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When is the black ps5 controller coming out?

Like the standard DualSense controller, the midnight black DualSense will retail for $69.99 at launch. It's currently available for preorder at Amazon, Best Buy, and PlayStation Direct, the latter of which will ship the controller a week ahead of other retailers on June 11th. The VergeWhere to preorder the black and red DualSense controllers for the PS5

When are new ps5 controller colors coming out?

Pre-orders for the Cosmic Red and Midnight Black controllers are available at Sony's PlayStation Direct website. The Midnight Black DualSense is priced at $69.99 (the same price as the original DualSense controller), while the Cosmic Red DualSense costs $74.99. Both controllers have a release date of June 11. PolygonSony announces new DualSense PS5 controller colors: Cosmic Red, Midnight Black

How one PSVR 2 feature could change your VR experience on PS5 forever

TechRadar 15 May, 2021 - 11:00am

Foveated rendering could harness the full power of the PS5 for PSVR 2 in intelligent ways.

However, recent rumors, if true, give a good indication of what we may expect from the PSVR 2. The headline specs will rightly see VR fans getting excited about a large resolution jump, 4000 × 2040 pixels (2000 × 2040 per eye), which would be a huge leap over the 1080p / 960 x 1080 output of the original PlayStation VR. There’s also talk of inside out tracking, removing the need for a separate camera unit, rumble within the headset and a single USB-C cable connection that would make set-up far simpler.

But the rumors also point to another feature being in the mix for PSVR 2, one that may pass by all but the most avid VR user. And that’s foveated rendering, a technique that can potentially push visual performance to all new heights – while also being kind to CPU and GPU performance.

Foveated rendering is a process for displaying visuals on a VR (or augmented reality) display that more closely mirrors how our eyes work in the real world.

That’s exactly how foveated rendering works. Whether using an eye-tracking process or gaze-tracking based upon where your head is pointed, foveated rendering intelligently ups the detail on the part of a digital VR scene you are paying attention to, while dynamically dropping the resolution of the world around your focus point. 

As such, only the point on a VR image that you’re focused on is displayed in detail, meaning that the CPU and GPU cost for the rest of the image is reduced. But you don’t notice it, as the area that you care about is always being rendered at the highest possible resolution. In the case of wireless headsets it’s a great way to extend battery life as well as make the best possible use of resources, and in the case of a wired headset allows all the extra resources to be funnelled to making the most important part of an image stunning.

As far as more familiar VR names go, HTC experimented with the concept in its Vive Pro Eye headset – but has seemingly dropped chasing it with the release of its latest devices, the HTC Vive Pro 2 and HTC Vive Focus 3.

Foveated rendering can be achieved without eye-tracking (Oculus allows for fixed-focus foveated rendering at a software level, based on a user’s directional gaze, rather than eye movements). But the technique feels most natural and useful when combined with eye-tracking hardware support.

So, to be clear, we’re currently working on rumored specs for the PSVR 2 here, rather than officially-stated ones from Sony. But what we do know is the specs of the PlayStation 5 that will be powering the PSVR 2.

And that’s where the foveated rendering potentially becomes very important. For the sake of living room play, as was the case with the PSVR, the PSVR 2 will be almost certainly hooked up to a PS5 console that’s outputting to both a TV, and the headset itself, simultaneously. 

As a next-gen console, we can assume that most players will be playing with their PS5 hooked up to a 4K TV, which would suggest the console would be pushing pixels out to not just a 3840 x 2160 pixel display, but also the 4000 × 2040 pixel headset. That’s a lot of pixels, and unless Sony is prepared to undermine the console's 4K selling point, it’s got to maintain those resolutions across both displays – or eliminate any hope of local social play by killing TV output while the PSVR 2 is in use, preventing the passive enjoyment of watching someone else’s VR viewpoint. 

If PSVR 2 can make successful use of foveated rendering then, it’ll let Sony’s developers continue to give the illusion that their entire gaming worlds are as detailed as the real one – even if it’s actually softening the edges of your peripheral vision. It should up the immersion in forthcoming VR games, and help the PS5 maintain its position as the home of visually-impressive adventures.

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PS5 restock: Best Buy, Walmart and Antonline – get our fast Twitter alerts

TechRadar 15 May, 2021 - 11:00am

No Best Buy PS5 restock is expected today. Here's where to buy the console next and how to get our instant Twitter alerts.

Here's how to find the PS5 restock date and times.

The Best Buy PS5 restock would be happening right about now if the retailer didn't change when it put the PlayStation 5 on sale. For the last two weeks, we've seen Best Buy launch online orders Thursdays at exactly 3:40pm EDT. That time is important because it usually comes at the tail end of Walmart PS5 restock events (when they have them), with Best Buy swooping in to save the day for people who got shut out (it's great for brand building after gamers have their hopes dashed at Walmart).

