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When does Survivor start?

Season 41 of hit reality show Survivor is almost here. After not airing in 2020 due to the ongoing pandemic, the new season is scheduled to premiere on 22 September 2021. The IndependentSurvivor: Everything we know about the long-awaited season 41

‘Survivor’ Winners Through the Years: Where Are They Now?

Us Weekly 01 September, 2021 - 08:00am

The reality series, which awards one sole Survivor the $1 million each season after lasting 39 days outside, has come a long way over the years. Host Jeff Probst, who has been at the show’s helm since the premiere, has been open to changes as well, with formatting, twists and new locations constantly being added in​​​. Additionally, the show isn’t without its controversies.

In 2019, the series faced the #MeToo movement head-on when castaway Kellee Kim accused Dan Spilo of inappropriate touching. He was first warned and later sent home.

“It’s an unprecedented and unfortunate situation that is still very raw for a lot of the players and fans. We are all trying to learn from it,” Probst, 58, told Entertainment Weekly. “We will definitely be using the lessons learned from the Dan situation as a guide in how to handle similar situations in future seasons. We have already started discussing ideas for how to change things in the future.”

The following year, the host admitted that he had a gender bias in the earlier seasons after Sarah Lacina explained during an episode that male players’ game moves are applauded while women’s are looked at as “fake and phony and a bitch.”

The producer owned up to his own faults in the situation as well.

“I am certain if I look back at all of the comments I have made over 20 years, I would find the exact same bias in me — who I call by last names. Guys have different relationships with each other, and I might not know how to have that relationship with a woman,” Probst said during the Winners at War episode. “I’ll definitely own the fact that I don’t think I saw it when Survivor started, and I don’t think I even knew I was supposed to look for it. But I’m very much aware of it now, and I’m grateful that we can open up and investigate, even though it comes with a crisis or it comes with hardship or it comes with some tears. Whatever it is, it’s out there and it’s being talked about.”

The show has crowned 38 winners over its 40 seasons — with two incredible castaways winning twice. Scroll down to see where the winners are today:

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Survivor 41 | Cast Reveal First Reactions

Rob Has a Podcast 01 September, 2021 - 08:00am

Warrant issued for ‘crazy’ man who interrupted live Hurricane Ida report 01 September, 2021 - 08:00am

An arrest warrant has been issued for a “crazy” man who harassed a TV reporter during a live segment about Hurricane Ida.

MSNBC’s Shaquille Brewster was broadcasting from Gulfport, Miss. Monday morning and talking about how Hurricane Ida had just passed through the area when a man in a white pickup truck stopped, got out of the vehicle and began yelling at Brewster to “report accurately.”

MSNBC’s Shaquille Brewster kept his cool during a live broadcast when an unhinged passerby added an extra degree of difficulty to reporting from an area being ravaged by flooding and harsh winds. (MSNBC/)

“I’m going to turn this way because, you know, we deal with some people every once in a while,” Brewster said, while keeping his eye on the man and sending it back to anchor Craig Melvin in the studio.

“Craig, I’m going to toss it back to you because we have a person who needs a little help right now,” Brewster said.

“There’s a lot of crazy out,” Melvin said. “Lotta’ crazy.”

Things got very hairy for NBC News reporter Shaquille Brewster during a live Hurricane Ida report from Gulfport, MS.

Some guy jumps out of a pickup truck and angrily confronts Brewster's crew, prompting a shaken Craig Melvin to express extreme concern for his colleague.

Both Brewster and Melvin later tweeted all was well.

“Shaq is ok,” he tweeted. “This guy who nearly attacked him clearly is not.”

Add to this guy’s troubles: an arrest warrant.

NBC News reported Tuesday that Benjamin Eugene Dagley, of Wooster, Ohio, is set to be charged with two counts of simple assault, one count of disturbing the peace and one count of violating an emergency curfew for his role in the incident. Dagley was identified by the Gulfport Police Department earlier Tuesday.

The police department added that Dagley may have violated probation in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, if he was in Mississippi without authorization.

Dagley was arrested for suspicion of drilling holes into tanks of dangerous chemicals in 2017 at an electroplating company that Dagley once owned, according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

No other information concerning Dagley’s whereabouts was released.

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