The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will get some free DLC inspired by the Netflix show


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What is Sony state of play?

Sony State of Play is a semi-regular digital event, showcasing the latest and greatest PlayStation news, updates, reveals and announcements. TechRadarSony State of Play: when is the next PlayStation event and what to expect?

While there isn’t a new Witcher game on the horizon, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is still due to get a new-gen upgrade for the new slate of consoles. It looks like there will also be some DLC to go with that, too.

Announced during today’s WitcherCon, CD Projekt Red has said they’ve prepared some free DLC inspired by the Netflix Witcher series. What that will be hasn’t been confirmed yet, but more information will be coming soon.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt next-gen update is coming to PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC this year! Here’s a sneak peek of our updated cover art.

Spoiler alert: we also prepared some free DLCs inspired by @witchernetflix 🤭

More info coming soon!

— The Witcher (@witchergame) July 9, 2021

We’ve known about the new-gen visual enhancement for the RPG, which first launched in 2015. Good lord, that feels like ages ago. It’s expected to have some improved visuals and faster load times.

As for what CD Projekt Red could be bringing into the game from the Netflix series, that’s anyone’s guess. The Witcher was just locked in for a Season 2 premiere this December, but its story is still fairly far behind the video games.

It’d be nice if this ends up being a cool nod to some earlier parts of Geralt’s life, especially with The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt feeling like a send-off for the aging monster slayer. Either way, we’ll find out sometime later this year, when the next-gen update arrives for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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Lemnis Gate - Dev Diary 2 | PS5, PS4

PlayStation Universe 10 July, 2021 - 02:12am

PS5 restock: Target surprised with PS5 in stock today – when and where to buy it next

Techradar 09 July, 2021 - 04:10pm

Target had consoles at its store, according to PS5 restock Twitter tracker Matt Swider. Today, it made them all for sale.

PS5 restock tracker Matt Swider has helped 56,00 people buy a next-gen console in 2021 with his tireless 24/7 tracking, in-stock Twitter alerts and exclusive restock reporting.

Update: The Target PS5 restock today was a surprise, but a lot of people who follow our 24/7 PS5 restock Twitter tracker Matt Swider were able to get the $499 PS5 Disc and $399 PS5 Digital Edition console. The Target restock time was 7:07am EDT. It was the first we've seen a Friday morning restock from Target, though our sources indicate that there were just over a dozen consoles on hand at retail locations in the United States. Our PS5 restock tracker is always monitoring Best Buy, GameStop and Walmart, among the dozen American stores tracked every day.

Miss it today? Matt Swider will send you a PS5 restock Twitter alert – if you follow his account and turn on notifications.

When is the PS5 restock? Follow our PS5 restock Twitter tracker Matt Swider and turn on notifications for live restock news. It's the fastest way to get PS5 restock updates.

Don't buy from Twitter users – which are all scams. Only buy from the US stores Matt alerts you about. No legitimate person will sell a PS5 for just $550.

Click on this example of the last major restock date from Tuesday of last week in order to follow Matt Swider on Twitter and turn on notifications (the little bell icon). The Target restock push notification you'll get will look a lot like this.

🚨🚨🚨PS5 restock! 🎯 TARGET 🎯 in the US has it right now.♻️RT this + follow @mattswider + @techradar for instant Xbox & PlayStation 5 updatesPS5 Digital ($399) Disc ($499) 9, 2021

As we've said, today was the first Target PS5 restock date on a Friday in 2021. In fact, it was the first day of the week to be anything other than a Wednesday or Thursday – it was a surprise. So much so that we expected Target to wait for more shipments next week (when there would be more console inventory to go around nationwide).

We did confirm through our sources that Target was slowly but steadily getting PS5 console inventory in its stores (held in the backroom to be sold online later on for in-store pickup). There were, on average, 12 PS5 consoles per store, according to our sources across the United States – not just one Target location.

This Target PS5 restock today is now the only major retailer to have the Sony console in stock all week. We did see a small amount of PS5 Disc consoles launch from Antonline this week, while the Newegg Shuffle had both a PS5 Digital Edition and PS5 Disc bundle in days prior.

While Target doesn't publicly detail its PS5 restock plans, we know that this is a day later than the usual Thursday orders that go live every few weeks (it's been three weeks since the last Target PS5 restock). Friday is against the norm. 

Why restock PS5 today? It may be because of the short week given the fact that Monday was technically a holiday. We've seen this before in which retailers don't launch stock or delay and use weeks with a holiday as a replenishment week.

Besides the Target PS5 drop, we're tracking PlayStation 5 at other retailers. However, there are no massive restock events expected today or this weekend, according to PS5 restock tracker Matt Swider. We may see RTX 3080 GPU stock before the day is out (or it may fall to next week), but both Best Buy and GameStop just had a restock last week, so we're trying to get a read on their inventory levels for this week (which suggests that both stores could have the PS5 console in stock next week instead). 

The standout retailer is Walmart, which hasn't had the $399 PS5 Digital in two weeks and $499 PS5 Disc console in one month. The Walmart PS5 restock date is more likely to be Thursday of next week.

Last week was light: the only stores in the US to have an official PS5 restock were Best Buy (on Tuesday) and GameStop (on Thursday). Furthermore, Best Buy was a bunch of leftovers from the Thursday prior. That's a good thing, believe it or not, as retailers are amassing inventory.

Other PS5 stores we're tracking include Sony Direct – the Sony Direct virtual queue was limited last time around – as well as Sam's Club and Costco.

Best Buy restock date is likely to be next week, with Thursday and Friday being the most popular days of the week of the retailer. But we've also seen Best Buy restock on a Monday and Tuesday rarely. The electronics retailer is known to skip weeks when it's low on inventory, and that seems to be what has happened this week at Best Buy. We'll keep this updated when we have news.

You'll probably see a Best Buy GPU in-stock alert from Matt Swider right before the console orders go live – that's how it worked during one of the last PS5 restock dates at Best Buy. 

PS5 consoles also tend to stick to an every-other-week pattern although the Best Buy restock time has been all over the place and is harder to predict today. It's been anywhere from 9:38am to 6:05pm, so our tracking efforts span the entire day at Best Buy. It makes being a PS5 restock tracker that much harder.

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Sony posts and deletes ad featuring an upside-down PS5

The Verge 08 July, 2021 - 03:24pm

The video has already been deleted, but thankfully, a Reddit user shared a screenshot of how the PS5 appeared in the ad, nestled into someone’s home entertainment system.

Personally, I keep my PS5 set up vertically. That way, I avoid any confusion about how it should or shouldn’t be set up. But I have to say I still haven’t gotten over the way it towers over my other consoles.

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