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Who are the final four on The Bachelorette?

The bachelorette's final four are: Michael, Blake, Justin and Greg Grippo. ParadeWho Went Home on The Bachelorette Tonight? Week 7 Eliminations

The Bachelorette Reveals Katie Thurston's Final 4, But We Think She Sent the Wrong Guy Home - E! Online

E! NEWS 19 July, 2021 - 09:00pm

Somehow we've neared the end of Katie Thurston's season of The Bachelorette, and she has now narrowed her men all the way down to the final four. Of course she's excited to meet the families of her top four boyfriends, but there were a lot of tears to be cried on the way, both for her and for us. 

First, she sent home Brendan. Brendan did not make that much of an impression on us, so Katie's tearful goodbye to him also didn't really do much. We got a little more emotional when she sent Mike P. packing, but only because she got so emotional and we had just watched him mentally wrestle with his views on intimacy. 

Then, it came time for Katie to send one last guy home at the last rose ceremony before hometown dates, and she did the unthinkable: she did not give a rose to Andrew S. Sweet sweet Andrew S., sent home! Katie, how dare you?

To be fair to her, she was positively distraught over her own decision, and said it was the only one so far that she couldn't be 100 percent sure of. She just didn't think their relationship could get where it needed to be in the time they had, but boy, she was having a hard time accepting that. She was still crying about it the next day, when Andrew came to her hotel room to clear the air and say goodbye in a less stressful environment.

He then gave her a date card that read "If you change your mind, I'll be waiting," and she chased him through the hotel, romcom-style, and jumped into his arms. She asked if he might possibly stay just a little longer, but couldn't promise that anything could change. He said no! It was like season three of one of our favorite will they/won't they couples, except normally, you know that couple will get together eventually. This time, she's probably gonna pick somebody else! 

Andrew S. has been a fave since night one, when he first broke out his fake English accent, and we're simply devastated to see it all end this way, and the only way to make us feel better is to make him the Bachelor. Do you hear that, ABC? Andrew. S. For. Bachelor.

(If you can't do that, perhaps give us his number? Thanks!) 

Anyway, let's get back to the men Katie did choose to continue this journey with. Greg and Blake are the obvious ones, and then there's Justin and Michael, who are also extremely sweet. 

The reality is that Katie had a really great group of guys this season, and a hell of a decision to make at the end of the day. She can be forgiven for following her heart, we guess. 

Keep up with the remaining men and all the departed ones by scrolling down.

30, a wildlife manager from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

27, a marketing sales rep from Edison, NJ.

26, an investment sales consultant from Baltimore, MD.

36, a business owner from Akron, OH.

26, a pro football player from Vienna, Austria.

26, a firefighter trainee from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

31, a gym owner from San Diego, CA.

26, an insurance agent from San Diego, CA.

30, a software salesman from La Jolla, CA.

26, a software engineer from Covington, GA.

34, a software strategist from Houston, TX.

29, a math teacher from Nashville, TN.

31, a deputy district attorney from Newport Beach, CA.

25, an IT consultant from Miami, FL.

26, a nutrition entrepreneur from Dallas, TX.

26, a real estate agent from Boston, MA.

28, a former baseball player from Costa Mesa, CA.

27, a technical product specialist from Nashville, TN.

28, a real estate broker from Poway, CA.

29, a software marketing manager from Salinas, CA.

27, a bartender from Pacific Beach, CA.

34, a motivational speaker from Miami, FL.

26, a technical recruiter from Fort Lauderdale, FL.

27, a zipper sales manager from San Diego, CA.

35, an entrepreneur from Charlotte, NC.

26, an auto parts manager from Queens, NY.

31, a surgical skin salesman from Jersey City, NJ.

25, a basketball coach from Dallas, TX.

25, a real estate investor from Mission Viejo, CA.

30, a real estate broker from Portland, OR.

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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