The new Call of Duty trailer omits Activision


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When will Call of Duty Vanguard release?

Call of Duty has just announced that the next game in the popular first-person shooter series, Call of Duty Vanguard, will be releasing on November 5. Collider.comCall of Duty: Vanguard Release Date, Trailer, and Zombies Revealed

How much is Call of Duty Vanguard?

Expect incredible value and masses of content no matter which version of Call of Duty: Vanguard you purchase. For those wanting to pre-order, there are three distinct editions to choose from: Standard (MSRP $59.99), Cross-Gen Bundle (MSRP $69.99), and Ultimate (MSRP $99.99). callofduty.comCall of Duty®: Vanguard Editions, Pre-Order Benefits Detailed

What is the vanguard event?

The Vanguard event was entirely cooperative, featuring lobbies of 32 players all working towards the same goal: Destroy the armored train. Seeing such large-scale cooperative play was a first for Warzone, and it felt more unified than ever. There were no frustrations of getting constantly killed by an expert player. InverseWarzone's 'Vanguard' event hints at a more immersive future for game reveals

Did warzone get anti cheat?

Call of Duty: Warzone will get a new anti-cheat system with Vanguard. PolygonCall of Duty: Warzone to get new anti-cheat system with Vanguard update

Call of Duty: Vanguard premiered on Thursday with a three-minute trailer. Curiously, the video opens with “Call of Duty presents” instead of ‘Activision presents’, which is then followed by “a Sledgehammer Games production” slate.

More telling is the trailer’s end slate, which includes logos for lead developer Sledgehammer and support studios Treyarch and Beenox, but not their parent company.

There’s no Activision logo at all in the trailer, unlike last year’s Call of Duty announcement video which prominently displayed the badge of its publisher. The only mention of Activision in the Vanguard video is in the legally required copyright small print.

It’s possible that Activision Blizzard is attempting to distance itself from its key brand during a period where the company’s reputation has been severely tarnished by numerous allegations of wrongdoing.

Last month the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) filed a lawsuit against Activision Blizzard, which accuses the company of failing to handle sexual harassment and discrimination complaints.

The lawsuit, and Activision Blizzard’s subsequent response, led to a staff walkout accompanied by an open letter signed by thousands of current and former employees.

Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick claimed during an earnings call this month that the company will “set the example” on how to handle sexual harassment and discrimination in the games industry, but its own shareholders have called this response “inadequate”.

SOC Investment Group, which owns shares in Activision Blizzard, sent a letter to the company’s lead independent director stating that CEO Bobby Kotick‘s response to the lawsuit and its subsequent employee backlash does “not go nearly far enough” to address the issues involved.

Asked how Sledgehammer was supporting its staff during the lawsuit, studio head Aaron Halon said: “We make sure we’re listening to our team and doing everything we possibly can to move things forward, to make the culture the best place to come work.”

He added: “Rather than paying lip service, we have to just continue to do it, make sure we’re focused on our culture and focused on our team. Above all, that’s the most important thing for a healthy studio. You create that, you get creative people together, and the results are going to follow that.”

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Call of Duty: Vanguard Campaign and Multiplayer Details Revealed - IGN

IGN 20 August, 2021 - 03:10am

Sledgehammer is back up to bat for the next iteration of Call of Duty, and it's taking us once again to World War II. This time, though, they're trying not only a more global approach but also spinning the story with a bit of historical fiction. Here's what Sledgehammer revealed about Call of Duty: Vanguard's campaign along with a few scant details about multiplayer — we'll have to wait for another event for a full multiplayer reveal.

If you're looking for details about other Call of Duty modes, be sure to read the news about how Treyarch will be leading Vanguard's Zombies mode and how Vanguard impacts Warzone.

Vanguard wants to be both true to history by taking heavy inspirations from real people and events, but also wants to ask "what if?" It does so through Project Phoenix, a fictional operation schemed up by the remaining members of the Nazi party trying to find a successor to Hitler after the fall of Berlin. A special forces group of four individuals from the Allied powers is put together to combat the plot.

From what we've seen of Vanguard, it's looking like the story will primarily follow Sgt. Arthur Kingsley, the leader of the squad, or at least kick off with him in some way. We'll also get time with each of the other three members on their corresponding war fronts (Eastern Front, Western Front, Pacific, and North Africa) where they each prove their bravery and capabilities before being tapped for this special unit.

