Sony is asking PlayStation 5 owners if they'd like to buy another PS5


TechSpot 24 June, 2021 - 07:40am 26 views

What time does Best Buy restock ps5?

Best Buy PS5 restock date A few things to keep in mind: Best Buy's drops always occur on afternoons (between 12pm ET and 3pm ET) and they always offer the consoles at list price: $499 for the PS5 and $399 for the PS5 Digital. Tom's GuidePS5 restock update: Track on Twitter, Walmart, Best Buy and more

Sony is inviting PS5 owners to buy another PS5

Gamesradar 24 June, 2021 - 03:33pm

PlayStation Direct-ly adjacent to your current PS5

even though I already have a PS5, Sony just sent me an invite to purchase a console on PS Direct on Wednesday. Which means expect a public queue at around 2 PM PT on June 23rd.I don't know where Sony is pulling the list so don't ask 21, 2021

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PS5 restock: Best Buy and Walmart miss, but Costco was in stock – when to buy PS5 next

TechRadar 24 June, 2021 - 03:33pm

Our PS5 restock Twitter tracker Matt Swider has helped over 500,000 get a next-gen console – but the Best Buy PS5 restock was delayed and Walmart is unlikely.

Trust and credibility: Matt Swider has helped over 50,000 people buy a next-gen console in recent weeks. How? With his tireless 24/7 tracking, in-stock Twitter alerts and exclusive restock reporting.

Best Buy has "zero next-gen consoles" at key warehouses, according to our exclusive sources and a Walmart PS5 restock is unlikely. But Matt did send an alert via Twitter about the Costco PS5 restock today, and several of his followers were able to get the bundle.

The Costco PS5 restock was members-only, so you're likely wondering when Best Buy and Walmart will restock? Often they happen on Thursdays, though we have our doubts based on our sources (Walmart had a big PS5 restock last week, too).

Click on this example of the Costco PS5 restock today to follow Matt Swider and turn on notifications (the little bell icon). 

The PS5 restock at Costo today finally happened, although it was a region-limited bundle (meaning it may not have been in your zip code) and for Costco members only. That type of restock is instantly met with 'who's next' replies – 'when is Best Buy' or 'when is Walmart' – on the Twitter account of PS5 restock tracker Matt Swider.

Best Buy and Walmart often favor a restock date on Thursday, and the most popular choice recently has been Thursday for Best Buy. 

Great right? We have two problems with this. First Walmart just had a restock for PS5 Digital Edition last Thursday, and it sold so many PS5 consoles it ran out of inventory and had to promise many buyers a free upgrade to PS5 Disc – without paying customers paying the $100 premium. It wouldn't do that if it had ample inventory for this week.

Second, the scheduled Best Buy PS5 restock on Monday (likely originally meant to compete with Prime Day 2021 deals) had to be rescheduled as we're told some Best Buy warehouses have struggled to get inventory in this week. Our sources at some key warehouses had zero consoles, while Best Buy warehouse contacts did have enough consistent with a drop. Best Buy usually waits until stores nationwide can be sent the PS5 restock from the warehouses to stores for customer pick-up (after the purchase is secured online). 

Last week was a very good week for PS5 restock news. We saw the Sony console at Walmart, Sam's Club, Target and Antonline in the span of four days. This week is a different story – we had the long-awaited Amazon PS5 restock, but little else.

Here's where we saw consoles yesterday, June 23.

Today's Restock Re-cap✅🥳8am: Target Xbox Series X restock✅🥱2pm: Gamestop Xbox, but All-Access✅🥳2pm: Sony Direct for PS5 w/ email invites❌😬5pm: No Sony Direct for all users✅🥱8pm: Costco expensive Xbox bundleLet's see what happens Thursday 24, 2021

Technically, Sony Direct restock had a restock on June 23 but the virtual queue was for people with a special (randomly sent) email invite. It never opened up the virtual queue to everyone else at 5pm EDT yesterday, although we did live stream a PS5 restock Q&A off the back of the virtual queue not happening. 

