Super pink moon is coming Monday night


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Is the pink moon pink?

April's full moon is known as the "Pink Moon," though that doesn't necessarily mean it will shine pink in the sky. The nickname comes from a pink spring flower found in North America, according to The Old Farmer's Almanac. The Pink Moon will be highest in the sky at 11:32 p.m. Eastern Time Monday night. Business InsiderThis year's first supermoon, the 'Pink Moon,' will rise on Monday. Here's how to spot the rare event.

When will the pink moon appear 2021?

The “Super Pink Moon” will be 222,211 miles/357,615 kilometers from Earth on April 26, 2021, which isn't quite as close as the next full Moon—the “Super Flower Moon Eclipse”—which will be the biggest and best “supermoon” of 2021. ForbesWhen, Where And How You Can See The ‘Super Pink Moon’ Rise This Week, 2021’s Best Supermoon So Far

Traditionally known as the pink moon, it will peak at 11:32 p.m. EDT, according to NASA.

Earth’s nearest neighbor will look full the night before and night after Monday night’s peak in North America.

Viewing conditions will depend on the weather and skies in your area.

There will also be a super moon next month on May 26.

A super moon is a new or full moon that happens at the time of the month when the moon is closest to Earth in its orbit, also known as perigee.

That means the moon is going to look extra big and bright – up to 14% bigger and 30% brighter than a micro moon, or when a full moon is farthest away from Earth, NASA says.

Despite its name, the pink moon won’t be that color at all.

“April’s full Moon often corresponded with the early springtime blooms of a certain wildflower native to eastern North America: Phlox subulate – commonly called creeping phlox or moss phlox – which also went by the name ‘moss pink,’” according to The Old Farmer’s Almanac.

Because of that, it’s now known as the pink moon.

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Full Pink Supermoon: When And How To See It Over Walnut Creek 23 April, 2021 - 03:11pm

WALNUT CREEK, CA — There's some good news and bad news about the full pink supermoon that will rise over Walnut Creek late Monday evening.

Unfortunately, the National Weather Service is forecasting partly cloudy skies for Monday evening when the moon rises. Moonrise is shortly after 7:30 p.m. Pacific Time.

Most commercial calendars based on Greenwich Mean Time, or GMT, show the full moon occurring on Tuesday, April. 27, according to NASA. But either way, it's going to be big and bright from Sunday night through Wednesday morning.

The April 26 full moon is the first of three consecutive supermoons. The full moons on May 26 and June 24 are also so classified.

Supermoons are not really bigger and brighter, though. And no small amount of debate surrounds the question of whether supermoons are even a real thing.

The term was coined in pre-internet 1979 by astrologer Richard Nolle to describe new and full moons that occur when the orb is within 90 percent of perigee — in lay terms, at its closest approach to Earth in the elliptical orbit.

The closeness to Earth — keep in mind, our planet and moon are still 226,000 miles apart at this point — makes the moon appear about 30 percent brighter and 14 percent larger than when the moon is at its farthest point from our planet, called apogee.

The supermoon effect is an illusion, or trick of the eye. The moon can make for slightly stronger tides, and they'll look super under the light of a silvery moon, but that happens with every full moon.

The term caught on in the digital age. Depending on how Nolle's definition is interpreted, there are between two and four consecutive supermoons a year.

The disagreement about this supermoon centers on what happened in March. A sprinkling of publications said the string of consecutive supermoons started in March, though NASA says only the full moons in April through June qualify under Nolle's definition.

And since he coined the term, we'll give him the last word on it.

The April full moon is known by other names, but most often is referred to as the "full pink moon."

Go back to the 1930s, when the Maine Farmers' Almanac began assigning American Indian names to full moons for each month of the year. April's full moon is called the full pink moon after the color of creeping pink phlox that blooms this time of year.

Also in the sky this month: The Eta Aquariids meteor shower runs from Apri 27 to May 28, peaking May 4-6 with anywhere from 10 to 20 meteors an hour. The Eta Aquariid meteors are swift and produce a high percentage of persistent trains but few fireballs.

The Full Moon in Scorpio Is a Supermoon Inviting You To Embrace Change—Here's What Your Sign Can Expect

Well+Good 23 April, 2021 - 08:00am

Adama Sesay

For many, the effect of the full moon in Scorpio 2021 will be the sense of being at a crossroads. The decision to leave a job, move to a new location, change a contract, end a relationship, or start one can all come up at this time. And if a current life situation is bringing discomfort and resistance, the astrological transit could push sudden and pivotal decisions. This is due to the planet of abundance and love, Venus traveling in its home sign of Taurus. When a planet is in its home sign, it can express its full frequency. That means that not only is this Scorpio full moon of 2021 bringing release, but through this tension, it’s also encouraging us to embrace our worth.

