Sony is letting you register for the chance to buy a PS5 for the holidays


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Why is ps5 out of stock?

The PS5 is out of stock because: Covid19 caused supply chain difficulties. Lockdowns have lead to high demand. PS5's low price. careergamers.comWhy is the PS5 Out of Stock?

It sure beats the stress of joining the queue

Sony will begin to send out invitations with instructions to purchase a PS5, along with a slate of accessories if you’d like, in November. And it says that recipients of invites will be “based on previous interests and PlayStation activities.” That’s vague, but perhaps it’ll reward longtime players, or those who have checked the right boxes for its marketing emails. If you get an invite, you’ll want to act quickly, as each will be open for a limited time.

This isn’t the first time that Sony has accepted registrations for a chance to snag a PS5. But toward the middle and end of 2021, console restocks have been increasingly rare. As we approach the holidays, we anticipate that retailers like Amazon and Best Buy may lock further restocks behind their paid memberships (Prime and Totaltech, respectively) to incentivize joining.

On one hand, this is good, since it should keep bots at bay, as well as people who may just be focused on flipping consoles for a profit. So in other words, this planned console restock from Sony might be your best chance to secure a console without an extra membership.

Make sure to check out the frequently asked questions section at the bottom of the registration page to make sure you know all the steps ahead of time, to make your checkout process as seamless as possible.

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