Here's what we know about the four protagonists:

In the gameplay shown of Sgt. Arthur Kingsley's campaign mission Operation Tonga, the "blockbuster" look Game Director Josh Bridge said they're going for is especially apparent. Kingsley starts this mission by falling from the sky and has to navigate the dark warzone unarmed. Airborne fights rage on as Kinglsey sneaks around enemy territory, has to dig through ammo piles for just the right bullets, and eliminates enemies in tense, close-quarter combat.

Sledgehammer revealed light but important multiplayer details. Call of Duty: Vanguard will have 20 multiplayer maps at launch that are set across the Western, Eastern, Pacific, and North African fronts. 16 are 6v6 maps and four are 2v2. Multiplayer Creative Director Greg Reisdorf described the maps as "smaller, tighter maps."

As far as customization goes, Sledgehammer is bringing back Gunsmith and adding custom ballistics and ammo types. Mounted weapons can also be moved across surfaces and blind fiver over cover and other elements in the maps. Multiplayer will also have "reactive gameplay environments," or breakable elements in the map like boards and other weak structures to open new paths and vantage points.

Vanguard is also introducing a search option that works across all maps and modes and can make your multiplayer more or less hectic called Combat Pacing. This tool changes the player count through these three options:

Then, finally, we learned a little bit about a new mode called Champion Hill. Reisdorf described Champion Hill mode as "a mix of battle royale plus gunfight with progression happening between each of the rounds." Champion Hill is played across four maps. Players can enter Champion Hill solo, in a duo, or in a trio squad.

More information on multiplayer is going to be revealed at a later time. Until then, be sure to check out our rewind of the Call of Duty: Vanguard reveal trailer. Call of Duty: Vanguard will be out on November 5, 2021 for PC, Xbox consoles, and PlayStation consoles.

Call of Duty: Vanguard Looks Gorgeous - 5 Features I Absolutely Love

COGconnected 20 August, 2021 - 03:10am

Here are five things about Vanguard I’m looking forward to:

Multiplayer is COD’s bread and butter, but I’m a fan who looks forward to an adrenaline-fueled blockbuster campaign every year. In Sledgehammer’s words, Vanguard features a fictional tale with characters that are “historically inspired, but not beholden.” It focuses on the birth of special forces across every allied nation during WWII, guaranteeing high-stakes missions not typically explored in previous entries.

Each role you inhabit is intended to be well realized between backstories, motivations, animation, and visual fidelity. The one mission we witnessed involved an American paratrooper dropping into France the night before D-Day. He made his way through an extended stealth sequence involving woods, fields, a dilapidated town, and it resolved in a classic firefight.

Collectively, the characters are pursuing Nazi Germany’s secret project codenamed “Phoenix,” led by the fictional Heinrich Freisnger, leader of the Gestapo and member of Hilter’s inner circle. The campaign doesn’t feature co-op, as Sledgehammer designed the game to focus solely on the individuals highlighted across each special force.

Miraculously, after 18 years, Call of Duty developers are still implementing new ideas into multiplayer. Vanguard features new mobility mechanics, specifically the ability to slide your weapon across surfaces once you’ve mounted it for cover. Maps now feature destructible areas, including walls and floors intended to give players a tactical advantage, and Gunsmith is returning with the inclusion of custom ballistics and ammo types. While all of these features have been present in other shooters, they’re undoubtedly healthy additions to COD’s ecosystem.

Multiplayer also enables players to choose their preferred combat pacing such as tactical, standard, and blitz, which significantly alter the flow and speed of gameplay. There will be 20 maps and multiple new modes at launch, but most interestingly, Champion Hill. The specific details are still under wraps, but it’s being touted as “Battle Royale meets Gunfight.” I’m into Battle Royale, and I’m a massive fan of gunfight. The idea of blending them inspires a lot of hype.

Few details were shared on what to expect from Zombies, but Sledgehammer shared that Treyarch is leading development on a prequel story to Cold War’s zombie narrative. Zombies are always a good time, so I trust there’s much to look forward to there as well.