Not only is this Scorpio full moon of 2021 bringing release, but through this tension, it’s also encouraging us to embrace our worth.

Full moons illuminate what has been hidden, and especially with communication planet Mercury in the mix, this particular supermoon is bringing up new information that could be life-altering. Black Moon Lilith and Uranus in Taurus’s energy is also pushing us to communicate our value while reclaiming our sovereignty and what we feel is right.

This is also a powerful time of manifestation, so the key is honoring your truth and identifying the reality you want to live in. The moon and sun are forming an inflexible fixed T-square with Saturn in Aquarius, pushing the collective to take firm action and change their own reality, shifting structures that are no longer serving them. This electrifying portal is giving the green light to innovate your life.

Full moon energy can manifest for up to two weeks after the event takes place, so knowing this, ask yourself how you can you work with your energy and make the most of this transit. Scorpio represents alchemy and shadow transformation, while Taurus is the ruler of self care and magnetism. Tapping into these two energies with mindfulness and metaphysical practices during this full moon can provide grounding clarity on your next steps.

Below, get intel on how the full moon in Scorpio of 2021 has in store for your sign, plus a bespoke tip for how you can transform, heal, and create during the event. For a more well-rounded view of your month ahead, read for your sun, moon, and rising sign. (If you don’t know yours, plug in your birthdate, location, and time to an online birth-chart calculator, like this one, here).

The full moon is illuminating your eighth house of transformation and shared resources. This is also the area of litigation and even marriage, so for many of you, the full moon in Scorpio may spark change in these arenas. It could also highlight a promotion or some other positive shift in your income. The key to working with all of this energy is to ensure that settlements, or new opportunities are aligned with your self-worth.

Your full moon self-care tip: Speaking your truth can feel challenging at times, so taking moments to script your desired reality during this full moon in Scorpio can heal and provide directional clarity. It can also help you identify the limitations you may have through bringing awareness to resistance towards reclaiming your worth. Scripting is a powerful manifestation technique, which involves journaling and writing down the reality you desire in present tense.

This bright lunar phase is all about your individuality and the empowerment of your self-worth. The sun is in Taurus, meaning you should focus on yourself and your personal needs versus the needs of others. Black Moon Lilith and Uranus are pushing you to embrace who you are, and break out of the limitations you’ve placed on your independence. With your planetary ruler, Venus, in the mix, have faith in your choices.

Your full moon self-care tip: Focus on self-love and self-worth by taking time to light candles, draw a cleansing salt bath, and use the full moon’s energy to reconnect with your physical body and spirit. After, journal positive affirmations.

Your work, routine, and health are in the energetic spotlight, so allow the full moon in Scorpio of 2021 to influence your approach to your overall health and wellness. You might also shift your work habits and routine in order to take care of your own well-being. This is especially true if your current schedule or habits have been draining your energy. Either way, it’s time for you to choose yourself first.

Your full moon self-care tip: Meditation is a powerful way to quiet the mind and bring your energy back inwards. Taking time for a guided meditation or even light physical activity, like yoga or walking can also be beneficial during the full moon. This can allow you to release the stress and anxiety around change at this time. This also is extremely healthy for your physical energy, too.

Your connections, social network or those you associate with can be a source of growth for you, potentially bringing transformative and new creative opportunities—so be open, receptive, and dream big! This time could also bring a new romance or dating opportunity, or rekindle the energy with a current one. You may also be focused on matters regarding fertility or children, and making the right decision for them and yourself.

Your full moon self-care tip: Now is a great time to tap into the magnetic energy of Venus. A very simple self-love ritual can empower you. Use a small pink candle during the full moon and find a quiet place. Write 10 positive affirmations about why you love yourself. Light the candle and read the affirmations out loud. Take time to meditate on these words and look into the light of the candle. Allow it to completely burn.

You are at a crossroads with your life path, and you have the option to change a long-term working relationship for the better. The full moon is in your emotional center, and the Taurus stellium is triggering action and decision-making in your career sector. While this is an improvement, it will require you to emotionally release some facets of your professional life that are no longer working for you.

