Tom Brady: Antonio Brown 'has become like a brother to me'


NBC Sports Boston 12 October, 2021 - 03:02pm

by University of Illinois at Chicago

Intermittent fasting can produce clinically significant weight loss as well as improve metabolic health in individuals with obesity, according to a new study review led by University of Illinois Chicago researchers.

"We noted that intermittent fasting is not better than regular dieting; both produce the same amount of weight loss and similar changes in blood pressure, cholesterol and inflammation," said Krista Varady, professor of nutrition at the UIC College of Applied Health Sciences and author of "Cardiometabolic Benefits of Intermittent Fasting."

According to the analysis published in the Annual Review of Nutrition, all forms of fasting reviewed produced mild to moderate weight loss, 1 percent to 8 percent from baseline weight, which represents results that are similar to that of more traditional, calorie-restrictive diets. Intermittent fasting regimens may also benefit health by decreasing blood pressure and insulin resistance, and in some cases, cholesterol and triglyceride levels are also lowered. Other health benefits, such as improved appetite regulation and positive changes in the gut microbiome, have also been demonstrated.

The review looked at over 25 research studies involving three types of intermittent fasting:

Various studies of time-restricted eating show participants with obesity losing an average of 3 percent of their body weight, regardless of the time of the eating window.

Studies showed alternate day fasting resulted in weight loss of 3 percent to 8 percent of body weight over three to eight weeks, with results peaking at 12 weeks. Individuals on alternate day fasting typically do not overeat or binge on feast days, which results in mild to moderate weight loss, according to the review.

Studies for the 5:2 diet showed similar results to alternate day fasting, which surprised the study's reviewers. The subjects who participate in the 5:2 diet fast much less frequently than alternate-day fasting participants do, but the weight loss results are similar.

Weight loss with alternate day and 5:2 fasting are comparable to more traditional daily calorie-restrictive diets. And, both fasting diets showed individuals were able to maintain an average of 7 percent weight loss for a year.

"You're fooling your body into eating a little bit less and that's why people are losing weight," Varady said.

Varady added the review set out to debunk some myths regarding intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting does not negatively affect metabolism, nor does it cause disordered eating, according to the studies reviewed.

"Fasting people are worried about feeling lethargic and not being able to concentrate. Even though you are not eating, it won't affect your energy," Varady said. "A lot of people experience a boost of energy on fasting days. Don't worry, you won't feel crappy. You may even feel better."

The study review includes a summary of practical considerations for those who may want to try intermittent fasting. Among the considerations are:

There are several groups who should not intermittent fast, according to the studies. Those individuals include:

"People love intermittent fasting because it's easy. People need to find diets that they can stick to long term. It's definitely effective for weight loss and it's gained popularity because there are no special foods or apps necessary. You can also combine it with other diets, like Keto," Varady said.

Varady has recently been awarded a National Institutes of Health grant to study time-restricted eating for 12 months to see if it works long term.

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Buccaneers finally answer biggest question on offense

The Pewter Plank 13 October, 2021 - 12:12am

Dolphins drop to 1-4, worst point differential in league

The Phinsider 13 October, 2021 - 12:12am

The Dolphins have so many questions surrounding them, but they have to find the answers now, The problems for the Dolphins spread across all aspects of the team, offense, defense, and special teams.

Miami started making changes and looking for answers on Sunday, adjusting the offensive line with Liam Eichenberg moving to left tackle, Jesse Davis to right tackle, and Austin Jackson to left guard.

“We just felt that was the best move, to move Austin inside, put Liam outside,” head coach Brian Flores explained after the game. “I thought they both had a good week of practice in there, With Austin inside and Liam outside. Might have to look at the film and see what that really looked like. But, my initial looking at it, it looked like it was ok. But I’ve definitely got to watch the film and take a look. I thought we did some good things offensively. So, hopefully, [there are] some things to build on there. But as a team, we have a lot of things we need to improve on.”

The offense seemed to have found some rhythm on Sunday, with quarterback Jacoby Brissett looking deeper in the passing game earlier in the contest. The Dolphins were able to put together scoring drives of their first two possessions. They were looking like a team that could compete with the Buccaneers - probably not win, but at least compete - until they started, once again, getting in their own way. Drops and tipped passes leading to interceptions crushed an offense that needs everything to go right to stay in rhythm.

The defense, whether it is being worn down by an offense that cannot stay on the field or if it is just them being outplayed, has struggled as well, especially on Sunday. Maybe it has been a scheduling thing, with Miami facing teams like the Buffalo Bills and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who are going to come out firing with their offenses, early in the year. Whatever the case, Miami’s defense was supposed to be the strength of the team, and they have not been performing to an expected elite level.

“I think collectively, as a defense, we just didn’t do enough,” Flores said. “I think there is a lot that goes into it. We didn’t get enough rush. We didn’t get enough disguise. To put it on just two guys, we try to play team defense here and we didn’t get it done as a unit. As a unit, as a coaching staff, we need to put them in better positions. We didn’t, and they executed. They made some plays as well, so give them credit. But we’ve got to play better.”

