'She Rates Dogs' podcast co-host killed in hit-and-run in Los Angeles


New York Post 18 July, 2021 - 09:22am 15 views

Who is mat that died?

Mat George, a popular podcaster and internet personality, has died aged 26 in a hit and run incident in Los Angeles. The podcast host, originally from Arizona, was struck shortly after 2am on Saturday in the Beverly Grove neighbourhood of Los Angeles, according to police. The IndependentMat George death: Podcaster, 26, killed in a hit and run in Los Angeles

Mat George Dies: ‘She Rates Dogs’ Podcast Co-Host Was 26

Yahoo Entertainment 17 July, 2021 - 11:14pm

George’s death was confirmed by the Los Angeles Police Department and his She Rates Dogs co-host, Michaela Okland.

“I would rather you guys here [sic] this from me than a news article. Mat was killed in a hit and run last night,” Okland wrote on Twitter. “I don’t really have any other words right now. I wish I could contact everybody who knows him personally but the news is already out and I just can’t do it right now.”

The LAPD says George was hit by the driver of a white BMW, around 2:20 a.m. He was walking southbound in an unmarked crosswalk on Croft Avenue, at the time of the collision. Paramedics pronounced the pedestrian dead at the scene.

George was a graduate of Arizona State University, also known for his Instagram and Twitter accounts, which shared the handle @matchu_chutrain. His podcast with Okland focused on “the journey and the mishaps of dating men,” also touching on numerous trending topics, and offering general life advice.

George was remembered by fans for his kindness, vulnerability and sense of humor. Plans for a memorial have not yet been disclosed.

The investigation into George’s death is ongoing. Detectives from the LAPD’s West Traffic Division urge anyone with information on last night’s Beverly Grove hit-and-run to call them at 213-473-0234 or Crime Stoppers at 800-222-8477.

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Popular podcast host Mat George dies following a hit-and-run collision

LGBTQ Nation 17 July, 2021 - 05:57pm

Mathew George, the co-host of the podcast She Rates Dogs, has died at the age of 26.

George’s death was announced today by his co-host, Michaela Okland. The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) reports that his death is the result of a hit-and-run collision in Beverly Hills that happened early this morning.

The collision occurred on Beverly Boulevard in Beverly Hills at about 2:20 a.m. local time. The LAPD indicates that George was not walking in a marked crosswalk before being hit. The vehicle, a white BMW, continued eastbound without stopping after the incident. George was pronounced dead at the scene.

The Los Angeles coroner’s office confirmed that George’s identity afterwards, according to CBS Los Angeles.

“I don’t really have any other words right now. I wish I could contact everybody who knows him personally but the news is already out and I just can’t do it right now,” Okland said in a tweet earlier today confirming George’s death.

I would rather you guys here this from me than a news article. Mat was killed in a hit and run last night. I don’t really have any other words right now. I wish I could contact everybody who knows him personally but the news is already out and I just can’t do it right now

— michaela okland (@MichaelaOkla) July 17, 2021

The podcast, based on a social media page started by Okland, discussed “the journey and the mishaps of dating men” from episode to episode. The podcast’s Instagram page biography reads, “The Dogs are ur exes.”

George was a comedian, media personality and entertainer who graduated from Arizona State University in 2017 after studying biology. He formerly worked at OrthoArizona and was a creator that contributed content via the digital app Fanhouse.

After the podcast started in 2020, George recounted his decision to leave medicine and focus on entertainment in an interview with Shoutout Arizona this past December.

“I knew it was risky but I also knew that if I didn’t try I would never stop wondering what could’ve been,” he said. “So I did it. I packed up my apartment and left my friends in Arizona to move to LA…. with this being the biggest risk I’ve ever taken, I was understandably a nervous wreck.

“5 months later I can honestly say that I am SO happy that I did this,” he concluded.

He explained that coming out to his community in college made him realize “A lot of these stories were funny to others, which then gave me more confidence to start sharing them with even more people.”

Just in March, George recounted his coming out to his family on Twitter.

My coming out story: I texted the family group chat that I’m gay while I was blacked out, got ignored by everyone and then watched as every single person responded when my sister sent a picture of the enchiladas she made 4 hours later

— Mat George (@matchu_chutrain) March 16, 2021

And I know they weren’t asleep because it was like 11 am

— Mat George (@matchu_chutrain) March 16, 2021

I need to make it clear that they didn’t ignore me because I’m gay they ignored me because I’m annoying

— Mat George (@matchu_chutrain) March 16, 2021

“My hopes for my twitter account and SheRatesDogs the Podcast is to share my stories and make LGBTQ+ people all across the world feel like they’re not alone,” George said in the interview.

