Shang-Chi packs punch at box office in opening weekend


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How did Shang Chi do in the box office?

Behold the Labor Day box office hit. ... Marvel. Fists of finance: The new Marvel movie Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings has taken in $71.4 million at the US box office in its first three days, setting a Labor Day weekend record to boot. CNETShang-Chi packs a punch at box office in opening weekend

Is there an end credit scene in Shang Chi?

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings features not one but two post-credits scenes. ... Having saved the world at the end of the movie, Shang-Chi is introduced to some familiar faces with Avengers stars pop up for cameos (fittingly for 2021, this meeting involves a sort of superhero Zoom call). CNETShang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings post-credits scenes explained

Is Shang Chi part of the MCU?

Shang-Chi is the newest star of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and could be an integral part of its next decade — but his history goes back almost half a century. ... With even some seasoned MCU fans getting to know this character for the first time, here are seven things you should know about Shang-Chi. The Washington PostWho is Shang-Chi? 7 things to know about Marvel's latest onscreen superhero.

When will Shang Chi be available on Disney plus?

Popular on Rolling Stone If you do the math starting from the film's theatrical release date of September 3, that means you may be able to watch Shang-Chi on Disney+ as soon as October 18. Rolling StoneIs Shang-Chi on Disney+? Here’s How to Stream the Asian Marvel Superhero Film Online Free

The Marvel film, which stars Simu Liu, and Awkwafina, took home a massive $71.4 million (and a four-day estimate of $83.5 million), in its theaters-only release, exceeding its first week predictions.

"[It] just absolutely obliterated that," Paul Dergarabedian, Comscore's Senior Media Analyst, told EW on Sunday.

"This is a knock it out of the park hit," Dergarabedian said of the film's success in its first weekend of release, adding that globally, the film "has done extraordinarily well." 

In fact, despite the pandemic, Shang-Chi set a record for a Labor Day weekend-released films, surpassing Halloween, which has held the record since its debut in 2007. The Marvel film's $71.4 million opening also marks it as the second highest opening for a film during the pandemic (Black Widow holds the top spot with an opening of $80M).

Worldwide, Shang-Chi took in more than $56 million, for a global total of $127 million. It's four-day total is predicted to be $139.7M, according to Comscore. 

"Clearly it is the movies themselves that people get excited about," Dergarabedian said about what's drawing moviegoers into theaters. 

Candyman settled into second for its second week of release, earning a cool $10.5 million, while Ryan Reynold's Free Guy remained strong, nabbing third and $8.7 million.

"Free Guy is another example of a film that shows that people mainly want to go to the movies based on the allure and appeal of the movies themselves," Dergarabedian said. "So, as it was pre-pandemic, the movies are key. It's really about the movies, and the experience of the movie theater makes any movie a bigger, grander event."

Paw Patrol, which is also available on streaming service Paramount+, grabbed fourth with $4 million, while Disney's Jungle Cruise floated into fifth place with $3.95 million.

Rounding out the top 10 were Don't Breathe 2 ($2.2M) in sixth, Respect in seventh ($1.265M), followed by The Suicide Squad ($905K), Black Widow ($748K), and The Night House ($552K).

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Marvel's History-Making 'Shang-Chi' Breaks Barriers and Box Office Records

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Shang-Chi: The MCU Should Embrace More No-Nonsense Action Like This

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The MCU continues to reinvent itself by diving in more deeply into specific movie genres that still keep that magical money-making formula that Marvel Studios discovered over a decade ago almost intact, in Shang-Chi’s case it’s martial arts movies of course.

Even before the movie premiered, critics’ consensus was that if there was one thing that made Shang-Chi stand out from any other Marvel film that came before, it was the action. It’s not like past MCU movies, or even the recent Disney Plus shows were exactly lacking in that department, after all, at their core, Marvel films can be considered superhero-themed action joyrides; instead, it’s because Shang-Chi’s action is so unique in a world where everyone is shooting color-coded energy blasts at each other.

When looking back at the MCU greatest battles, the massive CGI-fueled clashes between the good guys and the villains far exceed smaller confrontations that can take advantage of thigh choreographed fights. That actually makes sense in a world filled with armored millionaires, Asgardian gods, the Hulk, magic, and almighty outer space beings like Thanos or even Captain Marvel, however, it also results in the better half of Shang-Chi being incredibly refreshing.

Sadly, one of the men responsible for carrying out this vision recently passed away, but the fact that Shang-Chi is dedicated to the late Brad Allan still speaks volumes of the importance of his work. Allan was a member of the Jackie Chan Stunt Team, and his work as a stunts expert in Hollywood will live on in movies like Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Kick-Ass, Wonder Woman, Kingsman, and Rush Hour.

It goes without saying that Shang-Chi undeniably has lots of Jackie Chan and martial arts DNA, yet what’s most amazing about this MCU blockbuster is how it turns that into its most interesting facet, so much so that when the movie finally goes loose with Marvel CGI towards the end one cannot be blamed for yearning all those kicks, flips and punches that came before. Shang-Chi is -at its finest- a perfect blend of both styles, a goal reached thanks to the likes of Allan, as well as the film’s cinematographer Bill Pope whose credits include the entire Matrix trilogy and Baby Driver.

The fight scene where Shang-Chi’s parents, Wenwu and Ying Li, meet looks almost like something that could belong in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon; whereas the epic bus fight scene will remind many of Oldboy’s famous one-take hallway sequence. Even images of Shang-Chi, Xialing, and Katy fighting atop a bamboo scaffolding in Macau are testament to the film’s influences from Hong Kong cinema, which are perfectly capped off every time the great Tony Leung is on the screen.

Granted, with Black Widow gone there are fewer normal human Avengers, yet something like Hawkeye opens up the doors for Clint Barton and Yelena Belova to shine with a different type of action to what fans are used to seeing. The same premise could be applied to characters like Shuri in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever and Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight, or if and when Marvel Studios decides to rescue Netflix’s Daredevil for Spider-Man: No Way Home.

CGI enables a superhero world that decades ago only existed in comic pages and people’s imagination, but sometimes watching two enemies (or siblings) duke it out with nothing more than their own first can be just as exciting. Shang-Chi is Marvel’s first martial arts movie, but fortunately, the movie’s post-credits scene promises it won’t be the last.

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