That Lewis Hamilton-Max Verstappen Crash Still Doesn't Feel Right


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Did Lewis Hamilton get a penalty?

Hamilton was given a 10 second penalty but took it during a pit stop when running second and came back on to the track in fourth place. "Regardless of whether I agree with the penalty I just take it on the chin," he said. FirstpostFormula 1 2021: Lewis Hamilton wins British GP despite 10-second penalty for colliding with Max Verstappen

What did Verstappen say about Hamilton?

But after being "taken to a local hospital for further cautionary tests", Verstappen posted on social media saying Hamilton's move had been "dangerous" and his victory celebrations were "disrespectful and unsportsmanlike". Celebrating his win, Hamilton said: "This is a dream for me today, to do it in front of you all. Sky NewsLewis Hamilton targeted by racists online after British Grand Prix win and Max Verstappen crash

Masi backs stewards on Hamilton penalty, adding that decisions are always based on incident alone not outcome

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How Hamilton and Mercedes negated the impact of 10s penalty to win at Silverstone

Hamilton and Verstappen were duelling on the first lap of the British Grand Prix when Hamilton attempted an audacious move down the inside of the fast Copse right-hander, with he and Verstappen making contact that sent the Dutchman into the barriers.

Following a red flag as those barriers were fixed, Hamilton then put in a remarkable recovery drive after receiving a 10-second penalty for the incident, catching Charles Leclerc with two laps to go and passing for victory. But Mercedes revealed after the race how close Hamilton had been to retirement after the Verstappen contact.

“We'd failed the rim where we'd had the contact on the front-left,” said the team’s trackside engineering director Andrew Shovlin, “so that would have been a DNF had it not been red-flagged.

“The rest of the damage was actually remarkably little,” he added. “It was a tyre temperature sensor that had got knocked loose, so it was waggling around, but amazingly, it's the least important part on the front wing – and it was the only one that broke.”

Reflecting on Hamilton’s victory, meanwhile, Shovlin said it had been "really nice" to be able to watch the Mercedes driver reel in and eventually pass Leclerc on Lap 50 of 52, as he praised Hamilton’s efforts in taking his eighth British Grand Prix win.

“From our planners' view in the race, who were forecasting it live, we were looking at catching [Charles] up two laps to go,” said Shovlin.

“When we thought it was on I'd say was five laps into that [push]. You normally see the drop on the tyres, but you could just see Lewis holding this eight-tenths advantage to Charles every lap and Lewis just wasn't dropping off and the balance was happy.

“And to be honest with Lewis, you can hear it in his voice and in what he's saying on the radio; you just get this switch where he knows in his head he's going to do it today. To be honest, it was really nice sitting on the pit wall just watching that final stint unfold, because it was a great win and a well-deserved win for Lewis.”

That win put Hamilton just eight points behind Verstappen in the drivers’ standings, with Mercedes now only four points adrift of Red Bull in the constructors’.

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Hamilton victory celebrations were ‘disrespectful’ and ‘unsportsmanlike’ says Verstappen

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Analysis | Why was the Hamilton and Verstappen 1st lap battle so ferocious?

GPblog 19 July, 2021 - 04:10pm

The whole sprint qualifying debate has gone by the wayside for the time being. But without doubt, the sprint played a pivotal role in Sunday's Grand Prix. On Saturday, Hamilton started from pole but lost the lead on the opening lap. The Dutchman stormed into the distance and ran away to take the chequered flag. Within a few laps, he escaped the DRS zone and Hamilton was unable to pose a threat. 

As always, the Red Bull car is phenomenally strong in the corners. Stronger than Mercedes. Following this sprint, Hamilton knew his best, and arguably only chance was to get ahead of Verstappen early. The day before, he had learnt that he couldn't let Verstappen go. Whether this be off the line, at the first corner, or using the slipstream on the opening lap. He had to get through to stand a decent chance of winning the race. As well as sprint qualifying playing a part, Hamilton would've also had the two weeks in Austria in mind. 

