SEC expansion, what about the rest of the Big 12 Conference?


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Is OU and Texas leaving the Big 12?

After Texas and OU tell the BIG 12 they will not renew their media/television rights with the BIG 12, nothing happens until the end of 2025. Both universities will stay and play in the BIG 12. ... The BIG 12 TV contracts expire in 2025. A move to the SEC would ensure millions more for each school on an annual basis. WFAA.comUT, OU plan to leave the BIG 12, sources say

When did Texas A&M join the SEC?

The SEC officially announced the addition of Texas A&M on Sept. 26, 2011, with the school joining the conference in 2012. Texas A&M's move to the SEC wasn't particularly well-received by its Texas peers, with the Longhorns still refusing to schedule the Aggies in major sports. al.comFormer Texas A&M president explains SEC expansion process, why he’s skeptical Texas joins

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You Pod to Win the Game

Not only is Oklahoma looking at a change but it appears their biggest rivals, the Texas Longhorns, are right there alongside them. The Big 12 Conference’s top two teams are looking to exit stage left, which means the conference would need to find replacements, or would they?

According to former Texas Tech quarterback B.J. Symons, he doesn’t think there are any suitable replacements.

As stated in my original report on the Oklahoma/Texas jump to the SEC Conference, it is unlikely that the Big 12 Conference could survive this latest purge of the teams.

The Big 12 Conference would likely dissolve leaving eight programs up for grabs. – Report on OU and UT to the SEC

We pull out our crystal ball to predict just where the other eight schools might land.

Given that the Baylor Bears have a solid basketball and baseball program, adding them to the Pac-12 would make sense. When the conference out west first looked to make the first super conference, they expected to raid the Big 12 Conference. With the conference on the verge of imploding, Baylor would help give them more of a presence in the state of Texas.

It feels like Iowa State would be a perfect fit for their head coach Matt Campbell. They are a hardnosed, lunch pail-type team. They don't rely on talent but their coach putting them in a position to succeed. Plus the annual Iowa-Iowa State game would become a conference rivalry.

It seems like the Kansas Jayhawks will be in a hard spot. Its football program leaves a lot to be desired but they do well in basketball. ACC is a very good basketball conference so that part makes sense, but will they take on a team with a bad football program. It remains to be seen. I could see the Big Ten giving them a look as well.

Much like the Iowa State prediction, I see the Kansas State Wildcats remaining in the Power Five with the Big Ten. Another tough football program that has taken a dip in recent years. Geographically they are close to the Big Ten region and could resume annual matchups with Nebraska as they did in the Big Eight.

As the Pac-12 Conference looks to raise up their conference on the football front, Oklahoma State makes a lot of sense. They have a good football and basketball program that would only enhance the conference. It is very unlikely they would get to follow Oklahoma to the SEC, despite reports that legislation prevents a split of the two schools in the Sooner state. At least according to Jason Kersey of The Athletic.

The TCU prediction is a little murkier. I could see them going back to the Group of Five route but adding them to the Pac-12 puts that conference one step closer to another super conference. TCU is used to playing out west as they were members of the Mountain West prior to joining the Big 12 in 2012.

Texas Tech makes the final piece to giving the Pac-12 a super conference with 16 teams. The Red Raiders were part of the original package to the Pac-10 before Texas squashed the whole idea and decided to remain in the Big 12. The basketball and baseball programs would enhance the conference, the football program just needs to catch up to compete with the rest of the new look Pac-16 Conference.

West Virginia has always been the odd duck of the Big 12 ever since they joined with TCU in 2012. Geographically they need to be playing in the east. Adding them to the ACC makes perfect sense and was the easiest prediction to make. They add to the conference's football and basketball programs.

Could the Big 12 stalwarts be eyeing another conference?

Texas wants out of the Big 12, but it isn't the SEC it should be pursuing.

As Wednesday progressed into the evening, the idea that the Oklahoma Sooners and Texas Longhorns could move to the SEC got more traction.

Reading between the lines, Texas and OU joining the SEC is all but complete. Only one thing is holding the move back from being official.

This would be the most significant switching of leagues in the modern history of college athletics. After speaking with several sources all around college athletics, the sense is these conversations are very real and could move quickly.

If the SEC says no, the Longhorns and Sooners might end up in a competing league.

Big Ten commissioner Kevin Warren told USA TODAY Sports he wants more feedback before supporting expanded College Football Playoff 12-team model.

