The Worst Thing About PS5 Firmware 21-02.04


Push Square 16 September, 2021 - 07:00pm 34 views

When does Best Buy restock ps5?

A: Best Buy doesn't notify anyone when the console is in stock but there's a YouTube stream called 24/7 Ps5 restock that sounds a bell when they restock. They usually restock Thursday or Friday but have been known to restock on any weekday. bestbuy.comQuestions and Answers: Sony PlayStation 5 Digital Edition Console 3006635/3005719

New PS5 Has No Performance Difference With Launch Model - IGN

IGN 17 September, 2021 - 12:30am

Digital Foundry says both perform the same. Good luck finding either, though!

No, says Digital Foundry. Nor is it any worse. “The differences between PlayStation 5s old and new are minimal to say the least,” writes Richard Leadbetter. The unit is lighter (about 12 ounces), owing to a redesign of the cooling assembly and its smaller heat sink. It still has the same large-adult-son chassis. It’s also easier to screw in the stand that the unit uses, somewhat counterintuitively, in the horizontal position.

Otherwise, with both consoles running the same firmware — a big revision just hit on Wednesday, too — “the new PS5 run[s] pretty much identically to my other launch PS5.” In an analysis of the new unit’s boost clock, Leadbetter “put the new PS5 into a media cabinet with little airflow, ran it with the console consuming over 200 [watts] for two hours, and then benchmarked it again.” Still no difference, although the console was “very warm to the touch when I retrieved it.”

“The PS5 will keep on playing until it hits a specific max temperature and then it’ll power itself down,” Leadbetter said, as the console appears engineered for quiet performance — perhaps recalling the loud launch models of the PlayStation 4.

Despite the new machine running hotter or colder, it performs exactly the same as its predecessor. So, you can now get back to worrying whether you can find a PlayStation 5 at all. Sony’s most recent guidance there is that it’ll still be in short supply through all of next year.

Sony Releases Aftermarket PS5 SSD Under the Nextorage Brand

Tom's Hardware 17 September, 2021 - 12:30am

It seems SSD upgrades will be all the rage for consoles

The "NEM-PA" series of SSDs will be available in both 1TB and 2TB capacities, and performance ratings are top-notch. Nextorage rates the 2TB SSD at up to 7,300/6,900 MB/s of sequential read/write throughput, while random read and write performance reaches 1 million IOPS. Longevity-wise, the NEM-PA 2TB is rated for 1,400 TBW, and there's a total of 2GB of DDR4 RAM for caching purposes. 

The 1TB version offers slightly more muted performance, as is usual in SSD designs: We're looking at 7,300/6,000 MB/s of sequential read/write throughput, while random read speed is rated at 750,000 IOPS. Random write performance sustains the same 1 million IOPS as the 2TB version. Longevity-wise, the NEM-PA 1TB is rated for 700 TBW.

Both capacities ship with an aluminum heatsink that's sure to pass Sony's requirements for drop-in upgrades to the PS5's integrated SSD. It's slightly odd that Sony elected to use the Nextorage brand for this product instead of marketing it under its own brand, which features a much more impactful and recognizable name than Nextorage.

Unfortunately, we don't yet have pricing or availability information for the new Nextorage SSDs, but we'll update as it becomes available. Meanwhile, if you're looking into a storage upgrade for your PS5, make sure to take a look at our PS5 SSDs list to help with your hunt for extra performance and capacity.

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M.2 SSD Installation for PS5 Console

PlayStation Universe 17 September, 2021 - 12:30am

The verdict is in: watch the new PS5’s heatsink put to the test

The Verge 17 September, 2021 - 12:30am

Gamers Nexus and Digital Foundry put the revised PS5 through its paces

“We overall haven’t seen any major downsides to either heatsink,” Steve Burke, editor-in-chief of Gamers Nexus, said in a video. “It seems to be [that] the fans make a decent difference, but not enough of one where you should pursue purchasing a specific fan.”

“We also wouldn’t really recommend pursuing a specific console,” Burke continued. “The 1100 [the revised console] versus the 1000 series [the launch console] ... they’re not, in our testing, that different. There are a lot of ways to test these things. Maybe there’s a scenario we haven’t found yet. But we’re not seeing a huge difference. At least, not one that should make you go crazy on eBay trying to find a specific unit. And don’t overpay for one, either, at least if you can avoid it.”

That said, if you’re interested in learning about the finer details of the differences between the new PS5 and the old PS5, it’s worth watching Gamers Nexusnearly 37-minute long video comparing the two designs. Gamers Nexus and Digital Foundry collaborated on testing the different models.

Digital Foundry, in its own lengthy but interesting video that’s worth watching, also observed only small differences in the two versions of the PS5. “The experience of owning [the 1100 series] was basically identical [to the 1000 series],” concluded Digital Foundry’s Rich Leadbetter. He shared similar sentiments in an article on Eurogamer.

It seems likely that Sony is planning to roll out the CFI-1100 series PS5 as the new de facto model, so if you’re still on the hunt for one of the elusive consoles, you may end up with the revised version. But based on Gamers Nexus’ and Digital Foundry’s testing, it doesn’t appear you need to worry too much about which version you get.

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