Tesla Model S Plaid modded by UP breaks EV lap record at Laguna Seca


Electrek 02 August, 2021 - 09:30am 54 views

- Aug. 2nd 2021 7:30 am PT

A Tesla Model S Plaid modded by Unplugged Performance broke the electric vehicle lap record at the Laguna Seca race track.

It meant that the popular Tesla tuner had received an early unit from the automaker – showing a rare collaboration between Tesla and an aftermarket tuner.

In its testing on the track, UP was able to push the electric vehicle to 150 mph, but they didn’t break any record since it was their first time out with the car and the focus was testing for Pikes Peak just a week later.

Their return on the popular California proving grounds was successful as they managed to break the EV lap record with a 1:28.2 time:

— UNPLUGGED PERFORMANCE (@UnpluggedTesla) August 2, 2021

The time is within a second of the fastest production car lap record also held by Pobst but in a McLaren Senna.

It’s possible that the Model S Plaid could beat that, but this version is significantly modified by UP with their race-specific suspension and several body modifications, like the large spoiler and front lip.

Over the last year, Tesla itself used Laguana Seca as a proving ground for early Model S Plaid prototypes

At the time, they broke some records with a 1:30 lap.

Now Tesla has been spotted with a new Model S Plaid in Germany near the famous Nürburgring racetrack.

In 2019, Tesla started testing Model S Plaid prototypes at the track and achieved some impressive lap times.

The automaker had vowed to come back with production units and break some more records.

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Tesla is a transportation and energy company. It sells vehicles under its 'Tesla Motors' division and stationary battery pack for home, commercial and utility-scale projects under its 'Tesla Energy' division.

The Tesla Model S is an all-electric luxury sedan and the first vehicle developed from the ground up by Tesla. The Tesla Roadster was the first vehicle developed by Tesla, but it was based on a chassis by Lotus.

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Tesla Model S Plaid's Acceleration In The Rain Is So Sick—Literally

InsideEVs 02 August, 2021 - 10:59am

Knowing that and the fact that people go crazy for Model S Plaid acceleration videos these days, DragTimes’ Brooks Weisblat has decided to show some of his friends how the performance EV accelerates in the wet.

Remember, we’re talking about a car with an official 0-60 time of “under 2 seconds” (at least according to Tesla), though specific conditions have to be met for that to happen, including special tires, a sticky surface and not counting a one-foot rollout.

In the short video, which seems to be a preview of something more elaborate coming later on, we get to witness ridiculous 0-60 times of 2.61, 2.58, and even 2.34 seconds!

Brooks says the Tesla’s traction control system is pretty insane to allow those numbers, and we couldn’t agree more. Putting down 1,020 horsepower and 1,050 lb-ft (1,422 Nm) of torque so efficiently on a wet road is truly sensational and a testament to the Model S Plaid’s engineering excellence.

The reactions of Brooks’ friends clearly prove that, with one of them getting so sick to the stomach from the brutal acceleration he asked the driver to stop so he could get out and, you know, revisit lunch.

More Tesla Model S Plaid acceleration videos

Source: DragTimes/YouTube

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Tesla Model S Plaid edges Porsche 911 GT2 RS at Laguna Seca

Autoblog 02 August, 2021 - 10:20am

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The Unplugged Performance Tesla Model S Plaid race car lapped Laguna Seca quicker than a Porsche 911 GT2 RS in the hands of pro driver Randy Pobst, coming in second only to the McLaren Senna at California's most prestigious road course. 

"Another big day for the Unplugged Performance Tesla Model S Plaid team," Pobst posted to Instagram. "New EV lap record! With UP leaders Avi and Ben. 156 mph into Turn Two at WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca, astonishing speed from a luxury four-door sedan. This car is not far at all from the stock street car."

The car, known to the team as Dark Helmet, ran a 1:28.213 lap – just a tenth of a second quicker than the big-power track-spec Porsche and 6/10ths behind the track's record-holder. All three were driven by Pobst.  Earlier this summer, Unplugged Performance took the Model S Plaid race car up Pikes Peak, finishing first in the exhibition class and 10th overall at the world-famous hill climb. After Pikes Peak, Pobst called Dark Helmet "the most bad-to-the-bone electric car ever made."

