Swedish House Mafia Returns: In Stockholm With the Dance Music Legends


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Is Swedish House Mafia back?

Swedish House Mafia have returned with “It Gets Better,” the electronic trio's first new music in more than eight years. The release comes right after the group announced their signing to Republic Records this month, and is accompanied by a music video directed by Alexander Wessely. Rolling StoneSwedish House Mafia Reunite for New Single ‘It Gets Better’

Swedish House Mafia release first music in eight years

Mixmag 15 July, 2021 - 10:09pm

'It Gets Better' is the first release from SHM since 2012's 'Until Now'

Swedish House Mafia have released their first new music in eight years.

'It Gets Better' is a moody divergence from their usual EDM sound and has been released alongside a video filled with dark club visuals, identical nodding heads and Steve Angello, Sebastian Ingrosso and Axwell sitting on black thrones made of electrical wire.

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The Swedish trio hasn't released new music since 2012's influential 'Until Now' which included the Grammy-nominated 'Don't You Worry Child'. Following reports of fracturing within the group, they broke up during their appropriately named One Last Tour in 2013.

They briefly reunited in 2019 for the Save The World Reunion Tour - playing dates in Mexico City, Seoul, Ibiza, Berlin, Zurich and their native Stockholm.

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Reports began circulating around the potential return of Swedish House Mafia when the group began teasing on social media that they were working together again - all three sharing IG lives and photos of themselves working in a home studio.

Earlier this week posters were spotted in Miami, Melbourne and even Times Square in New York with an ambiguous 3 dots, with the date "16 / 07 / 21" printed underneath.

More clues came from US network NBC confirming that Swedish House Mafia would be appearing as musical guests on Monday's Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon alongside 070 Shake and Ty Dolla $ign.

'It Gets Better' is available to stream here and you can watch the music video below.

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Don’t You Worry, Child, Swedish House Mafia’s Got New Music for You

Vulture 15 July, 2021 - 02:53pm

The group members told Billboard the reunion plans began in December 2017 but initially included only Ultra Miami until the emotion of the performance led them to plot a full reunion. (Not to say the Ultra reunion was without conflict — Angello reportedly fired the entire production crew over mistakes.) The three have been working on new music since 2019, when, according to Billboard, they struggled to get a multimillion-dollar recording contract without new material from labels concerned about a post-EDM music landscape. They eventually signed to Columbia in 2019, left in 2020, switched management, and signed to Republic Records, with the final version of “It Gets Better” not coming out until early 2021. But now, the group said it has enough new music for not just Paradise Again but multiple albums afterward, plus touring plans for 2022. Just in time for the return of crowds, EDM is back too.

Swedish House Mafia Returns With First Single in Almost Nine Years: "It Gets Better"

HYPEBEAST 15 July, 2021 - 01:40pm

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Swedish House Mafia have returned to release their first single in almost nine years, titled “It Gets Better.”

The new track lands after a slew of cryptic billboards featuring the group’s discrete three-dot iconography popped up in major cities, including New York City and Stockholm, sending the Swedish House Mafia fandom into an instant frenzy surrounding their long-awaited reunion.

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Swedish House Mafia Reunite, Drop New Music, Sign To Republic

uDiscover Music 15 July, 2021 - 01:14pm

‘It Gets Better’ is out now.

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Swedish House Mafia Return After 8 Years with Massive New Single "It Gets Better"

This Song is Sick 15 July, 2021 - 12:18pm

After much hype and anticipation this week, the legendary Swedish House Mafia has returned with their first track in 8 long years, titled “It Gets Better.” The trio, consisting of Axwell, Sebastian Ingrosso, and Steve Angello, have also announced plan for their first album since 2012’s Until Now.

With so much hype centered around this return to dance music, the three Swedes had to come in hot, and they’ve done exactly that. We weren’t exactly sure what to expect after eight years off, but “It Gets Better” is a forward-thinking electro banger that is almost a complete departure from their previous (and frankly, commercial) sound.

You can stream the new Swedish House Mafia track, “It Gets Better,” below. These boys are about to be all over the place with their anticipated reunion, so get ready and enjoy!