He continued, adding, “I’m concerned. We’re out of sync in a lot of ways. Run defense, pass defense, [and] pass rush. We’re a little bit of a step behind, I would say. We’ve got to make a lot of corrections. [There’s] a lot of things we need to address, and we’ll do that. We’ve been doing that. We’ve addressed some things, but we’re not seeing the production on Sundays. Really, that’s all that matters. But I would say we are a little bit out of sync.”

That last line, a simple statement, is the heart of the problems in Miami right now. They are out of sync. They have to play better. They have to coach better. They have to execute better. They have to plan better. Miami has to be better if they are going to turn this season into anything other than bitter disappointment.

The schedule has not been kind to the Dolphins early this year, but it does ease up a little over the next few weeks. Miami faces the Jaguars next Sunday in London. Then they visit the 2-3 Atlanta Falcons. After hosting the Bills in the second half of the annual home-and-home series, the Dolphins then have a game at the 1-4 Houston Texans, followed by a Thursday night game in Miami against the 3-1 Baltimore Ravens. They then face the 1-4 New York Jets in New York, followed by three straight home games - with their bye week in there as well - against the 3-2 Carolina Panthers, the 1-4 New York Giants, and the second Jets game. There are some tough games in this stretch, but there are winnable contests as well. Can Miami turn around the season?

The first step toward salvaging the season may be the return of starting quarterback Tua Tagovailoa. After being placed on injured reserve after sustaining fractured ribs in Week 2, Tagovailoa is believed to be on track to return as early as this week.

“Tua is doing everything he can to get back,” Flores replied when asked about Tagovailoa’s availability for this week. “Like I have said in previous media sessions, he threw Wednesday. He threw Friday. He’s making progress. Let’s see what he looks like after we activate him and practice him this week. We’ll see what the week of practice looks like. Obviously, he’s still dealing with the fracture of the ribs. So, that will definitely be something from a pain-tolerance standpoint he’d have to deal with. So, we’ll just see how he does with that and just take it one day at a time.”

The Dolphins have so many questions to answer, so many problems to fix, and they only have a short time in which to do it all. If this season is going to be anything other than a disappointment, Miami has to play better, coach better, execute better, and get back in sync.

Tom Brady Doesn't 'Anticipate Having a Problem' with His Thumb 13 October, 2021 - 12:12am

Minty Bets, Nick Bromberg, Pamela Maldonado, Frank Schwab

Andy Behrens, Dalton Del Don, Matt Harmon, Liz Loza, Scott Pianowski

Dan Wetzel, Pat Forde, Pete Thamel

You Pod to Win the Game

Tom Brady never gave up on Antonio Brown, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are reaping the benefits.

The Bucs wide receiver has revitalized his NFL career since reuniting with Brady down in Florida. After helping Tampa Bay to a Super Bowl title last season, Brown has been one of Brady's favorite weapons through the first few weeks of the 2021 campaign.

Brown's biggest week yet came Sunday in the Bucs' 45-17 win over the Miami Dolphins. The seven-time Pro Bowler finished with seven receptions for 124 yards and was on the receiving end of two of Brady's five touchdown passes. The first was a 61-yarder that put Tampa ahead in the second quarter.

— Tampa Bay Buccaneers (@Buccaneers) October 10, 2021

Brady and Brown joined forces in New England two years ago, but the wideout's time with the Patriots was short-lived as he was released after one game amid sexual assault and rape allegations. Brown served an eight-game suspension for his off-the-field actions to start the 2020 season and was signed by the Buccaneers that October.

On a new episode of his "Let's Go!" podcast with Jim Gray on SiriusXM, Brady opened up about his relationship with Brown and all that has transpired since that brief Patriots tenure.

"AB's become like a brother to me," Brady said. "Just to watch him, what's happened over the course of his life the last 18 months, and to see kind of where he was at and where he's at now, makes me so happy for him. He's done the work. He's put the work in. We're all challenged in different ways on and off the field. Sometimes football comes really easy but the successes of football become a little more challenging to deal with. He's really done an amazing job in his own life getting back to what the real purpose of it is.

"He loves playing football. He's a football genius. It's hard to explain to people -- and I'm someone who's been around some amazing players -- it's hard to explain to others the way he sees the game versus everybody else. He's truly one of a kind person, talent, and I've obviously admired him so much for what he did in Pittsburgh in his time there. He's really come to Tampa, he's been focused completely on football and being a great teammate. All the guys really embraced him and really encouraged him at different moments. He's proven to everybody what he's still capable of. He's just an amazing player, obviously everyone gets to see that. I get to see it every day in practice, which is something that's great for me. Just really happy for him, happy for his family, and I know he's got a lot of great years left."

That's some high praise from the seven-time Super Bowl champion.

Brady, Brown and the Bucs will look to stay hot when they visit the Philadelphia Eagles this week on Thursday Night Football.

The 44-year-old threw five touchdowns and the Super Bowl champions scored six in total as they improved their season record to 4-1.

Breaking down some of the best quarterback performances from Week 5 of the NFL season.

Winning cures all, right? Not for Darrelle Revis, who still didn't enjoy his time with the Patriots despite winning a Super Bowl with the team in 2014.

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Rookie quarterback Mac Jones was disappointed by this aspect of his performance in the Patriots' Week 5 road win over the Texans.

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