While Warzone is seemingly plagued indefinitely by cheaters, Sledgehammer, along with the other Call of Duty studios, are finalizing a new anti-cheat system that will be implemented with the launch of Vanguard. Vanguard’s likeness, including characters, weapons, and more, will be implemented into Warzone on day one of release.

Also, expect a new map post-launch. That is outstanding news as I am ready for a new battle royale map.

Modern Warfare’s engine has clearly had some upgrades. Vanguard is the first Call of Duty in years that has visually astounded me. Mind you, I watched gameplay through a Zoom stream, and it still blew my mind. Textures, lighting, and reactive environments to weather, hazards, characters, and gunfire are gorgeous. Further enhancing the visuals is the remarkably mixed sound design and score.

Excellent sound design has long been present in Call of Duty, and it’s in no short supply in Vanguard. Guns, explosions, kills, and environments sound crisp, guttural, and brutal. I also found myself emotionally moved by some of the orchestral score throughout the presentation, notably during the campaign demo. I rarely notice the music in Call of Duty games, but its collection of dreadful drones, nail-biting staccato sequences, and heroic melodies evoked various feelings that I’m sure will boost the gameplay experience.

While we’ve only witnessed a glimpse of the final package, Vanguard looks excellent and promises several new features that seemingly set it apart from those that came before.

For more on Call of Duty: Vanguard, stay tuned to COGconnected.

Call Of Duty: Vanguard Preorders Live Now: Pricing, Cross-Gen Bundle, Ultimate Edition Details

GameSpot 19 August, 2021 - 01:53pm

August's First PS Plus Game Confirmed As Hunter's Arena: Legends

Baldur's Gate 3 Patch 5 Coming July 13, And Here's What It Does

Call of Duty: Vanguard releases November 5, and there are three editions available to preorder now.

Once again, Activision is offering a Cross-Gen bundle. The $70 Cross-Gen Bundle comes with access to Call of Duty: Vanguard for PS5 and PS4 or Xbox Series X and Xbox One. If you're only playing on PS4, Xbox One, or PC, the standard edition costs $60.

All preorders come with early access to the Call of Duty: Vanguard multiplayer beta later this year. You'll also get the Frontline Weapons Pack, Mastercraft Blueprint for Black Ops Cold War and Warzone, and Operator Arthur Kingsley in Cold War and Warzone. Meanwhile, the Cross-Gen bundle comes with five hours of 2WXP. The Ultimate edition comes with even more goodies, which you can check out below.

Call of Duty: Vanguard's standard edition is available to preorder digitally for $60 on the PlayStation Store, Xbox Store, and Physical preorders should be available soon. If you buy the standard edition and wind up wanting to play on PS5 or Xbox Series X, you can purchase a $10 upgrade later on.

Call of Duty: Vanguard's Cross-Gen Bundle is currently available to preorder digitally on the Xbox Store and PlayStation Store. Physical edition preorders should be going live soon.

Call of Duty: Vanguard's $100 Ultimate Edition is available to preorder for PS5/PS4, Xbox Series X/Xbox One, and PC. Like the Cross-Gen Bundle, it comes with both current- and previous- gen console versions. In addition to the aforementioned preorder bonuses, you also get the Vanguard Battle Pass Bundle and Task Force One Pack.

Call of Duty: Vanguard will launch with way more maps than Black Ops – Cold War

PC Gamer 19 August, 2021 - 12:45pm

Map variety shouldn't be a problem at launch this time around.

Activision Blizzard is currently facing a lawsuit alleging widespread discrimination and sexual harassment. Here's everything that's happened since the lawsuit went public

Multiplayer creative director Greg Reisdorf revealed during a press briefing that Vanguard is launching with 16 standard 6v6 maps as well as 4 smaller 2v2 maps.

Because every CoD has to come out swinging with a new marquee mode, Reisdorf also shared a few details on Champion Hill, described as "battle royale plus Gunfight." Eight teams (presumably duos) will duke it out with the last squad standing taking the win. Sounds a little gimmicky, but I'm more on board for Gunfight with a twist than Cold War's forgettable 40-player Fireteam mode (I had to use google to remember what it was called).

Vanguard's maps will span every major theater of the war: the Eastern front, Western front, North Africa, and the Pacific. 

