Terry Bradshaw discusses Aaron Rodgers' dissolving relationship with Packers, calls MVP 'weak'


CBS Sports 03 May, 2021 - 07:41pm 31 views

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Aaron Rodgers has at least one offer on the table, but it hinges on his future with the Green Bay Packers.

Rodgers is reportedly "disgruntled" with the organization and it stems from his dissatisfaction with general manager Brian Gutekunst.

"As a cooperative, we understand running a business often requires making difficult decisions to plan for the future. We also believe a little cheese can make any situation better," a letter from the company to Rodgers read. "That’s why Burnett Dairy Cooperative is ready to make this pledge:

"As long as Aaron Rodgers remains in Green Bay, we’re offering him free cheese. And if he retires with the Packers, we will make it a lifetime offer.

"Aaron, please reach out if interested. Hopefully we can make this situation cheddar."

There’s only one problem: Rodgers cut dairy from his diet nearly five years ago.

He told reporters in June 2016 he had switched to a mostly vegan diet aside from some red meat and chicken at times.

"I just wanted to get healthier," he said, via ESPN. "I've done a lot of research and talked with Adam Korzun, our [team] nutritionist, and some other friends around the league about how I can extend my career and how I can be and feel healthier."

It’s unclear whether the dairy supplier would consider special vegan cheese for the 2020 NFL MVP.

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Matt LaFleur on Aaron Rodgers: “We want him back here”

NBC Sports 03 May, 2021 - 10:00pm

A tumultuous three days for the Packers ended with coach Matt LaFleur meeting reporters. He was asked right out of the gates about the situation with quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

“I’d like to keep every conversation that Aaron and I have had up to this point between us,” LaFleur said. “I know the report’s out there. But this guy’s our quarterback, man. He’s our leader of our team. I want nothing more than to see him back in a Packer uniform. In my eyes, he’s the greatest to ever do it. I don’t care about Super Bowls or what not. But we want him back here.”

LaFleur then was asked the obvious question: What if that’s not what Rodgers wants?

“I can’t ever take my brain to that spot right now,” LaFleur said. “I just want to do everything in my power to ensure that doesn’t happen.”

LaFleur also said he can’t imagine Rodgers in a different uniform. Similar things have been said about other great players, however, and they have moved on.

The Packers apparently have been trying to do that, including multiple trips by the team’s brain trust to meet with Rodgers in California. To date, the issue hasn’t been resolved. There’s no indication that it will be.

Rodgers wants out, the Packers want him to stay. If one side or the other doesn’t blink, the question becomes whether Rodgers will show up, hold out, or retire.

The Packers have shown no inclination to give in. Many think they won’t. So what will Rodgers do?

Eventually, we’ll find out whether Rodgers will show up, if the Packers indeed won’t trade him. With four months left until Week One, there’s time. But the weeks will move quickly, and training camp will be here soon. Unless the Packers trade Rodgers (or, apparently, fire General Manager Brian Gutekunst), Rodgers will have to decide whether to find a way to set his feelings aside, to play for the Packers for another year, and to then try to engineer a path to a new team in 2022.

“In my eyes, he’s the greatest to ever do it. I don’t care about Super Bowls or what not.”

Winning matters. Care about Super Bowls LaFleur or you won’t be head coach for long

Houston and GB. Deshaun + 2 first round picks (or whatever depending on how lawsuits shake out) for Rodgers if Deshaun is allowed to keep playing

Well you sure as hell don’t show it

As a fan of an opposing NFCN team, normally I’d get a whole lotta glee over this Pack drama, but all this weak kneed groveling is kind of sucking all the joy right out of it.

Brett Farve, “it ain’t done until they offer you $25 million to retire Aaron”.

Careful Aaron Rodgers..your move may totally cost you $ Millions !

Rodgers won’t retire. I think everyone knows that. He’s chasing Brady’s legacy, and Favre’s. Retirement at 37 isn’t an option.

Number 1 on the list of things you don’t want to hear your head coach say – “I don’t care about Super Bowls or what-not.”

Wow…Murphy, Gutenkunst, and now LaFleur are completely humiliating themselves…that Love pick looked moronic a year ago and it really looks a lot worse after Rodgers MVP season…now they are forced to publicly kneel before Rodgers and beg him to forgive them…hilarious and pathetic at the same time…

We want him back but we don’t trust him to win the NFC Championship Game. Come back baby…forget the past.

How are the Packers so bad at handling HOF QB’s towards the end of their careers???

I imagine when Brian Gutekunst accepted the Packers GM job, Mark Murphy and the board sat down with him and said “Your mission is to get Aaron a 2nd Superbowl Ring AND have a succession plan for our late 30’s QB with some significant injury history”… and quite frankly, the man has done JUST THAT. He’s built Aaron the best offensive supporting cast he’s had since their Superbowl run, brought in a head coach who’s record in 2 years is 26-6… sorry Aaron, they ALSO have to plan for life without you. No need to go calling for the guy’s head. Most true Packer fans support the franchise on this one.

Successful people only concentrate on what they can control. Matt LaFleur and the Packers are doing just that. Preparing for the 2021 season is the task at hand.

The Aaron situation is very simple. The Packers are not trading Aaron Rodgers. Aaron can retire or play for the Packers. Aaron wants to play and that will be in Green Bay. It will just take time for Aaron to get back fully into the preparation for the season mindset. Come late July and the beginning of training camp, you will see Aaron on Ray Nitschke Field. There is nothing more that needs to be said.

