Solar Eclipse 2021: Highlights From the 'Ring of Fire'


The New York Times 10 June, 2021 - 06:48am 69 views

What are eclipse glasses?

Solar viewer (also known as solar viewing glasses or solar eclipse glasses) are special eyewear designed for direct viewing of the Sun. ... Solar viewers are required for safe viewing of solar events such as eclipses. The recommended optical density of this eyewear is 5. wikipedia.orgSolar viewer

WATCH: See the partial solar eclipse over Buffalo - News 4 10 June, 2021 - 05:47am

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — Were you able to watch the partial solar eclipse Thursday morning?

News 4’s Gabrielle Mediak got a chance to see it from the roof of the Buffalo Museum of Science. Check it out in the video above!

During the morning, we spoke with the museum’s Observatory Manager, Tim Collins. Watch the interview in the video below:

And while you’re looking up, look back at 2017’s eclipse here.

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Solar Eclipse 2021

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