Sony Will Lose Another Big PS5 Exclusive In September 2022


Kotaku 09 July, 2021 - 04:30pm 53 views

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PS5 'Comfortably' Console Market Leader in UK

Push Square 09 July, 2021 - 06:00pm

At this point, we all know that PlayStation 5 stock sells out pretty much immediately — actually getting your hands on Sony's next-gen system is still very difficult almost eight whole months after its launch. And here in the UK, it's been this way since that initial release; there's simply no keeping up.

But from a business point of view, having your product be in such high demand isn't a bad thing. In fact, the PS5 is "comfortably" the console market leader for 2021 so far in the UK. That's according to Games Industry's Christopher Dring, who often posts UK-based insights.

It's fair to assume that the PS5 will continue to be the year's best-selling device since there's no sign of demand taking a dip anytime soon. In fact, Sony recently said that it expects PS5 sales to skyrocket once it's able to manufacture and ship more consoles — hopefully in the relatively near future.


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Comments (47)

But....But! I thought microsoft was anhilating sony with gamepass....At least that's what the internet told me

Game had some this morning and ran out only 2hrs later. Finally stock is about to be easier to get for others. Good on playstation but this Gen, while only just started will be much closer

And yet there's a mass exodus going to Xbox some would have you believe.

Ain’t Xbox supposed to be the market leader after e3 according to Xbox fanboys and influencers lol.

Also, Switch seems to be dominating the physical charts, but it wouldn't surprise me if it was the other way around with ps5 and its strong digital sales.

@Voltan Yeah I'm not saying that xbox is getting anhilated, just that sony isn't (hope this is clear, I'm not really good at explaining stuff : )

At the end of the day game lineups is the main metric for customers. Nintendo is a bigger rival to playstation on that front. Xbox may close the gap eventually but most customers want to play games now, not a few years later.

Owning both consoles is the way to go , they all offer something fun and unique. Sony will always be the market leader , I really enjoy the PS5. Cant wait to see more games and future updates to the U.I.

@CynicalGamer just wait until E3…

@lolwhatno @Voltan Also can't get a Series X either and when they do have stock available, its sold out to...

As for Game Pass, its still growing much faster than the PS5 user base is - maybe because its NOT limited to 'just' the 'console' but then Xbox is NOT just the Console either. The Console is just 1 of the platforms on which 'Xbox' exists. From Jan 21 to Apr 21, Game Pass grew from 18m to 23m subscribers and was at 15m in Sept 2020, That's 8m in just over 6months.

Another aspect of course is that MS are also using Series X chips to upgrade their Game Pass servers. They have talked about trying to balance manufacturing between shippable products to customers and upgrading their servers - something they 'need' to do to be able to bring games designed for the current gen hardware to older or less capable hardware via streaming. Games like Flight Sim will come to 'mobiles' and have plans to bring it to even a base XB1 with 'streaming'. There is talk about Game Pass being available on a 'Smart TV' (an app) or maybe even a plug in Dongle to stream games.

The Xbox 'console(s)' are 'just' a part of the Xbox Ecosystem. Xbox includes PC/Mobiles these days. Its like you don't 'need' a Microsoft Surface to use Microsoft PC software, you don't 'need' a Microsoft built Console to play Microsoft Games. Xbox is where Game Pass exists too. Whether you play 'locally' on an Xbox console, stream from Virtual Xbox Servers or have a PC with MS Windows, you are still part of the 'Xbox' ecosystem...

@lolwhatno Oh for sure, Microsoft is doing some good stuff now but they've still got a long way to go if they want to threaten PlayStation's (and Nintendo's) global position.

@Reeneman Fair point but I have game pass anyway. More referring to customers in general many of whom don't even watch E3. Ps5 already has ratchet, returnal, demons souls, etc so these new games are just Xbox trying to catch up. And I think people are more interested in GOW and Horizon Vs what gamepass is getting. I do enjoy my gamepass anyway, just enjoy ps games more.

Edit: I hope I understood your comment correctly. I assumed you meant the stuff shown by Xbox at the most recent E3 but your profile pic is making me doubt myself lol.

Yet out of all my PSN friends, only 5 of us managed to get one.

I wonder why though? I’d say it’s more of an even playing field this gen than it was last gen.

