he’s simply the lesser of two evils when it comes to the other villains of the series. However, though Jack is clearly selfish and greedy, that’s exactly why he’s an anti-hero. At the end of the day, he will do the right thing, however reluctant he may be, and in Dead Man’s Chest, he even sacrificed himself.

However, this Redditor enjoyed watching the antagonist in the fifth movie. Even though the user even admits that Salazar made no sense and that he’s a stupid excuse for a villain, other Redditors agree that he was still cool and entertaining.

Dead Man’s Chest was criticized mostly for being too confusing and messy, but this user argues that it was actually complex. They posit that because the characters are already established, it’s the perfect middle chapter of the series and it’s great to see the crew tackle new challenges.

The Redditor has an interesting take on the direction they should go in, as they believe each movie should be an anthology, with a different captain and crew in each one. But the Redditors are getting what they want, as there isn’t just one new movie in the works, but two movies currently being developed.

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