Stop Trying to Unlock Your iPhone 13 With Your Apple Watch. It Won't Work


Gizmodo 26 September, 2021 - 09:27pm 29 views

Is there an Iphone 13?

iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPad mini, and. ... iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini feature the most advanced dual-camera system ever in iPhone and powerhouse A15 Bionic chip in a sleek and durable design. iPad mini features an all-screen design, the A15 Bionic chip, 5G, Center Stage, and more. Apple NewsroomiPhone 13 lineup, new iPad mini, and ninth-generation iPad arrive worldwide

How much will the Iphone 13 pro cost?

iPhone 13 price and deals As you move up to the Pro models, the iPhone 13 Pro starts at $999 and the iPhone 13 Pro Max costs $1,099. Note that there is a 1TB storage option for the first time on the Pro line. Tom's GuideiPhone 13 release date, price and every model reviewed

iPhone 13 Pro Max Unboxing

Macworld 27 September, 2021 - 01:15am

iPhone 14 is reportedly a 'complete redesign'

Yahoo Tech 27 September, 2021 - 01:15am

Most notably, frequently accurate analyst Ming-Chi Kuo recently claimed Apple would begin dropping the display notch entirely in 2022, starting with an iPhone 14 Pro that would use a hole-punch front camera like many Android phones. YouTuber Jon Prosser also claimed to have renders based on real-world photos of the new iPhone. The new model would supposedly resemble a supersized iPhone 4 with a band-like titanium outer ring, flush rear cameras and a thicker chassis.

Other rumors suggest Apple might drop a mini iPhone from the lineup, replacing it with a larger 'regular' model as well as the usual Pro offerings. There have been murmurs of under-display Touch ID, but it's not certain if this would be ready for 2022, if at all.

We'd take the reports with some caution. No matter how accurate the reports might be, the next iPhone is roughly a year away. There's still a chance Apple could make substantial changes before it locks in the design for production. Whatever the end result, the common theme of the leaks suggests the iPhone 14 could be an important revamp.

Apple's 2021 iPad is down to $299 at Amazon, making the entry-level tablet a significantly better deal.

Apple has promised to fix a bug that prevents iPhone 13 owners from unlocking their phone using their Apple Watch.

Nintendo fans in Japan will be able to buy Genesis controllers for the Switch with six buttons instead of three.

Engadget's tech reviews this week include the iPhone 13 lineup, the Apple iPad mini and the new Dell XPS 15 with an OLED display.

The Hubble telescope and ALMA have found six 'dead' early galaxies that stopped forming stars unusually quickly.

Samsung says it has developed an approach that would 'copy and paste' a brain's neuron map to 3D chip networks — if and when the technology is ready.

As an emergency medicine and critical care doctor at the University of Washington School of Medicine in Seattle, I've lost count of the number of COVID-19 surges since the U.S. pandemic began in Seattle in February 2020. But this one feels different. The patients are younger. They have fewer preexisting medical conditions. And at my hospital, over 95% of these hospitalized patients share one common feature: They're unvaccinated. Read on to find out more—and to ensure your health and the health o

Democrats plan to revise President Joe Biden’s proposal that all bank transactions of more than $600 be reported to the IRS as banks and privacy advocates come out against the plan.

The new silhouette is destined for a big comeback in spring.

"I am the luckiest to have now two men of my life, filling my heart with this cosmic gigantic vast love," Berry wrote announcing the birth of son Sasha Vai Keneti Apa

Apple says developers will have to update apps to make full use of the iPhone 13 Pro's 120Hz display. It's also fixing a bug limiting some apps.

After Friday’s pullback, failure to revisit the yesterday’s highs would leave the majors under pressure.

The 50mm lens falls into one of two camps. Some photographers subscribe to it they're going to church. They listen to its every word and receive joy similar to being with a passionate community. Other photographers think the 50mm lens is also like church. But instead, they're the folks who end up sleeping during the sermon until someone gently lets them know that they're snoring. Those people will keep a 50mm lens around just because they might need one. And in the past few years, I've found way

Welcome back to This Week in Apps, the weekly TechCrunch series that recaps the latest in mobile OS news, mobile applications and the overall app economy. Sweeney made the request public by tweeting out a letter he sent to Apple making the request and the company's response.

Apple reportedly told the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees that its TV+ service has less than 20 million subscribers.

Recently, I saw an incredibly heartbreaking post on a Facebook group about cleaning a vintage camera lens with Hydrogen Peroxide. The photographer wanted to get rid of fungus on the lens. But instead, they ended up destroying the optics. They cited watching photographers on YouTube say that this is the thing to do. And unfortunately, that's the problem. Lots of photographers on YouTube aren't experts. If you wanted official information on something more pressing, it's often best to check out .ed

Come on, how much has really changed in Windows 11 vs. Windows 10? To paraphrase a certain Spinal Tap guitarist, is it really worthy of taking it up to eleven? Kevin Stratvert hears that question all the time, and based on his experience so far, his answer is yes. Stratvert is a former Microsoft program manager who left the company to focus full-time on his work as a YouTube creator, producing how-to videos about software and services from Microsoft and others. Stratvert joins us this week on th

iPhone 13 has a new problem — and there’s no timetable for a fix

Tom's Guide 26 September, 2021 - 07:52pm

The iPhone 13 is having an issue unlocking with Apple Watches

And now we’re learning that the iPhone 13 series isn’t working properly with ‘unlock with Apple Watch.’ And this is strange because it appears the iPhone 12 and older iPhones are not affected at this time.

As reported by The Verge, Apple has identified an issue where the “unlock with Apple Watch” feature might not work with the new iPhone 13 devices. This is according to a note on Apple’s own support page

The page details that “you might see ‘Unable to Communicate with Apple Watch’ if you try to unlock your iPhone while wearing a face mask.” Or you might not be able to set up the feature at all.

Apple says that the iPhone 13's unlock with Apple Watch issue will be fixed in an upcoming software update, but no timetable has been given. For now, the company says “you can turn off Unlock with Apple Watch and use your passcode to unlock your iPhone 13.”

Our iPhone 13 review was largely positive, but we've pointed out that the lack of Touch ID is a flaw for the new iPhone. We wish that Apple would have added Touch ID support in the power button, as it has done in the iPad mini 6, or included an under-display Touch ID sensor.

As someone who is wearing a mask right now while traveling, having to punch in a passcode each and every time I want to unlock the iPhone 13 is annoying.

Here’s hoping a fix for this issue is released soon. 

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