Over recent weeks, Red Bull have managed to match or even beat Mercedes in terms of straight-line speed but the set-up on the RB16B around Silverstone simply didn't work for straight-line speed. In fact, during Friday evening qualifying, Verstappen recorded the lowest speed at the speed trap. The speed trap at Silverstone is located before the braking zone on the hanger straight. 

Verstappen is nearly 10 km/h slower than Hamilton here. Teammate Sergio Perez is also down the field in 14th place, around 5 km/h slower than Bottas and Hamilton.

As a result, Verstappen knew that he couldn't afford to give Hamilton clean air as he would've pulled away into the distance using this straight-line speed. The 23-year-old's biggest threat of losing the race was an overtake at this point. Particularly with Perez starting the Grand Prix from the pits, Red Bull Racing couldn't control the strategies as both Hamilton and Bottas were at the front.  

Before the race started, Christian Horner said to Sky Sports: "Difference yesterday was the start and that will be key today." So much attention was focused on the start. Neither driver could afford to give each other an inch because it would've ended in defeat should the race had been completed without a safety car or another random factor such as a puncture. 

The two drivers have been racing each other on the circuit through the 2021 season, and Hamilton has often backed off to avoid serious contact. The Imola example stands out. But this time he didn't. The Championship is heating up, and the British driver was staring down the barrel of a serious deficit in the Championship standings. And the emotionally charged predominantly British crowd also played a part. 

Verstappen was never going to back down either. He has always been known to get his elbows out in battles like this. And who can blame him, the Dutchman is gunning for his first Formula 1 World Championship. Especially with rule and regulation changes just around the corner, you never know how many chances you're going to get in Formula 1. Even if you're one of the best drivers.

Wherever you sit in the debate about who is at fault, this battle is great to see at the top of the Formula 1 pyramid. And this incident has ignited the fight. In years gone by, rivals have gone through the pit lane to meet each other, others have said some words in the press. This time, unsurprisingly in this day and age, social media plays a role. Verstappen's Tweet labelling Hamilton as "disrespectful" and calling his celebrations "unsportsmanlike" have only added fuel to the fire. 

Formula 1 fans are in for a treat during the rest of the season. Heading into the Hungarian Grand Prix, emotions are riding high. We're not even halfway through the season yet, so expect additional battles and more fireworks. It's hard racing at the front of the field. It's just what Formula 1 needs. 

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'When it comes to pure speed, Verstappen is ahead of Hamilton'

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“I’m just happy Max is fine" - Bottas and Leclerc have the same opinion on the Verstappen-Hamilton...

The Sportsrush 19 July, 2021 - 04:10pm

Valtteri Bottas felt something major was going to happen as Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen battled it out for the race lead of the British Grand Prix. Verstappen went out crashing into the barriers, but Bottas ruled it to be no more than a racing incident.

“I saw them fighting during lap one, a bit like yesterday [sprint qualifying]. I had a feeling something was going to happen but obviously they were fighting hard. That kind of thing happens, that’s racing. It can happen when you fight hard and you don’t give up.

“I’m just happy Max is fine because it was a big shunt. But I really feel like Lewis fully deserved the win.”

The view from above of *that* incident#BritishGP 🇬🇧 #F1

— Formula 1 (@F1) July 18, 2021

Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc, who took the race lead after the incident, seconded Bottas’ opinion on the collision being nobody’s fault, calling it a racing incident. He also expressed relief that Verstappen has recovered from the 51G impact, and is out of the hospital.

“It is very difficult to judge it from the car, we are very low, so it’s difficult to see everything and it went very quickly. I could see there was quite a bit going on in front of me. I think it’s a racing incident. It is quite difficult to put the blame on one or the other.

“Obviously, there was the space on the inside. Maybe Lewis was not completely at the apex, but it’s also true that Max was quite aggressive on the outside. Things happen but I think what is most important today is that Max is unharmed and is fine.”

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“We judge it on the incident itself” – FIA Race Director Michael Masi explains the…

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