So we don't expect a PS5 restock today from any retailer, and we know that Sony Direct, the official store for the PlayStation brand, is backed up on shipping out to customers from a restock earlier this week. When it does have PS5 in stock, it usually launches a virtual queue in the late afternoons or early evenings (around 5:30pm EDT).

You may be asking: when will PS5 restock next in the US? Target is likely to happen mid-next week, according to our retail sources. It has enough inventory of the PS5 that we expect console stock to go live on Wednesday morning, its new normal date for accepting PS5 orders as of the past two drops.

The PS5 restock time happens at 7:40am EDT / 6:40am CDT / 5:40am MDT / 4:40am PDT, but we highly suggest checking for our Twitter restock alerts 40 minutes before the usual drop time. During one PS5 restock in 2021, it happened at 7:15am EDT, so the scheduling isn't always nailed down ahead of time.

The Walmart PS5 restock date and time may be Thursday, April 20 at 3pm. As the biggest retail chain in the US, it puts a lot of consoles on sale, but has also been taking the longest to deliver. The good news is that it's been delivering a lot of overdue consoles to people in the last two weeks (it's known for being very behind on shipments, according to our sources), so, with that, we're likely to see orders open up next week. Matt Swider often knows about the Walmart PS5 restock ahead of time a few minutes after 12pm EDT.

Antonline had an Xbox Series X restock today, but among Sony consoles, it was the PS5 Digital Edition for two weeks in a row. That likely means we'll see the PS5 Disc version next week, as the retailer promises to restock next-gen consoles every week. We're due for a bundle that contains the $499 PS5 Disc.

There are other US retailers that have PS5 in stock off-and-on. GameStop could see PS5 in stock at the end of next week (it usually waits a week or a week-and-a-half between its restocks), while both Costco and Sam's Club are overdue to sell the console in palpable bundles for club members. Rarely, we do see Kohl's have PS5 bundles in stock, but the date isn't known and it happens few times a year.

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PS5 Restock Update for Amazon, Walmart, Target, Newegg, Best Buy and More

Newsweek 15 May, 2021 - 11:00am

Sony's next-gen console is out of stock at every major U.S. retailer, after restocks Newegg, GameStop and PS Direct released earlier this week all sold out. To compound matters, Sony's chief financial officer, Hiroki Totoki, warned late last month that demand could continue to outstrip supply well into next year.

Here's a breakdown of the latest PS5 stock information from Target, Amazon, Walmart, GameStop, Antonline, PS Direct, and more.

The PS5 is out of stock at Amazon. A message on the retailer's website states Amazon does not know when, or if, the console will be back in stock.

The PlayStation 5 remains out of stock at Antonline, after its latest restock sold out on May 6. The retailer tends to announce its restocks on Twitter, so it's worth monitoring social media channels for updates.

The PS5 is still out of stock at Best Buy, which last restocked its supplies last week.

The PS5 is not available at Costco, which last restocked the console in April.

The PS5 is not available at GameStop after its restock earlier this week sold out in less than an hour. Following Twitter gaming accounts such as @Wario64 and @GYXdeals is a good way to keep up to date with news about future restocks.

Like GameStop, PS Direct's PS5 restock flew off the shelves on Wednesday and the console is out of stock. As with other retailers, it is worth following gaming accounts such as @Wario64 and @GYXdeals to remain updated on future restocks.

The PS5 is still out of stock at Target, which last restocked supplies on April 28.

Both versions of the PS5 are out of stock at Walmart. Its latest restock sold out swiftly last week.

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PlayStation 5 shortages expected to continue into 2022 15 May, 2021 - 11:00am

And demand is expected to outpace production beyond that.

PlayStation 5 consoles have been incredibly hard to get hold off since launch, and it doesn't look like it'll be changing anytime soon, sadly.

Sony's newest machine launched in November 2020, and has been faced with stock shortages due in part to the pandemic meaning parts like semiconductors aren't easily available.

Huge demand has led to scalpers snapping up stock when it does appear (often without warning and at random times of day) and selling it for hugely inflated prices on sites such as eBay.

And it unfortunately doesn't look like that will be changing any time soon, with Bloomberg quoting Sony CFO Hiroki Totoki as telling investors: "I don't think demand is calming down this year and even if we secure a lot more devices and produce many more units of the PS5 next year, our supply wouldn't be able to catch up with demand.

"We have sold more than 100m units of the PlayStation 4 and considering our market share and reputation, I can't imagine demand dropping easily."

Nintendo has also warned that there may be a shortage of Switch consoles, potentially including the heavily-rumoured 'Switch Pro', into next year as well.

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