Snoop Dogg,The Game + Lil Wayne's Daughter Hate The Milk Crate Challenge


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What is the Milkcrate challenge?

(CNN) - The latest viral sensation popping up on social media is the “milk crate challenge.” It is when someone stacks a bunch of milk crates like a pyramid and then attempts to step up one side and down the other without the crates falling into a mess underneath them. KOLOFDA discourages participating in milk crate challenge

How did the milk crate challenge start?

On Aug. 1, a Chicago resident posted videos to Facebook of two men walking on milk crates — allegedly the first videos of what would later be known as the Milk Crate Challenge. ... Videos shared to social media and viewed by millions have helped the challenge trend over the past week across multiple platforms. The Washington PostMilk Crate Challenge: Why are millions watching people injure themselves on TikTok, Twitter?

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Let YK Osirius’ injuries tell it, the Milk Crate Challenge is the latest internet craze people are partaking in — no matter the consequences.

OG rap stars Snoop Dogg and The Game, who are usually down the share shenanigans of their own, weren’t too amused and let audiences exactly how they felt on their own social media platforms.

Tha Doggfather has shared a litany of clips on his 64-million strong Instagram account since Sunday (August 22) apexing with a clear foul on the play when a younger onlooker kicked over the crates on a participant who was on the top of his mountain.

50 Cent pointed out the potential pitfalls after such a viral stunt writing in the comments, “Smh that we’re the game stop, and the shooting start” he said with a “LOL.”

Geto Boys legend Willie D echoed similar sentiments posing the question, “What if dude would’ve gotten up and shot him in his noodles?”

Amid his meme barrage, Snoop Dogg reposted a provocative caption from Straight Outta Compton actor Compton Menace which read, “N!ggaz stack crates together but can’t stack bread with each other,” the message read, accompanied with a face palm emoji. “Why we love to see each other fall?”

Snoop Dogg added to the caption, “We got to do better.”

The Game, for his part, managed to come off more direct with his disdain for the Milk Crate Challenge. On Monday (August 23), he implied his stealthiness on Twitter writing, “Yo n-gga outside walkin up crates, I’m inside dropping off the milk.”

The slick comment set off a debate about his age in the comment section.

It wasn’t just men within the Hip Hop community who had negativity towards the Milk Crate Challenge. Lil Wayne’s daughter — the ever-opinionated Reginae Carter — called out everyone she saw playing on her timeline.

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“This really a monkey see monkey do ass world !,” she exclaimed on Twitter on Monday. “Why are we all thinking about walking across crates right now ?”

While he remains the most notable artist to partake in the Milk Crate Challenge, YK Osiris shrugged off his war wounds later in his Instagram Stories but denounced those individuals outside choosing violence.

“I ain’t gonna lie to you, it’s fun playing the little crate stuff even though it’s dangerous — but pushing and trying to make them fall? That shit ain’t cool; someone gonna get killed!” the “Worth It” singer warned.

He continued, “That shit ain’t even cool, like y’all need stop that; somebody gonna end up getting killed by that man, don’t play like that man. Y’all n-ggas need to stop that! ​​Y’all n-ggas tripping! Someone do that to y’all, y’all gonna be looking stupid as hell.”

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Why are people climbing milk crate pyramids?

REVOLT TV 24 August, 2021 - 04:20pm

Black Woman Conquers The ‘Milk Crate Challenge’ In Heels

Yahoo Lifestyle 23 August, 2021 - 02:34pm

A new and potentially bone-shattering challenge has taken the internet by storm, and while it might look easy to some, it’s proving to be difficult for a lot of the brave people who have dared to face the Milk Crate Challenge head-on. What is the Milk Crate Challenge you ask?

The viral competition requires contestants to stack together a tower of milk crates and attempt to walk safely up and down both sides of the feeble structure without falling. Milk crates are not the most sturdy objects and some social media goers are nearly sending themselves to the hospital attempting the odd task.

This one looked promising #cratechallenge

— Maybe: Bonita Applebum (@icoulduseaglass) August 22, 2021

Mfs risking their lives for this #cratechallenge

— Drew (@ifiwasperfect) August 21, 2021

Winners of the death-defying stunt can rake in a cash prize for successfully completing the scary challenge, as a small entry fee of $1-$5 is often collected from participants before the game begins. As you can see in the videos above, some have failed miserably. However, there have been a few Black women who have shown up and shown out with their Milk Crate Challenge victories.

One young lady set the bar real high. A video has been making its way across the internet of a young woman who successfully slayed the difficult challenge in heels. Social media goers were absolutely shocked at how she did it too.

“As a woman who has walked in heels on a flat surface ALL HAIL THE QUEEN,” wrote one person on Twitter.

Shorty raised the stakes

— Dee Goodz (@dee_goodz) August 23, 2021

This melanated queen is not the only sister to grace the Milk Crate Challenge either. A few other videos of Black women effortlessly defeating the wobbly obstacle have been popping up across the interwebs, like this young Black girl below who sweeps down the shaky structure like a nimble ninja warrior.

Aye y’all! Somebody won the milk crate challenge! Whole hood bet on Tee. Tee got paid

— 0-41 (@runtelldatbish) August 18, 2021

This queen showed up in a bonnet and eviscerated the competition!

What do you think about the Milk Crate Challenge? Would you attempt this dangerous stunt? Tell us down below.

The milk crate challenge, which involves walking on stacks of milk crates, puts you at "high risk" of injury, according to Dr Karan Rangarajan.

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