@lolwhatno Xbox is also supply constrained (at least Series X) even more so than PS5, precisely because they are sending a huge chunk of their chips to data centers for xCloud.

It’s not possible, physically, for Xbox to match PS5 sales if they ship fewer boxes.

@fR_eeBritney I put it down to momentum. Everyone knows Sony had great games last generation and that the PS4 was a good way to go. At the moment people are assuming the PS5 will go the same way.

When Microsoft's exclusives are actually releasing in a few years, that's when they'll have a chance to catch up - if it's not too late by then. Crossplay will help them, otherwise people would get a PS5 just because their friends also have one

So, $10 upgrades are not that big of a deal? Shocking!

No surprise. It is a fantastic system. And if Ratchet and Clank is anything to go by... we have an amazing Gen on our hands.

PS5 + xCloud, and call it a day.

Imagine how much of a lead they’d have if semiconductors were available. COVID really has hit Sony hard. MS must be loving it though, with their focus on developing streaming tech and lack of launch exclusives meaning they have lost proportionally fewer sales and gained a percentage of market share they wouldn’t have otherwise.

PS5's were being sold at a 100% markup in March. Xbox's were only being sold for a 30% markup. That's how you know demand is still stronger for a PS5 in the UK at the moment

I know we feel sorry for Xbox and all but the ps5 will outsell the Xbox series s/x 2 to 1 this gen like the ps4 did the Xbox one last gen.

"Over a million games consoles have been sold in the UK during the first half of the year."

For all consoles combined sales, that seems small given that that statement presumably refers to ALL console sales, so that'll be PS5, PS4, X Series S, X Series X, Switch & Switch Lite?

You can seemingly get your hands on various Switches, PS4s (Slim only now - few new Pros going for more than PS5 RRP!) and the odd Series S in retail but as for the two big hitters...

@4kgk2 Think it was a bit higher than 2:1 last gen - more like 3:1! Be interesting to see what happens when the supplies aren't so restricted.

@ThomasHL Sony has horizon forbidden west, god of war, Gran Turismo 7 and more we don’t know about coming. I doubt Xbox is gonna catch up with cgi trailers compare to Sony future line up.

Ps5 is dominating x box again😂 surprise there i been saying it before ps5 released.word up son

@ThomasHL exactly!

microsft dont care about console sales they want you to play gamepass be it on xbox, PC, phone, tv

I bet that things loaded with PS5's!!!

Still can't get a PS5 stateside but very happy for everyone who has been able to get one! Mark Cerny definitely created a gem this generation.

I really do believe the future Xbox is consoleless as one of the biggest third party publishers. Can't wait for the day a version of Game Pass is on PlayStation and streaming on the New Switch OLED Pocket. That will be the day I finally play this rumored Kojima cloud game.

@BAMozzy Nice post as usual. My kid and I each recently signed up for our own Gamepass account - $1/3m the 2nd time for each of us - and we don't own an Xbox and have no plans to. It's impressive MS can sell as many consoles as it does w/ GP on PC.

Time will tell if GP can keep growing once the deals dry up, eventually. Netflix, Disney+ and HBO Max no longer offer any free trials, even to new customers, so we'll have to see what MS ultimately decides. As fast as they backtracked on their last price hike attempt it could still be awhile for the free and nearly free rides. And those will keep the growth going.

A lead that is very undeserving. Even tho the only next generation console I own is a PS5. After everything that has happened over the last couple of months, and the fact that the PS5 was sold on the promises of ‘believing in generations’. Sony does not deserve this lead. They are a company that is right now living off their brand legacy and lies.

I have both a Series X and a PS5 (North America, though). I enjoy both system's equally and for different reasons.

On Series X, Game Pass has been releasing games that I missed and can now enjoy with some enhancements such as Auto-HDR (it really does work very well in most situations) and FPS Boost.

People here complain about the games that are on there; but I love them. I never finished Dead Space 1, so having the entire series at my finger tips is a huge win for me. Dishonored as well. Psychonauts. Yakuza series (I am playing 3 at the moment). I can play the two older Machine Games Wolfenstein titles I missed (I already played New Colossus). I am always finding something new and interesting to play - even if it isn't a brand new title.

