Tom Brady addresses expletive comment he made at a team that passed on him in free agency


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Did Tom Brady Visit White House?

Tom Brady makes first visit to White House to celebrate Super Bowl win since 2005. ... The Super Bowl MVP's appearance is noteworthy, since he did not visit the White House following his last three Super Bowl wins in 2015, 2017 and 2019 with the New England Patriots. USA TODAYTom Brady makes first visit to White House to celebrate Super Bowl win since 2005

Are the Buccaneers going to the White House?

Bryan Glazer said the Bucs got their invite to the White House because the 2020 team "did the impossible," but also called the Bucs' White House visit an honor "20 years in the making." ... Fortunately, the team's incredible journey in 2020 did include a trip to Washington, D.C., for which Arians was very grateful. Buccaneers.comTampa Bay Buccaneers Visit President Biden at White House

How many times has Brady been to the White House?

Brady, 43, last visited the White House in 2005 during the George W. Bush administration after Super Bowl XXXIX when he clinched his third title as a New England Patriot. Brady celebrated three wins at the White House during Bush's four-year term. BuzzFeed NewsSuper Bowl Champion Tom Brady Is Back At The White House, Again

Did Tom Brady go to the White House in 2017?

Brady, who has won seven Super Bowls during his 20-year career, declined to join his Patriot teammates on their visit to the White House in 2017. At the time he cited “personal family matters” for the decision, which reportedly angered Trump. PoliticoTampa Bay Buccaneers, including Tom Brady, visit White House

Forty percent of the people may not think they won the Super Bowl, but they’ll get 100 percent of their rings tonight.

Yes, tonight’s the night the Super Bowl LV champion Buccaneers get their rings. It’s the second ring in franchise history, but the first for the vast majority of the players.

For one player, it’s No. 7. And so the question becomes whether Tom Brady will bring his other six. In New England, he routinely brought his full collection to each ring ceremony.

And then the quest for another ring commences, with the Bucs opening training camp a little early, since they launch the regular season a few days early, on September 9 against the Cowboys.

I didn’t know people don’t think TB really won the SB… that is news to me. I wish they didn’t win, but they def did

Another asterisk to add to the biggest fraud in sports history Brady’s collection.

Is this how it would end badly for Brady?

Wonder if Rogers will get one

He is the GOAT because how many players in your lifetime have 7 Super Bowl rings and you think they might have a few more left in them?

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