South Carolina man convicted of killing NJ woman who mistook his car for Uber


6abc Philadelphia 27 July, 2021 - 05:26pm 48 views

Who did Nathaniel Rowland kill?

A South Carolina man was convicted Tuesday of the 2019 abduction and murder of a 21-year-old college student who mistook his car for her Uber ride. The jury took a little more than an hour to find Nathaniel Rowland guilty of the charges in the death of Samantha Josephson of Robbinsville, New Jersey. NBC 10 PhiladelphiaMan Convicted of Killing Woman Who Mistook His Car for Uber

For those who are disbelievers, COVID has no political affiliation. Florida is one of three states accounting for 40 percent of all cases nationwide. For the second week in a row, one in five of all cases are occurring in our state. As the children head back to school soon, action is needed right now to prevent this variant from getting out of control. If Gov. Ron DeSantis is serious about putting our kids first, it’s time to put preventative measures in place immediately. It’s not business as usual for our children, teachers and school employees.

Neil Armstrong, Bradenton

Gov. Ron DeSantis says, “We need our kids to be able to be kids.” How about “We need our kids to be able to live to be adults”?

Bruce Lowitt, Oldsmar

The congressional committee investigating the Jan. 6 insurrection should subpoena all principal Republicans who minimize or deny it and then grill them under oath.

James Dina, Dunedin

Nursing homes should have a vaccinated staff | Editorial, July 23

Health insurance premiums already vary to reflect the extra risk borne by those who make certain personal choices (smoking, for example). Premiums should be higher for vaccine refusers. Health insurers already have the information required to confirm if the vaccine is medically inadvisable for someone. They are not refusers, and their premiums shouldn’t rise. Vaccine refusers should bear the cost their choice imposes on all of us.

Paul Weaver, Palm Harbor

Tampa man who breached Senate during riot sentenced to 8 months | July 19

We now know the penalty for being part of an insurrection at the U.S. Capitol hoping to stop certification of a legitimate election: eight months in jail. That was Florida man Paul Hodgkins’ sentence a few days ago. Good thing he didn’t have cannabis on him. In Florida, possession of fewer than 20 grams carries a maximum penalty of up to one year of incarceration.

Scott McKown, Clearwater

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