Tesla Teases New Colors For Made-In-Germany Model Y


InsideEVs 10 October, 2021 - 06:05pm

Is Tesla headquarters moving to Texas?

AUSTIN, Texas - It's official. Tesla is moving its headquarters to Austin. Elon Musk announced the move during the 2021 Annual Shareholders meeting Thursday afternoon at the new Gigafactory in Del Valle. FOX 7 AustinTesla moving headquarters to Austin, Texas

Why is Elon Musk moving to Texas?

Mr Musk moved his home to Texas from California at the end of last year to focus on Tesla's new car manufacturing plant there. His SpaceX rocket company has a launch site in the southern tip of Texas. BBC NewsTesla: Elon Musk says company headquarters will move to Texas

When Will Tesla move to Texas?

The Semi, originally planned to launch in 2020, has been delayed to 2023, as has the Roadster that was first unveiled in 2017. Yesterday, at Tesla's 2021 shareholder meeting, CEO Elon Musk announced that Tesla will officially move it headquarters to Austin, Texas. Car and DriverTesla Headquarters Will Move to Texas, Says CEO Elon Musk

Is Elon Musk moving to Texas?

Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced Thursday that the company will relocate its headquarters from Palo Alto, Calif., to Austin, Texas. The HillWhy Elon Musk is moving Tesla from California to Texas | TheHill

Tesla HQ's effect on Austin real estate | KVUE

KVUE 11 October, 2021 - 09:20pm

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