Surprise China 'Dragon Man' Skull Indicates Species Could Be Our Closest Kin


HuffPost 26 June, 2021 - 11:03pm 44 views

What is a dragon man?

The skull of an ancient human discovered in northeastern China may belong to a previously unknown human species that scientists have dubbed Homo longi, or "Dragon Man," three new studies report. Dragon man's well-preserved skull is the largest Homo skull on record. Livescience.comNew human species 'Dragon man' may be our closest relative

What is the Dragon Man discovery?

A new species of ancient human dubbed Homo longi, or "Dragon Man," could potentially change the way we understand human evolution, scientists said Friday. ... "However, our discovery suggests that the new lineage we identified that includes Homo longi is the actual sister group of Homo sapiens." NBC NewsDiscovery of 'Dragon Man' skull in China prompts rethink of human evolution

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