Spider-Man: No Way Home Reportedly Has A Very Strong Chance Of Being Delayed


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When is Spider Man No Way Home coming out?

Spider-Man: No Way Home is scheduled to be released in the United States on December 17, 2021, as part of Phase Four of the MCU. wikipedia.orgSpider-Man: No Way Home

Are Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield in Spider Man 3?

when he makes pronouncements about his new film, it's hard to take it completely at face value. Choose your path, then, when he tells Esquire that former Spider-suit-fillers Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire will not be appearing in the third MCU Spider-Man movie. EmpireTom Holland Says Tobey Maguire And Andrew Garfield Are Not In The Third MCU Spider-Man Movie

Daredevil's Charlie Cox Addresses Spider-Man Trailer Forearms Theory

ComicBook.com 02 September, 2021 - 02:31pm

The second the Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer dropped, fans pored over every frame hoping to find the next biggest clue. The highly anticipated trailer is officially the most-watched film teaser of all time and fans ended up finding all sorts of teasers and reveals. One shot, however, raised many more questions than answers. In a moment where Peter Parker (Tom Holland) was being questioned by police, fans were quick to think Charlie Cox's Matt Murdock could have made a cameo in the scene.

We just spoke to Cox himself in support of AMC+'s Kin, and the superstar revealed whether or not he made an appearance in the trailer. We asked the fan-favorite Marvel actor whether or not those were, in fact, his forearms. The answer, well...it might be disappointing to Daredevil fans.

"I can promise you those are not my forearms," Cox confirms exclusively with ComicBook.com.

There have been reports that Cox is appearing in the Spidey sequel even though he told us last year he wasn't in the film.

"I hadn't heard those rumors, but it's certainly not with my Daredevil. I'm not involved in it," Cox told us last spring. "If that's true, it's not with me. It's with another actor."

"As a fan of the Marvel movies, I've loved the little stuff where they pop up here and there but because we were on Netflix, we weren't able to do as much for legal reasons, I don't know why," he added. "But I love the idea of Jessica and Matt showing up in the background or Matt as a lawyer advising Peter Parker. That'd be really, really cool."

The movie's latest synopsis can be found below.

Kin hits AMC+ on September 9th while Spider-Man: No Way Home is set for release on December 17th. What other Spidey-family characters do you think will end up appearing in the upcoming feature? Let us know your thoughts either in the comments section or by hitting our writer @AdamBarnhardt up on Twitter to chat all things MCU!

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Spider-Man: Now Way Home Theory: Who Is the Final Sinister Six Member?

CBR - Comic Book Resources 02 September, 2021 - 02:31pm

With so many supervillains gathering to menace Spider-Man in the finale to his first MCU trilogy, it seems likely Marvel Studios is creating a multiversal version of the Sinister Six. In the comics, the Sinister Six were a team of Spider-Man's deadliest enemies -- originally Doc Ock, Sandman, Vulture, Electro, Mysterio and Kraven the Hunter, although various iterations of the group have been seen since -- who joined forces to take on the wall-crawler. With only five potential members glimpsed in the trailer, fans have been left wondering: who is number six? There are a few potential candidates.

While it would make sense to introduce the Scorpion now, there may be one issue preventing the character from appearing. The film seemingly also features the Lizard, glimpsed in one fleeting shot in the trailer, and the two are very visually similar. Both are hulking, green figures with tails and it's likely the filmmakers will want to make each member of the Six as distinct as possible. However, given how briefly (and dimly) the Lizard is seen in the trailer, there is a possibility that is Scorpion. But if so, that still leaves a sixth spot vacant.

Involving Venom might also offer an opportunity to explain how Sony's Spider-Man Universe and the MCU overlap, a topic that has raised questions in the fanbase ever since a key Homecoming character appeared in the trailer for Sony's upcoming Morbius.

Keaton is reprising the role in Morbius, a Sony property that may or may not be set in the MCU. If Morbius takes place in another corner of the multiverse, could that universe's Vulture be joining No Way Home?

Bringing Mysterio back would give the film's central conflict a more personal emotional grounding. While the villains of other universes may represent a formidable threat for Peter to overcome, they have no shared history with this version of Peter Parker, or indeed anyone on his Earth. Conversely, Mysterio lied to Peter and betrayed him in Far From Home, and that was before he publicly unmasked him and accused him of murder. There's a lot of pain between these two characters, which could make the stakes all the more personal. It could also explain why the film's sinister sixth villain was mysteriously absent from the trailer, as Marvel/Sony would presumably not want to reveal Mysterio's survival just yet. Whoever their final member is, the Sinister Six are sure to give Spidey his greatest challenge yet.

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Marvel Netflix's Biggest MCU Inconsistency Is Because of the Wu-Tang Clan

CBR - Comic Book Resources 02 September, 2021 - 02:31pm

Marvel TV's Netflix dramas, for example, made a real effort to fit into the MCU early on, though it's clear this became less of a priority as time went on. Combine that with the fact that Marvel Studios' big-screen projects never really reciprocated efforts to connect in the first place, and you have some disparities between the two worlds that are pretty hard to reconcile. Weirdly enough, however, one of the biggest inconsistencies between Marvel Netflix and the larger MCU comes down to Staten Island hip-hop legends, the Wu-Tang Clan.

Marvel's Luke Cage Season 1 features a guest appearance by Clifford "Method Man" Smith as himself. Method Man actually meets the titular Hero for Hire, who praises the rapper's work -- a touching moment, given Smith's obvious love for Marvel Comics. After the fact, Method Man cuts a freestyle rap, "Bulletproof Love," in which he not only sings the praises of Luke Cage but also name-drops Iron Man. Ghostface Killah, another Wu-Tang Clan member, later appeared as himself in Luke Cage Season 2. If that wasn't enough, even Frank Castle gave the legendary rap group a shoutout in the first season of Marvel's The Punisher.

In The Defenders' series finale, the climactic final battle between the titular heroes and the forces of the villainous Hand is set to the tune of Wu-Tang Clan's "Protect Ya Neck." In the song's opening verse, Inspectah Deck drops the line, "Swingin' through your town like your neighborhood Spider-Man," paying homage to Marvel's resident wall-crawler, who himself joined the MCU in 2016's Captain America: Civil War.

In other words, it seems as though, in-universe, the Wu-Tang Clan somehow managed to name-drop a superhero who wouldn't even be born for close to a decade. What's more, other continuity problems could potentially stem from Enter the Wu-Tang's apparent canonicity, especially as the Fantastic Four prepare to make their way to the MCU. In the iconic track "Wu-Tang Clan Ain't Nuthing ta F' Wit," RZA references legendary villain Doctor Doom, a character Marvel Studios didn't even own the rights to until 2019.

As rumors swirl about Charlie Cox's Daredevil potentially joining the main MCU in Spider-Man: No Way Home, it remains to be seen if Marvel Studios will actually acknowledge the Man Without Fear's Netflix history, or quietly retcon it. At any rate, whereas Netflix took Marvel into TV-MA territory, Marvel Studios seems to have no interest in venturing beyond PG-13 for any film not called Deadpool 3 -- meaning that, sadly, fans are unlikely to see another Marvel project featuring Wu-Tang tracks in the near future. So, it seems like Inspectah Deck canonically mentioning Spider-Man over two decades before Civil War will simply be swept under the rug.

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