Swedish House Mafia announce debut album 'Paradise Again,' cap near-decade release hiatus with 'It Gets Better' [Stream] - Dancing Astronaut

Dancing Astronaut 15 July, 2021 - 11:02am

Seeing those words actually written out is legitimately surreal, considering no one was sure this day would ever come after they went their separate ways in 2013. After nine painstakingly long years—including what feels like an eternity since their Ultra 2018 reformationAxwell, Sebastian Ingrosso, and Steve Angello have arisen (for good this time), and they didn’t come empty handed, ceding their first piece of new music since 2012’s Grammy-nominated classic, “Don’t You Worry Child” with John Martin.

But it’s not just new music, it’s the first single from their debut album, which will appear as part of a new label deal through Republic Records. In a timetable described as “late 2021,” Axwell, Sebastian Ingrosso, and Steve Angello will turn in Paradise Again, the trio’s first full-length, original-only project (excluding Until One and Until Now) that will include their first productions in almost a decade.

“It Gets Better”—the ID that Swedish House Mafia re-welcomed themselves back into the public eye with during their first reunion show inside Stockholm’s Tele2 arena—has been set free, albeit completely unexpectedly and in an entirely different form than the 2019 version that we’d initially come to know and love.

Before we talk speak any further on the track itself, though, let’s map out how we even got to this point in the last week.

If it feels like this all came together in the blink of an eye, it’s because it did. Speculative chaos ensued on July 9 when a first suspicious poster—which waved nothing beyond Swedish House Mafia’s unmistakable three dots and a date of July 16—was spotted in Melbourne, Australia. But as Axwell began to doll out some indirect confirmation via his Instagram, and more posters began to pop up just a few days later in their hometown of Stockholm, followed by New York City, the realization that Swedish House Mafia were genuinely about to fill their near-decade release void started to gain serious momentum. It wasn’t until later that same day when all skepticism seemed to come to an immediate standstill, when the trio’s logo appeared on a billboard in the heart of Times Square, attached with a Spotify logo at the top and a July 15 due date (for timezone reasons) at the bottom, all but formally icing the fact that a new release was happening, regardless if anyone was ready for it or not.

Other than “Underneath It All” with Mike Posner, no argument can justify that Swedish House Mafia had a more sought-after reunion ID than “It Gets Better.” But after more than two years of it sitting untouched in the ID vault, the Swedes concluded that “It Gets Better” deserved a top-to-bottom makeover to keep things interesting—as they’ve always done and will continue to do. Still preserving the sample of Divas of Color’s 1994 single “One More Time,” “It Gets Better” went through a “severely long” creative process, says Axwell, and is evidently a far cry from anything they had constructed across the early 2010s. And even with their new sound, new label, and new chapter now officially instated, Swedish House Mafia did not falter in being able to wind up their polished production into the 2020s.

We might’ve jokingly tossed Swedish House Mafia’s hat into Dancing Astronaut‘s most-anticipated projects of 2021 ring and “It Gets Better” into most-anticipated IDs of 2021 checklist, but there was always going to be that 1% sliver of hope sitting in the back of our minds. In reality, that shot in the dark could’ve paid off at any instant that they deemed fit—and it magically did on July 15—despite a small asterisks having to be placed aside “It Gets Better.” There’s no definitive confirmation on where the trio is off to from this exact moment, but the one thing we do know is: the boys are back.

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BREAKING: Swedish House Mafia Album Dropping Late 2021

EDMTunes 15 July, 2021 - 09:17am

We’re still waiting on the promised Swedish House Mafia music release today, but Billboard is spilling the beans on the entire SHM plan going forward. This morning, the outlet released an in-depth feature covering the Swedish trio in Stockholm, Sweden.

The piece goes through the entire history of the group along, including plenty of nostalgia. The article also briefly discusses the difficulties the Swedes faced after their epic 2018 reunion. It’s said that their own perfectionism, manager problems, and label problems contributed to the lack of new music since 2018.

The article sets the tone for the problems SHM faces today. EDM is very different than it was in 2012 and the sounds are different too. The first single is “It Gets Better” and it’s planned to be a departure from their old sound. The other thing? There’s a debut album called Paradise Again coming in late 2021.

The article includes many other interesting nuggets concerning how the 2018 reunion came together. The seeds of the reunion were planted in 2017 when Amy Thomson brought the three together again to chat. As it turns out, the plan to perform at Ultra 2018 was supposed to be a one-off show. Plenty of drama ensued after that as well. Steve Angello remarks that:

I think we scrapped about 12 ‘Don’t You Worry Childs’ [while making the new album.

The story continues, and you can read about it at Billboard below.

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