The Packers just got done with a great draft and Cobby filled Aaron in on the great person and player that his new teammate Amari Rodgers is.

Rodgers will be back with the Packers. The biggest difference among all the teams in the NFCN and their expectations for success is Aaron Rodgers leading the Green Bay Packers. Again. Nothing has changed. He’ll come to terms with the fact you can’t be the highest compensated player on the team with intentions to win SuperBowls and also be surrounded by the highest paid teammates at their positions. It doesn’t work that way. He’ll never be as lucky as Tom Brady and Shailene will never be Giselle. Suck it up and play with the cards you’re dealt, like the rest of us.

This is getting weird. The Pack are like a crazed ex. If he doesn’t want to be with you anymore you need to just accept it and move on with the guy you drafted fi replace him anyways.

I want him back but I fear he may pull a move out of Favre’s book and retire, wait for the team to go all in on Love, then “unretire.” They got peanuts for Favre. I’d rather not have that happen again.

Fiance choice and quirky personality aside, I have always been sort of a fan of Rodgers. I’m not a Packers fan, but always liked him as a player.

This whole mess has really made me change my opinion. It seems fundamentally about him being mad the Pack drafted a possible future QB to replace an established starter, the same way he (Rodgers) was drafted to replace Favre.

People always want to blame everyone else for Rodgers’ shortcomings, but this situation is a prime example of why he hasn’t been able to more consistently win on the biggest stages.

In short, he’s a headcase. When things don’t go the way he wants them to go, he doesn’t rally the troops. He starts looking for someone else to blame.

Damage control on a submarine that has already sank is futile

Sounds like a coach who knows with Rodgers it’s 13-3 time and without it’s 3-13

What kind of coach says he doesn’t care about Super Bowls?? Why is he the coach then and why would anyone want to play for a coach that doesn’t care? All LaFleur wants is to get paid obviously as he doesn’t sound like he cares if they win or lose and maybe why he made the dumb call at the end of the NFC championship game!! Pay Rodgers the money and let the Packers go win another SB after a pretty good draft they had!!

It’s the Brady Effect. ARod saw Brady leave a team that never gave him a strong supporting cast of skill position players for a team loaded with them and won a Super Bowl. ARod wants to do the same.

C’mon Matt, we all know how great Rodgers is at playing the position of QB. But winning super bowls and all that is the whole point of it all and that’s where Rodgers comes up short.

Pitiful. Rodgers is a grown man. And he ain’t the greatest to ever do it. Brady, Montana, Elway, Unitas, Graham, Brees, Peyton, Staubach and a few others are ahead of him. If we are not counting SBs then Jim Kelly and Dan Marino are ahead of him. The list is long.

Even the kid Mahomes has done more in 3 years than Rodgers has.

Get over it. Montana (with 4 SB rings) had to live with being platooned with Steve Young. Brady had to put up with Jimmy G waiting in the wings & responded by winning 3 SBs. Favre had to live with Rodgers staring down his throat.

Rodgers is a pitiful diva & the Packers need to stop groveling.

Rodgers is one annoying employee. I would not trade him. And I wouldn’t play him. Yep, you will lose draft picks. Yes, you will lose aaron’s play. You haven’t won much with him anyways

“I don’t care about Super Bowls or what-not.” Kicking the FG makes sense now . Definitely the right call if you don’t care about getting to the Super Bowl .

With the benefit of hindsight, Bart Starr was the greatest Packers QB. Team player and a 5x champion.

It’s not the Brady effect. It’s the Brady delusion.

Brady had won 6 SBs when he decided to negotiate a deal that at the end of the season let him leave the team on his own terms and choose his future.

Rodgers, Wilson, Watson & all the other delusional QBs can do the same. Right after they win 6. negotiate a one-year, no-cut, no-franchise deal. Then pick a team & go win your 7th ring your first year out. Easy-peasy.

Shouldnt have kicked that field goal!

I had Bart as best of all time due to his 5 Championships. Then along came Mr. Brady, and…

Pretty clear that Rodgers is only interested in Rodgers. Favre was guilty of yanking the Packers around by contemplating retirement after delivering everything he could for the team, to include starting 297 consecutive games Rodgers issue is not retirement, nor his salary, nor his teammates … his feelings are hurt because they drafted another QB. Maybe he should have a chat with Mason Crosby. The Packers organization will survive without him. Trade the millennial diva for everything they can get.

What is slowly fading away is the foolish notion that HC/GMs can dismissively wave off a top 5 star QB’s football opinions. 1. Their contentment matters and 2. Their opinion as a player deeply involved in the offensive strategy, might have some value. This doesn’t mean the HC/GM always has to agree/go along with that opinion, it just means 5 minutes of considered, respectful dialogue with your team’s central offensive star is not too much to ask.

Perhaps Rodgers is interested in getting over the NFC Championship game hump, not Rodgers caring about just Rodgers. Two seasons ago they fell one game short of the Super Bowl. The team’s biggest needs in the draft are a OT and a WR. What do they do? Trade up to draft a QB. A QB who was inactive for every game of the season. Talk about value added. Packers will survive without him? Sure. Like in 2017 when he Rodgers broke his collarbone and the Pack lost 8 of 11 of their remaining games.

You just made your own point. When Rodgers gets hurt and misses games, our backups are scrubs and our whole season tanks. Packers invested a 1st round pick on a QB that will serve as Rodgers backup for 3-4 years and eventually replace him (just like Aaron did HINT HINT). If Rodgers has to miss a few games, I’d feel a heck of a lot better with Jordan Love than some bum off the street that we had before.

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