Third Date’s the Charm (Maybe): NASA Reschedules First Ingenuity Flight on Mars for Monday


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When will ingenuity fly on Mars?

NASA has rescheduled the first flight of its Ingenuity Mars helicopter to April 19th at 3:30AM ET, the agency announced Saturday. The four-pound helicopter that arrived on Mars on February 18th with its parent rover Perseverance has seen its first flight delayed a few times. The VergeNASA reschedules Ingenuity helicopter’s first flight on Mars for Monday

Did ingenuity fly on Mars yet?

NASA has recently confirmed that its Ingenuity mars mini-helicopter had successfully touched down on the red planet to prepare for its first flight. NASA Ingenuity is attached to the belly of NASA's Perseverance rover that touched down on Mars on February 18, 2021. Mashable IndiaNASA Delays First Flight Of Its Ingenuity Helicopter On Mars Yet Again!

The mission team had originally hoped to fly Ingenuity on April 11th, but a command sequence problem on April 9th led it to push the flight back. NASA just recently completed a spin test for the helicopter.

The flight will only be a 30-second hover meant to verify that the aircraft can fly in the first place. You'll have to wait until the four successor flights to see it roam the Mars surface. Even so, it will represent a historic moment if all goes according to plan. It's not surprising that NASA is cautious as a result — there's a lot riding on this mission besides the fate of a small drone.

NASA researchers have released a new visualization of the mind-bending light show binary black holes put on as they dance around each other. The post NASA Releases Visualization of 2 ‘Dancing’ Black Holes appeared first on Nerdist.

The 3-foot-wide contraption that was built in First Mode’s Seattle workshop looks like something from a science-fiction movie, complete with spinning cogwheels and a flashing light beam — and it really does have an out-of-this-world purpose: helping scientists interpret readings from Mars. Even the word that describes the gizmo has a sci-fi sound: “goniometer.” Today, First Mode‘s engineering team delivered the 3-D goniometer to Western Washington University’s Mars Lab in Bellingham, Wash., where it’ll be used in connection with NASA’s Perseverance rover mission. First Mode worked with Western to design the goniometer under the terms of a $302,000 contract from… Read More

Washington state has voted for a measure that will ban sales of gas-powered cars by 2030, years before California.

Air Force One subcontractor GDC Technics countersued Boeing Co on Friday seeking at least $20 million after the largest U.S. airplane manufacturer canceled contracts for work on the aircraft that carries the U.S. president. Boeing said in its suit filed April 7 that Texas-based GDC failed to complete interior work on the two heavily modified 747-8 Air Force One planes and is "roughly one year behind schedule in meeting its contractual obligations." GDC's counterclaim argues it is "Boeing's mismanagement of the completion of two Air Force One presidential aircraft, not delays caused by GDC, that has caused a delay in the completion of those aircraft."

Edward Snowden's NFT has sold for a whopping 2,224 Etherium or around $5.5 million at an auction that lasted for a day.

NASA and SpaceX's Crew Dragon is a go for liftoff to the International Space Station next week following the completion of a Flight Readiness Review.

In fact, only about 3% of land surfaces might be ecologically intact -- still home to their full range of native species and unblemished by human activity, according to new research. The finding -- published Thursday in the journal Frontiers in Forests and Global Change -- is far lower than previous estimates based on satellite images, which suggested around 20% to 40% of land ecosystems were undamaged. For the new study, however, scientists conducted an extensive survey of forest cover and species losses to understand better what was happening beneath the world’s tree canopies.

Automakers struggling with pandemic-induced plant shutdowns and a global chip shortage are now confronting another supply chain headache: dwindling rubber supplies. Snarled shipping lines are disrupting the movement of natural rubber, a key material used in tires as well as components under the hood. With the global supply already running short following stockpiling by China and a devastating leaf disease, rubber prices are on the rise and some U.S. auto suppliers are rushing to secure shipments before the market gets squeezed further.

It's farther than ever from the safe harbor of Earth

The flight will mark the third piloted launch of SpaceX's futuristic astronaut ferry ship.

The 300-million-year-old shark’s teeth were the first sign that it might be a distinct species. “Great for grasping and crushing prey rather than piercing prey,” said discoverer John-Paul Hodnett, who was a graduate student when he unearthed the first fossils of the shark at a dig east of Albuquerque in 2013. This week, Hodnett and a slew of other researchers published their findings in a bulletin of the New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science identifying the shark as a separate species.

Apple TV+'s For All Mankind tells an alternate history story that pushes space exploration, explores issues of the time, and delivers hope. The post Why You Should Watch FOR ALL MANKIND appeared first on Nerdist.

Intel Corp. earnings --- as will earnings from every other major chip maker this season --- will be probed for how quickly the industry is managing to ease supply issues that have plagued semiconductor customers for most of COVID-19

South Korea's Huons Global Co Ltd will lead a consortium to produce 100 million doses of Russia's Sputnik V COVID-19 vaccine per month, as Moscow seeks to increase production globally to meet rising demand. The deal to produce Sputnik V - for export rather than domestic use - is the second in South Korea and comes after biotech firm GL Rapha signed a deal late last year to make more than 150 million doses of the vaccine per year. Huons said on Friday its consortium will begin producing sample batches in August and would respond flexibly to supply demand from the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF), Russia's sovereign wealth fund.

'Roblox' creators have promised a content rating system that will help prevent kids from seeing sexual activity in games on the platform.

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Mastcam-Z Captures Ingenuity’s Blades Spinning

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