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Is Bryce Hall in He's all that cast?

Bryce Hall, Addison Rae's ex-boyfriend, makes a cameo in "He's All That" during a party held at Padgett's frenemy Alden's (Madison Pettis) house. ... Hall's cameo is uncredited and he doesn't have any lines in the movie. INSIDER'He's All That' cameos: Bryce Hall, Spencer X, Kourteney Kardashian

How Addison Rae's "He's All That" Movie is The Perfect Remake | E! News

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People have been anticipating Addison Rae’s acting debut for months, ever since it was announced that she’d be starring in romantic comedy ‘He’s All That’ across from male lead Tanner Buchanan.

The movie was finally released on Netflix on August 27, and although some viewers praised Addison for her performance, critics’ reviews were decidedly mixed.

However, it certainly has proven to be entertaining viewing for fans of the TikTok sensation, as some of her close friends even ended up making appearances in the film.

But people were even more surprised upon the release of the movie when they spotted TikTok star Bryce Hall had made an appearance. The pair used to be a hugely popular influencer couple, but they broke things off in March, 2021.

After Bryce congratulated Addison on her performance, the star thanked him for his support, and instructed fans to “be sure to watch #HesAllThat on Netflix to see if you can spot Bryce.”

Thank you for the support!! Everyone be sure to watch #HesAllThat on Netflix to see if you can spot Bryce 😉

— Addison Rae (@whoisaddison) August 27, 2021

The influencer only appeared in the movie for a short moment, and even though he didn’t have any lines, fans were delighted to see that he’d made an appearance.

Oh heyyyy @BryceHall

— ✨Heidi✨ (@Heidikens_12) August 27, 2021

People loved seeing the former couple support each other over social media, and now a new wave of viewers are flocking to Netflix to see if they can spot Bryce for themselves.

'He's All That,' Addison Rae, and Turning TikTok Stars Into 'Real Celebrities'

Pajiba Entertainment News 30 August, 2021 - 06:30pm

According to current numbers, the third most popular user on TikTok is Addison Rae, a 20-year-old from Louisiana who currently has over 81 million followers. Forbes named her as the highest-earning personality on the platform last year. You may have seen her lazily teaching Jimmy Fallon some dance moves that are popular on the app that she didn’t create. She also has some songs, is BFFs with Kourtney Kardashian, and got up to greet Donald Trump at a recent UFC fight. Wikipedia describes her as a ‘singer, social media personality, dancer and actress.’ She can currently be seen in the Freddie Prinze Jr. role of the gender-swapped remake of She’s All That, which has a 32% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Our own Lindsay delightfully described the film in her review as ‘a shallow showcasing of dance scenes, musical numbers, and close ups of branded snacks that feel like a book report on Shakespeare by a kid who read the Wikipedia entry and presented it while wearing a lot of lip gloss.’ Rae’s acting has not been celebrated by the critics.

So, what happens when one makes an appearance?

In her excellent newsletter, Insider reporter Kat Tenbarge described another TikTok celebrity, Bella Poarch, as ‘a blank slate customized for mass engagement.’ The appeal lies less in some undeniable form of talent or charisma and more in the possibilities presented by being a conventionally pretty white woman who’s perfectly malleable for an eager industry trying to tap into that ever-profitable youth demographic. I feel like Rae fits this mold too. Sure, she’s singing and dancing and acting, but it never seemed like she was doing those out of a love of the craft or desire to create. It’s just a thing you do when you get famous, and she’s already a pre-established figure to her audience so she doesn’t necessarily need to be good at any of those skills. Such ideas seem frivolous in the grand scheme of things because they’re not qualities that TikTok or the internet necessarily prioritize. What they want in reality is ‘relatability.’

So, I try to avoid grumbling over the dang kids and their TikToks who don’t fit into my personal definition of fame, one that is flexible but often instinctively adheres to more traditional notions. But still, I am curious as to the long-term guarantees of this shiny new world. Eventually, you have to be good at something. The algorithm will turn against you as it did for many YouTubers. Platforms fall or become irrelevant. There’s always something newer and shinier around the corner, populated with younger, prettier people who are smarter, more talented, and more relatable than you. Can Addison Rae improve her acting skills while she has the luxury to work on them? Perhaps she can diversify her portfolio enough to ensure she retains some sort of staying power. Whether it’s in Hollywood or remains online could go either way. When your job is essentially to be likable, you need to figure out what to do when that quality is eventually ripped from your hands.

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Did You Catch All the Cameos and References in “He's All That?”

Hype.MY 28 August, 2021 - 02:09pm

The film, which also stars Madison Pettis, Tanner Buchanan, Peyton Meyer, Myra Molloy, and Isabella Crovetti follows high school influencer Padgett Sawyer (Addison) as she navigates her high-profile breakup with Jordan Van Draanen (Peyton). Naturally, the whole drama goes down on Insta and a viral video of Padgett crying (complete with a snot bubble) has her losing followers by the dozen. Enter the brilliant scheme to help her regain her social media clout: turn “loser” Cameron Kweller (Tanner) into the Prom King via a makeover. Naturally, plenty of chaos ensues — not to mention cameos from Kourtney Kardashian along with OG She’s All That cast members Rachael Leigh Cook and Matthew Lillard.

When the film hit Netflix on August 27, the internet came out in full force with reactions and memes. Plenty of people immediately zeroed in on Kourtney’s role as Jessica Miles Torres, Padgett’s social media sponsor, while others were focused on the original actor cameos, particularly the scene when Rachael Leigh Cook muses “Why do I know this song?” when “Kiss Me” plays in the background. A moment!

Others on social came together to start a Myra Molloy fan club; while Addison might have played the film’s main character, Myra’s role as Quinn did not go unnoticed. As one Twitter user put it, “Honestly, I only care about her.”

Some viewers spotted some IRL Instagram pictures on screen, along with other TikToker cameos. (Bryce Hall, we see you!)

And then, there were memes. And jokes. And more memes.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your ring lights, your Doritos (I mean, those product placements though…), and relive the high school romcom magic. With a side of hashtags and livestreaming of course, but at least the “I was a f***ing bet?!?!” line is preserved. It is history, after all.

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