In any other game I'd say this setup could fragment the community and lead to long queue times, but crossplay should be able to populate them.

It's an interesting approach to mode variety that gives players more freedom than in recent years. Since Modern Warfare 2019, variant modes with fewer or more players have cycled in and out of the game on a weekly basis. That will also be the case in Vanguard, it seems, but these three matchmaking modes ensure that players who prefer a smaller, less chaotic experience can find it (assuming enough people are also queueing for it).

Lots of other Vanguard news dropped today, as well. We got a good look at one of Vanguard's campaign missions and learned that Vanguard runs on the Call of Duty: Warzone engine.

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Call of Duty: Vanguard is a post-WW2 game about hunting down Hitler's successor

PC Gamer 19 August, 2021 - 12:45pm

Vanguard's campaign follows a four-person squad and the "birth of special forces."

Activision Blizzard is currently facing a lawsuit alleging widespread discrimination and sexual harassment. Here's everything that's happened since the lawsuit went public

Sledgehammer, which hasn't led development on a CoD game since 2017's Call of Duty: WW2, is shaking things up by setting most of the campaign after the official end of the war. Hitler is dead, the Nazis have lost, but the Allies learn of a troubling plan (called "Project Phoenix") to somehow facilitate "Hitler's successor."

What the heck does that even mean? Your guess is as good as mine. Vanguard's main villain is the fictional Heinrich Freisinger (inspired by the real Gestapo operative Heinrich Müller). In 1945, Hitler technically had a real successor: this dude, Karl Dönitz, who immediately surrendered and was eventually convicted of war crimes at the Nuremberg trials. So evidently there's at least a warping of history happening here. I'm crossing my fingers that CoD goes even further and delves into historical fiction, or even the supernatural, in one of its campaigns.

Call of Duty is no stranger to campaigns about small special forces teams deploying into hostile countries, but Vanguard's hook lies in this being a new concept at the end of World War 2. To deal with this whole successor problem, the Allies deploy a squad of four specialists from four countries: Arthur Kingsley (Great Britain), Polina Petrova (Soviet Union, also the woman that's been sniping Warzone winners out of helicopters), Wade Jackson (USA), and Lucas Riggs (Australia).

I got a brief glimpse at Vanguard's campaign during a closed press briefing. The mission shown comes early in the campaign, depicting Arthur parachuting behind enemy lines the night before the D-Day invasion (if you thought you'd get a break from D-Day in this WW2 game, think again).

Arthur barely survives the drop after his parachute burns up mid-fall and has to scrounge around for a weapon, eventually looting a Kar98 from a dead soldier. What follows is a stealthy Call of Duty mission that you've probably played before: sneaking around, shooting once you can't hide any longer, all that good stuff. It was familiar, but what struck me was how brief each firefight was. The player is never exchanging shots with more than one or two soldiers at a time. Soldiers hunt down Arthur, shooting through wooden doors and restarting the search when he's lost them. The sequence played out more like a stealth action game than a conventional CoD level.

It's a pretty effective eight-minute demo, but it also seemed very scripted. Every movement and shot was obviously choreographed. Heavily-scripted demos can be very effective for a game like The Last of Us Part 2 when showing off the potential of the same scenario to go a different way, but I'm doubtful that's what I saw in Vanguard. It could be that everyone's version of that mission will be identical, which would be a bummer.

It wouldn't be the first time a CoD campaign turned out to be less unique than a gameplay demo suggested. At a similar briefing held last year for Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War, we were shown a snippet of the stealthy mission inside the KGB headquarters. The presentation suggested that it'd be an expansive map with lots of options to complete your goal. In reality, it played more like a bundle of linear objectives you could tackle out of order.

That's not to say Vanguard's campaign won't be a good time—gunplay and animations look fantastic again (possibly thanks to the return of Modern Warfare 2019's engine). In truth, most CoD fans won't really know how to feel until we know more about Vanguard's multiplayer. We know Gunsmith is returning and got a taste of raw destructibility of maps, but Sledgehammer is saving the full multiplayer reveal for a later date.

Call of Duty: Vanguard is releasing on November 5. On the Call of Duty: Warzone side of things, we also learned the battle royale will get a brand new map and new anti-cheat system in 2021.

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