I guess it's all about perspective: yes, there are a bunch of indie and older games on Game Pass; but that isn't to say there aren't some highly regarded games available.

I am also really looking forward to seeing the dedicated first-party output from Microsoft's studios - delayed as these games may be.

I like the PS5 for the exclusives. Demon's Souls was great. I really enjoyed Returnal. I will soon be starting Ratchet & Clank.

Unfortunately, once I finish R&C, it will be dry season (for me) until Horizon Forbidden West comes out. I will consider Death Stranding Director's Cut depending on how it's handled (please not the way Ghost of Tsushima was handled).

While I adored GoT, I am on the fence on the expansion. I mean, who can argue with more GoT? Still, I am just not sure if I will dive in. Also, the way Sony has handled the Director's Cut has soured things a little for me. Not the expansion part - yes, totally worth $20, but the "PS5 tax."

Anyways, it's nice that PS5 is leading in UK. I am not surprised, really. UK has been Sony's territory for a long time.

Anyone claiming that GamePass is the main metric to watch and that Xbox is more than a console - I would like to see the numbers from other platforms, because apparentlz GP is really sh*t on PC and very clunky mobiles.

Still a long way to go

Even in Japan where supposedly they have turned their back on PlayStation according to the internet it is still dominating over there, but obviously Nintendo is in first place.

In short, if Xbox is still not beating PlayStation after everything they've done to change tactics and create a 'gaming welfare system' that is, according to wallstreet bleeding money then they never will.

It's pretty clear even with gamepass xbox won't ever surpass sony in terms of hardware or software

Sony deserves to be comfortably the market leader globally. Microsoft might be making moves now to finally start putting out great games (though not really as most of their games would have come out for everyone anyway if they didn't buy Bethesda), but Sony has been producing great games from the beginning.

My series x is definitely getting more play time than the ps5 at the moment all because of gamepass. If your ignoring xbox purely because of some weird loyalty to sony your missing out on a great system. If it's because of the cost then fair enough..

@Voltan So the same as the last generation and the generation before, does well in the US, crap everywhere else.

@soulofman5446 I haven’t played much PS5 since I finished R&C. Just been playing GamePass since then. Love having both.

I do agree that the PS Home Screen is more pleasant.

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Sony Pulls Ad Featuring Upside-Down PS5

Kotaku 09 July, 2021 - 06:00pm

Sony did not immediately respond to a request for comment, but its marketing for the PS5 has been crystal clear about how to set up a horizontal console. The bulging disc drive goes on the bottom, not the top, facilitated by a plastic stand that keeps the console from rocking on its uneven side. Never mind the fact that the PS5’s ostensible top is the only flat surface on the dang thing, a choice that makes it look like you’re supposed to rest it on that side. For some, the design has proved puzzling.

Around the time of the PlayStation 5 launch, Kotaku writer Ari Notis consistently insisted the console looked better upside-down. It’s weird putting discs in art-down, he admitted, but likened orienting the PS5 the way the manufacturer intended to “putting a t-shirt on backwards.” I’ll fess up to absentmindedly situating the console upside-down when I got mine last year before realizing I was going about it all wrong.

I’ve since decided to keep my PlayStation 5 vertical but, yeah, it really does look better upside-down if you choose to go horizontal. And I’m guessing some poor production assistant thought the same thing while staging this commercial.

Sony's Latest State of Play Unveils 'Moss: Book II,' 'Arcadegeddon,' 'F.I.S.T' and More

HYPEBEAST 09 July, 2021 - 03:11am

The latest in street and contemporary art

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While Sony‘s latest State of Play event on July 8 was a little more quiet than usual, the livestream nonetheless unveiled a few new exciting titles and offered a closer look at some other previously announced games for both the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

For new titles, Sony unveiled that the much-anticipated Moss: Book II is currently in development. A sequel to the 2018 hit from Polyarc, the upcoming installment will also be a virtual reality experience designed for the PSVR, thrusting you back into the game’s fantastical levels. Other notable reveals include Arcadegeddon, a multiplayer character-based shooter created by Friday the 13th: The Game and  Predator: Hunting Grounds developer IllFonics, as well as an action-exploration sidescroller named F.I.S.T.

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