Your full moon self-care tip: Gain clarity on what would bring joy to your future career. Creating a vision board can feel inspiring, especially because you are such an expressive sign. Take time to either print out or use magazine clips to envision your long-term vision. When we have that clarity, the universe can help us make things happen.

Breakthrough communication can come through, changing your perspective in regards to your health and work routine. Reasserting your authority over your own day can come naturally, and setting energetic boundaries is key. You may start to discuss your values or share a creative idea publicly, releasing any fears or delays around speaking up. Teaching or sharing your wisdom with others can also be an opportunity for you at this time.

Your full moon self-care tip: Mindfulness is essentially the practice of being conscious of our actions in our day to day life, and taking practical steps to shift what is not helpful for us. As you move about your work week, take note of what brings up resistance and what you enjoy. At the end of each day, identify what must change, and start to create a strategy to change it. Allow your emotions to guide the way.

Your money and material gains are changing today. Transformation through an important investment can occur, or you can suddenly decide to change how you make your income. This development has been rumbling beneath the surface, but now you can start to bear the fruit of your patience. While you can feel inner tension, the full moon in Scorpio will push you to negotiate, discuss, and ensure that the outcome is fiscally beneficial to you.

Your full moon self-care tip: Money affirmations can be extremely powerful for you. Create 13 square green cards and using a green marker, write an affirmation in present tense on each. This can include, “I’m a money magnet.” “Every investment I make, is beneficial to my bank account.” “The universe will always provide.” Get creative with it! Post them up around your home in high-traffic areas to remind you.

Your sign is being empowered by the full moon to take your power back when it comes to all your relationships—love, work, and personal partnerships. Where have you not honored your value, or not advocated for yourself? This is highlighted, and the cosmos are inviting you to transform the shadow of entanglement into balanced and peaceful connections.

Your full moon self-care tip: Energetic protection is a theme during this time while sorting out relational issues. Use the power of herbs and incense to bring cleansing, protection, and empowerment to your space. Incorporate a breathwork practice for an added bonus.

Your health, work, and routine are improving and changing for the better. Your schedule can feel busy, but you can find joy if the activities you are doing are in alignment with you. If they are not, a discussion could take place to change to where you feel exhaustion or discomfort. This is also a time where you could feel prompted to change your diet or wellness regimen as a response to past situations related to health.

Your full moon self-care tip: Your health is also wealth, so take time to rest and recuperate as Venus is in this area of your life. Planning a day to get into nature and reconnect to the grounded element of earth can feel extremely healing. While a full schedule can be fulfilling, the time off is just as important.

The full moon is highlighting self-expression, enjoyment, fertility, and creativity. You may not have felt this for some time, and you can feel activated to radically embrace this side of yourself. You can feel more expressive in your work, start a new project, or even focus on children if you currently have or want them in the future. If it’s a new opportunity, this could come from your connections and feel aligned with your hopes, dreams, and wishes for the future. This may be an auspicious time to reconnect with your network.

Your full moon self-care tip: Take time to have fun and release control with your favorite artistic expression. This can be anything that allows you to tap into your inner child, like enjoying a coloring book, karaoke, going to an art museum, or spending time cooling delicious food. This act can spark sudden inspiration and reignite your passion for life.

Your home, family, or career life can go through a shift around this time. You could choose to move in a new direction, more aligned with your comfort, and stability. The change can feel sudden, and you may have to release an old work relationship or embrace an entirely new one. This is due to the full moon in your career house. Another way this can manifest is through completely changing and restructuring your home to be more enjoyable. Use your emotions to guide your decisions at this time.

Your full moon self-care tip: Your home is your private sanctuary from the world, and when your space is a place of comfort, it can help you feel grounded during change. Take time to add air-cleansing plants and healing crystals, like clear quartz or abundant jade to your home environment to help evoke the luxurious energy of Taurus.

The universe is influencing your communication. You can feel pushed to use your voice to advocate for yourself, or use it to influence others. Your worth is an important topic, as you may be negotiating or sharing your true perspective with others. While it can feel uncomfortable, the full moon in Scorpio is transforming limiting beliefs that can hold you back. You can say what’s in your heart at this time, and the cosmos will reward your bravery.

Your full moon self-care tip: Your energy or life force is one of the natural powers you have, and yours can be potent at this time. Energy-healing techniques like reiki can help provide healing and can help you work through the changes that are coming up for you. Take time with your favorite energy healer during this full moon.

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