Squid Game is Netflix’s biggest debut hit, reaching 111m viewers worldwide


The Guardian 12 October, 2021 - 08:43pm 7 views

Is Squid game a real game?

The Squid Game was actually a real game played by kids and popular in Korea in the 70s and 80s. ... The Korean series is about a group of people who are suffering financial problems and decide to accept an invitation to compete in several games in exchange for prize money, however, the result of these games can be lethal. AS EnglishIs Squid Game a real game in Korea? How is the game played?

When was squid game written?

Though initially scripted in 2008, Hwang had been unable to find a production to support the script until Netflix around 2019 found interest as part of their drive to expand their foreign programming offerings. Hwang wrote and directed all nine episodes himself. wikipedia.orgSquid Game - Wikipedia

Is Squid game the most watched show on Netflix?

“Squid Game” is officially the most popular TV show in its initial debut that Netflix has ever released, according to the company. ... The company more recently released, for the first time, a ranking of the Top 10 most-viewed originals shows and films by total hours viewed. VarietyNetflix Says ‘Squid Game’ Is Its Biggest-Ever Series Launch

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Squid Game spurs interest in learning Korean

The Straits Times 13 October, 2021 - 01:10am

Squid Game is Netflix’s biggest debut hit, reaching 111m viewers worldwide

The Korea Herald 12 October, 2021 - 08:43pm

The unprecedented global viral hit imagines a macabre world in which marginalised people are pitted against one another in traditional children’s games. While the victor can earn millions in cash, losing players are killed.

Spreading around the world by word of mouth, especially via social media, Squid Game has topped Netflix charts in more than 80 countries.

By comparison, Regency romp Bridgerton reached 82m households on debut, using Netflix’s internal metric which includes any account that watched an episode for at least two minutes.

The success of Squid Game amplifies South Korea’s increasingly outsized influence on global popular culture, following the likes of K-pop band BTS and Oscar-winning movie Parasite.

It is also the latest success for Netflix’s bid to produce more international and non-English language content. The streamer’s third most-watched series debut, for instance, is French-language Lupin.

Netflix offers Squid Game in both dubbed and subtitled versions in multiple languages, expanding its potential audience.

In February, the world’s most popular streaming platform announced plans to spend $500m this year alone on series and films produced in South Korea.

Netflix calls Squid Game its "biggest ever series at launch"

The Verge 12 October, 2021 - 05:52pm

111 million viewers tuned into the series during its first 17 days

The company’s Netflix Geeked account tweeted Monday that Hwang Dong-Hyuk’s survival thriller reached 111 million global accounts in its first 17 days on the service. Additionally, Squid Game is the first Netflix series to surpass 100 million in its first 28 days on the service, a spokesperson told The Verge. Netflix typically uses 28-day windows to measure the performance of a title on its platform.

The spokesperson confirmed to The Verge that the figures it shared are based on the number of accounts that watched the series for at least two minutes, its standard metric for ranking titles (though it has used additional measurements to track the success of titles in the past).

Since debuting on Netflix on September 17th, Squid Game has reached the no. 1 position on the streaming service in 94 countries — every country in the world where the service features a top 10 list, the company spokesperson said. Additionally, the show has held the no. 1 position for 21 days in the US, shattering the record for a non-English language title.

Squid Game was previously announced as the first Korean title to reach the top spot in the US.

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