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The Wall Street Journal 13 August, 2021 - 09:55am 39 views

Is the Integra coming back?

Acura's compact coupe is making a comeback -- for real this time. ... After Acura unveiled the new NSX Type S during Monterey Car Week on Thursday, the company had one more big bit of news to share. By way of an elaborate drone show, Acura confirmed the Integra -- yes, the Integra -- will return in 2022. CNETThe Acura Integra will return in 2022

Acura Is Bringing Back the Integra in 2022 12 August, 2021 - 11:46pm

We don't have many details for now, but we're cautiously optimistic about the return of Acura's legendary sport compact nameplate.

"The Integra is back," Jon Ikeda, vice president of Acura, said in a statement released late Thursday night. "I’m thrilled to say Integra is returning to the Acura lineup with the same fun-to-drive spirit and DNA of the original, fulfilling our commitment to Precision Crafted Performance in every way—design, performance and the overall driving experience."

Acura made the announcement to a gathering of journalists attending Monterey Car Week, revealing the news via skywriting drones, as Roadshow's Daniel Golson shows here:

Acura just announced that the Integra is coming back next year with a freaking drone show

The announcement was accompanied by a teaser video that Acura posted to Instagram:

Acura didn't share any details about the upcoming Integra beyond the promised 2022 production date. But the signs all point to a faithful and fitting new addition to Integra history: the vehicle silhouette illustrated in Acura's nighttime drone show certainly looks like a compact 2-door hatchback, as seen in images tweeted by automotive journalist Kurt Bradley:

HOLY CRAP!! @Acura announced the Integra return with a drone show.

And a collection of speculative renderings and test-mule spy photos posted to Instagram earlier this week by @1320Video seem to show a prototype that fits the compact fastback shape we'll always associate with the Integra name (spy photos on 2nd and 3rd slides):

We're hopeful that the new Integra will stick close to the nameplate's roots as an affordable and gleeful sports compact car. After all, the 2nd-generation Integra was a generation-defining machine, especially in Type R form. Honda already has some great 4-cylinder engines and manual transmissions in its parts bin—hello, Civic Type R—and while the brand certainly went through a recent period where it struggled to identify itself, the most recent crop of Acura vehicles has been mighty impressive.

If Acura can bring back the Integra as a modernized and refined sport compact that recaptures the magic of the late-Nineties icon we loved, we're sure it will be a hit.

2022 Acura NSX Type S Sends Off the Second-Generation Sports Car with 600 HP

Car and Driver 12 August, 2021 - 06:00pm

In addition to the 27-hp gain, the $171,495 Type S gets a host of tweaks including a wider track and new Pirelli P Zero tires.

The Type S gains 27 hp to an even 600, and adds 16 lb-ft of torque to 492. These are the combined ratings of the twin-turbo 3.5-liter V-6 plus three electric motors—two that power the front axle and a third that works in conjunction with the engine. The 75-degree-V-6's output is boosted from 500 to 520 horsepower through the use of larger turbos that deliver up to 16.1 psi of boost, 0.9 more than before.

Starting at $171,495, the Type S is an even $12,000 more than last year's NSX. However, the Type S gains a standard carbon-fiber roof, which was previously a $6000 option. The Type S's priciest option is the $13,000 Lightweight package, which sheds 58 pounds via carbon-ceramic brake rotors, and carbon-fiber engine cover and interior trim. That also represents a savings of $3700 versus the stand-alone option pricing for those bits.

Sharper, more angular features on the front and rear end make the Type S readily distinguishable. Also new is an available matte-gray paint. The so-called Gotham Gray is a $6000 add-on and is limited to 70 cars.

Get them while you still can; Acura is taking orders now. It's anybody's guess how many years it will be before the next NSX.

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