The Walking Dead Recap: Season 11, Episode 4 — [Spoiler] Is a Reaper!


TVLine 12 September, 2021 - 09:04pm 8 views

Who is Leah on the walking dead?

Lynn Collins returns as Leah with grayer hair than when we first met her character last season. Collins told Insider she pitched her natural hair color for season 11 when joining the cast. Yahoo News'The Walking Dead' star Lynn Collins asked the showrunner if she could use her natural, grayer hair color on the show's final season when she was cast

Who is the leader of the Reapers on The Walking Dead?

Sooner or later (or much, much later), it was inevitable that we'd finally meet the Reapers, including their mysterious leader, Pope. VultureThe Walking Dead Recap: Burning Man

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