He also said, “The most rewarding moments are when members of the LGBTQ+ community reach out to me and tell me what a difference I’ve made in their lives.”

After announcing her co-host’s death, Okland further said via the podcast’s Twitter, “I know in years to come I’ll feel so lucky that there’s so many recordings of Mat’s laugh to revisit.”

Hi everybody, Michaela here. Mat and I recorded one more episode that was meant to come out Tuesday but it will likely be put on hold. I know in years to come I’ll feel so lucky that there’s so many recordings of Mat’s laugh to revisit. I am not ready to talk about everything,

— She Rates Dogs: The Podcast (@sheratesdogspod) July 17, 2021

or to have to use past-tense to describe him. I think you all knew within 10 seconds of listening to him how vibrant, loving, accepting, and wonderful Mat George is. This community made him so happy. Your words and support made him so happy. Thanks for talking about him

— She Rates Dogs: The Podcast (@sheratesdogspod) July 17, 2021

Tributes have already begun pouring in for the young entertainer. Nearly every post online remembering George recounts how much joy and laughter he bought to others.

Meanwhile, the LAPD is actively investigating and request that anyone with information share tips with them by calling the West Traffic Division office at 213-473-0234, or contacting Crime Stoppers at 800-222-8477.

SheRatesDogs pod has gotten me through some very rough nights when I felt alone. My heart breaks for Michaela and everyone Mat brought light to. Rest in peace, Mat George.

— – A (@fierceava) July 17, 2021

Mat George was the funniest person I know hands down, funnier than most career comedians. I told him that every time we talked. His career barely got started and I was so excited to watch him succeed. I’m at a loss for words. Rest In Peace.

— abby govindan (@abbygov) July 17, 2021

mat george's death is simply dumb and unfair n horrifically sad i want to throw up

— Maddie (@chaifieri) July 17, 2021

rest in peace mat george. no one brought joy like you did

— annmarie is suffering (@legaldoorknob) July 17, 2021

During his time at Fanhouse, Mat George shared his comedy and spread laughter across our team and community. We send our deepest condolences to everyone who knew him. Thank you Mat for the positive impact you've made. You will always be a part of this team. pic.twitter.com/WkO3JxNTbA

— Fanhouse (@fanhouseapp) July 17, 2021

mat george was a beautiful person. I don’t know what else to say.

— sloane (sîpihkopiyesîs) (@cottoncandaddy) July 17, 2021

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Mat George, ‘She Rates Dogs’ Podcast Co-Host, Dies at 26

Yahoo Entertainment 17 July, 2021 - 05:08pm

On Saturday morning, CBS Los Angeles reported that a 26-year-old male pedestrian had been killed when a white BMW going east on Beverly Blvd. in Beverly Hills struck him. According to the Los Angeles Police Department, the victim was not in a marked crosswalk, and the vehicle continued eastbound without stopping. Paramedics pronounced the pedestrian dead at the scene. The Los Angeles County coroner’s office later updated the victim as George.

George’s friend and podcast co-host, Michaela Okland, took to Twitter Saturday to confirm the sad news.

“I would rather you guys here this from me than a news article. Mat was killed in a hit and run last night,” Okland wrote. “I don’t really have any other words right now. I wish I could contact everybody who knows him personally but the news is already out and I just can’t do it right now.”

I would rather you guys here this from me than a news article. Mat was killed in a hit and run last night. I don’t really have any other words right now. I wish I could contact everybody who knows him personally but the news is already out and I just can’t do it right now

— michaela okland (@MichaelaOkla) July 17, 2021

Okland’s emotional post was met with immediate shock and condolences from fans, one commenter saying, “Oh my gosh I’m so sorry Mat was such a wonderful person and will be greatly missed.” Another wrote that, under different circumstances, this would’ve been the type of the joke the pair would’ve made together, expressing that they’d half-expected to see George kidding around in the replies.

Named after Okland’s popular social media page, the “She Rates Dogs” podcast focuses on “the journey and the mishaps of dating men” in addition to trending topics and general life advice.

Local police are asking for help to identify the driver of the white BMW involved in the incident.

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