The 2021 Met Gala's Best Dressed


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Was Dixie at the Met Gala?

The first couple episodes gave fans insight into the inner workings of the family and their future career dreams. Though she wasn't with little sister Charli D'Amelio — who at 17 is too young to attend — Dixie D'Amelio made her Met Gala debut on Monday night, wearing a black minidress and an exciting hat. TeenVogue.comAddison Rae, NikkieTutorials & All the Influencers Who Attended Met Gala 2021

Who skipped the Met Gala?

Beyoncé Skipped the Met Gala to Vacation on a Mega Yacht. But she posted several glamorous looks to make up for her absence. HarpersBAZAAR.comBeyoncé Skipped the Met Gala to Vacation on a Mega Yacht

What is peg the patriarchy?

The term “pegging” refers to a sexual act during which a woman performs anal sex on a male with a strap-on sex toy. Offering somewhat of an explanation, she added: “You know, it's a bit like, 'stick it to the man', if anyone wants to look up the word.” The IndependentCara Delevingne divides fans with ‘Peg the patriarchy’ vest at 2021 Met Gala

Billie Eilish Channels Marilyn Monroe at the 2021 Met Gala

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