There was a GameStop Xbox Series X restock, and three additional places had the console – all yesterday. So PS5 restock events have been lagging behind this week – with the exception of that Amazon PS5 restock. Newegg did have a PS5 Digital bundle in stock this week alongside the Newegg Shuffle GPU restock, but that was also a lottery system, and a much smaller one.

Stat tuned for more PS5 restock news, as we continue to send out alerts whenever stores in the US get inventory, or our sources tell us that there's going to be the $499 PS5 Disc or $399 PS5 Digital in stock nationwide.

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Amazon PS5 Restock Comes With a Few Surprises 24 June, 2021 - 03:33pm

A new Amazon PS5 restock dropped this morning, and it came with a few surprises for Amazon Prime users and PlayStation fans. The first surprise was the drop itself, as it came out of nowhere and overnight while many were still sleeping, particularly on the east coast. Of course, this was great news for those awake, as it meant less competition, but it also means many missed out on the restock because they were sleeping.

The second surprise was that it wasn't limited to the standard PS5. No matter what version of the PS5 you're buying, it's hard to get. It's very hard to buy, in fact. However, of the two, the all-digital $400 version of the PS5 is the harder to obtain, largely because Sony has been manufacturing far fewer of these models, meaning its supply is extra limited.

The last surprise came during the restock. For many, it appeared the stock was depleted within less than 30 seconds, which sounds way too fast, but is in line with what we've seen from previous restocks. However, while the PS5 stock was showing as unavailable for many, and while others were encountering error screens, some were able to get a PS5 even after they were "out of stock," simply by being persistent with the refresh button.

What wasn't surprising was that the restock left PlayStation fans divided. While many were finally buy to secure an order of the elusive console, many once again came up empty-handed and frustrated.

Well at least refreshing over and over again puts a smile on my face somehow.

Why must I always be cursed to feel this pain…

That damn dog lol

I was greeted by every dog at Amazon headquarters possible my fave so far is muffin.

When I finally decided to go to sleep before work of course thats when they drop for Amazon.

Dude I’ve been following you forever and I finally was able to grab a ps5 :’)

LETSSS GO, after 3 months of trying i’ve finally placed the order, now time for it to be processed.THANKS GOAT

(just to be clear, i just kept trying to add it to cart on the app until it let me, and then just kept going through the checkout until it stopped saying it was out of stock, and let me go through with it)

Thanks bro, thats like my 20th console, time to hit ebay

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PS5 Owners Receive Emails Inviting Them To Buy Additional Console

TheGamer 24 June, 2021 - 03:33pm

Seven months on from its launch and PS5s are still notoriously hard to find. Sony remains hopeful that production will ramp up this summer and into the second half of 2021, helping supply to finally meet demand. It is even selling consoles straight from the source, PS Direct, in an attempt to stop scalpers and bots from getting their hands on them.

PlayStation has been sending emails to PSN subscribers in an attempt to further cut scalpers out of the picture. Subscribers appear to have been selected at random and sent a link that will allow them to buy a PS5 via PS Direct later today (June 23, 2021). The trouble is, the process appears to be so random that many of the email's recipients already own a PS5.

Wario64 was one of the first to share a screenshot of the email which you can check out in the tweet above. "Even though I already have a PS5, Sony just sent me an invite to purchase a console on PS Direct on Wednesday," they explained. Judging by the replies to the tweet, Wario64 isn't the only PS5 owner to have received this email. In fact, it's hard to find anyone who doesn't already own the console that got the message.

A simple solution to this could have been those who have received the email passing their link on to people who don't already own a PS5 and desperately want one. Sadly, that's not an option. The links sent out are uniquely tied to the recipients' PSN addresses. That's to stop them from falling into the hands of scalpers which would negate the reason behind this entire process.

If you are a PSN subscriber but you don't already own a PS5, now might be a good time to check your email. If you have one of these invites then come 3 pm EST today, you might be one of the only ones in the PS Direct queue for what will likely be a very limited amount of stock. PlayStation is confident there's plenty of you out there that still want its new console, predicting that the PS5 will sell more than 22.6 million units during its third year.

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