Orangebloods publisher Geoff Ketchum and I have checked in with multiple sources on Wednesday and asked about Texas’

The last time Texas got a wandering eye for another conference it fueled a series of realignments in college sports that nearly killed the Big 12. Texas is once again exploring free agency, stealing the headlines at the Southeastern Conference media days and cranking up speculation about another round of conference shuffling. There have been discussions between Texas and Oklahoma and SEC officials about switching conferences, but no formal invitations have been extended, a person with knowledge of the situation told The Associated Press on Wednesday night.

The interest from the two Big-12 schools is a calculated move to stir up the conference during the SEC’s annual event.

Today was proof there is no offseason in college football as conference realignment talks have returned. Dan Wetzel, Pete Thamel and SI's Pat Forde have the latest surrounding Texas and OU reaching out to the SEC. The guys break down every angle including will A&M, Oklahoma State and Texas Tech allow the move? Is Texas also looking at independence and could OU do the same? And what would happen to the Big 12 if they lost their two biggest draws?

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What should the ACC & Syracuse do if Oklahoma & Texas opt to start next round of conference realignment?

Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician 22 July, 2021 - 10:40am

Houston Chronicle exclusive: Texas, Oklahoma reach out to SEC about joining conference via @houstonchron

You’d be forgiven for thinking you’ve somehow been sent back to the summer of 2010 here. Though Texas and Oklahoma alone mulling a move to the SEC alone wasn’t one of the primary rumors the last time the conference realignment gears really got moving, it was certainly a possibility at the time — along with the more popular “Pac-16” plan that would’ve sent them to the then-Pac-10 along with Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Oklahoma State and Colorado.

Texas was part of what nixed the plan back then, though there were still repercussions for the Big 12’s membership. Now, they appear to be one of the driving forces behind effectively ending the Big 12 as a P5 conference — if not dissolving it entirely.

Now, this could also just be a power play from OU and Texas (the clear moneymakers in the Big 12) to get a higher percentage of revenues from the conference. And yesterday evening’s report that both schools would renew media contracts when they expire in 2025 at least points to some of that. Regardless of whether the two schools actually leave for the SEC or not, though, it’s clear that something big is going to happen soon around conference membership.

Naturally, the ACC should be proactive about protecting itself here.

So first and foremost, the league should just go ahead and add West Virginia.

The SEC hasn’t flatly denied the OU/Texas rumor, and any league would be foolish to say no to such overtures. So it’s clear the league wouldn’t mind adding two more to get to 16 teams and get the superconference train rolling. Certainly the Big Ten has its own ideas there too, and wouldn’t mind trying to poach an ACC school or two because the alternatives are... Kansas and Kansas State/Iowa State.

Though the ACC has media rights locked up into the next decade, that’s already proving to be an issue for the league as media rights get increasingly expensive and it’s locked into rates that were the norm a half-decade ago. Meanwhile, the Big Ten and SEC dwarf the rest of the Power Five in terms of revenues before this likely next round of realignment. If you’re an ACC school and you get a call, you absolutely take it.

Adding West Virginia wouldn’t stop a school like Georgia Tech, North Carolina or Duke from leaving for greener pastures (though the latter two aren’t going anywhere). But it would signal to the league’s members that the ACC is once again being proactive as it figures out how to function in this evolving reality. West Virginia’s not in a big market, but has a passionate fan base, a history with many ACC schools and would add valuable inventory on both the football and men’s basketball front. It’s a no-brainer add that the school would probably pursue proactively at this point knowing the Horns and Sooners are eyeing the exits. The ACC should just go ahead and lean into that.

Now what happens from there? Well, a move to superconferences could possibly push Notre Dame into the ACC full-time. Getting a greater commitment from Notre Dame should be the priority, obviously, since that’s what triggers larger payouts from ESPN and what makes the league’s membership more secure going forward.

But if it doesn’t happen (and I wouldn’t bet on it until more pieces start moving), the league should at least look at who else is out there. There’s UConn, obviously. Or they could poach Kansas out of a crumbling Big 12 before the Big Ten does. Or Cincinnati could be an option if the AAC starts getting raided by the Big 12...

We’ll see what happens there. In the meantime, though, Syracuse’s options are... to just wait. They’re not getting a Big Ten invite. There’s no upward move, and no exit from the ACC that’s financially beneficial for the Orange. That’s fine. We knew that — or at least should’ve before today.

With luck, the damage here is minimal, but we’re at yet another potential turning point for college athletics. SU made it to a lifeboat last time around. Hopefully the same is true this time, too.

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