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This Tesla Model S Plaid Is Faster Than a Porsche 911 GT2 RS Around Laguna Seca

RoadandTrack.com 02 August, 2021 - 08:38am

The highly modified sedan set a new EV lap record, less than a second off the pace of the McLaren Senna that hold the production car record at the famous track.

This Model S Plaid was originally built by Tesla tuner shop Unplugged Performance to tackle Pikes Peak back in June. While the EV drivetrain is unmodified, the car has a whole bunch of new aero components, wider tires, better brakes, and a stripped-out interior. Pair that with the Plaid's three motors making a total of 1020 hp, and you've got a serious track weapon on your hands.

Unplugged Performance announced today on Twitter that the car set a lap time of 1:28.2 around California's Weathertech Raceway Laguna Seca during a Tesla-only track day event. Pro driver and TV host Randy Pobst was at the wheel. That lap time puts the Tesla just six tenths of a second off the McLaren Senna, the fastest production car to ever lap the iconic circuit, and beats the lap time set by a 700-hp Porsche 911 GT2 RS by one tenth—all of those times set by Pobst.

The Tesla tuner has yet to release video of the record lap, though we suspect it's only a matter of time before that footage appears online. We'll be sure to update this article once it's published.

Tesla Model S Plaid: 20 Drag Strip Runs Just Hours After Delivery

InsideEVs 02 August, 2021 - 07:51am

These guys just got their first Model S Plaid on July 28, and they didn't waste any time. Things are only going to get more exciting for them going forward, and they have two more Model S Plaid sedans on order. We can't think of any other channel that will be racing three Plaid's and filming it.

The Tesla Plaid Channel provides new Tesla races every week, and it has already accumulated over 1,000 timeslips. They post every single race – win or lose – unless the competitor requests that they don't publish the footage. Many of the races feature Tesla vehicles, and more specifically, the channel's Model S Performance. However, all of this was just a precursor of what was to come.

We shared some Plaid races with you that the channel recently published, but the Plaid wasn't one they owned, but rather, that of a friend or competitor. Now that the Tesla Plaid Channel has its own refreshed Model S, and two more on the way, they'll be able to provide constant racing footage featuring the world's quickest car, and they're not wasting any time.

In this video, we get to see some 20 drag strip runs. The list of competitors is too long to share, but as you can imagine, it features a wide variety of rivals, from the Porsche 911 to "beasts on slicks." We're talking about nearly an hour of Model S Plaid racing footage.

Go grab the popcorn, kick back, and watch this "practical" family sedan show modified gassers and supercars who's boss.

Check Out More Tesla Model S Plaid Coverage:

Source: Tesla Plaid Channel (YouTube)


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Watch The McLaren 765LT Try To Keep Up With A Tesla Model S Plaid

CarBuzz 01 August, 2021 - 01:48pm

It hasn't been too long since Tesla launched its hilariously powerful Model S Plaid and already the electric sedan is racking up drag racing victories against previously unconquerable machines. In June, the Plaid took apart the legend that is the Nissan GT-R in a quarter-mile battle. Before that, the sedan set a new quarter-mile record, shattering the numbers set by supercars like the Bugatti Chiron. To see if the Plaid could maintain this spotless record, Dobre Cars put it up against a stock McLaren 765LT in a rolling race. Everyone knows how effective EVs are off the mark, but could a rolling race sway the odds in favor of the rear-wheel-drive McLaren?

McLaren claims 755 horsepower and 590 lb-ft of torque for the 765LT, while the Tesla promises an insane 1,020 hp. With a dry weight of just over 2,700 pounds, the 765LT is around 2,000 lbs lighter than the portly Model S Plaid. In a few rolling races from 40 mph, the Plaid shoots off ahead of the 765LT every time. This was despite the fact that the Tesla had an extra occupant on board at the time and the McLaren did not. That being said, the 765LT was never far behind the Tesla and as the speeds started to rise, the McLaren began getting closer to the Tesla. A longer track and higher speeds would have likely changed the outcome.

Although no specific numbers were shared, the race proves that both cars are mightily impressive in their own way. The Model S Plaid represents the pinnacle of fully electric power right now, while the 765LT is one of the greatest embodiments of internal combustion prowess. Remember, the McLaren set its own quarter-mile record in stock form to start off the year. Rather than pit EVs against ICE models and argue about which is superior, maybe we should just be grateful to live in a time where automotive engineering has exceeded what we thought was possible in cars you can buy off the showroom floor.

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