Tom Cruise Sure Seems Like He’s Dating Co-Star Hayley Atwell in These New Wimbledon Photos


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Who is Tom Cruise at Wimbledon with?

Tom Cruise hits Wimbledon with co-stars Hayley Atwell, Pom Klementieff. USA TODAYTom Cruise watches Wimbledon with 'Mission: Impossible 7' stars Hayley Atwell, Pom Klementieff

Is Tom Cruise at Wimbledon?

Tom Cruise, who reprises his role of Ethan Hunt in Mission: Impossible 7, attended the Wimbledon women's final and the Euro 2020 final. Hollywood star Tom Cruise was seen with his Mission: Impossible 7 co-stars at the Wimbledon Women's Final in London. The Indian ExpressTom Cruise fist-bumps David Beckham at Euro 2020 final, attends Wimbledon with Hayley Atwell

Who is Tom Cruise married to?

Tom Cruise has been married a total of three times: first to actress-producer Mimi Rogers from 1987 to 1990, then actress Nicole Kidman and in 2006 he got married to actress Katie Holmes. With Kidman, he has two children— Isabella, 27 and Connor, 25—and with Holmes, he has a daughter named Suri, 14. WIONHollywood superstar Tom Cruise attends Wimbledon with actress Hayley Atwell, sparks dating rumours

Is Tom Cruise at the Euros?

Cruise was spotted in the stands at Wembley Stadium in London, where the Euro 2020 final is being held, on Sunday evening. EW.comTom Cruise FaceTimed England team before Euro 2020 final against Italy

A day after Ethan Hunt dropped in for the Wimbledon women's singles final, he made his way over to Wembley Stadium to watch the Euro 2020 final between England and Italy.

Tom was all smiles as he obliged some fan requests for a quick pic before he headed in to watch the match Sunday evening, but take a look ... he was also very cautious about it.

The "Mission Impossible" star kept his mask on until it was time to say cheese, and even then he mostly kept his distance ... telling folks to keep a flying-V formation.

As you may know ... the Delta variant has been responsible for the most coronavirus infections in England recently, so it seems Cruise is taking that risk seriously.

Cruise really took advantage of being in England this weekend while shooting "M:I 7" ... as we reported, he and his co-stars also attended a Wimbledon finals match on Saturday.

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Tom Cruise in need of speed at Goodwood 13 July, 2021 - 07:37am

If you feel the need… the need for speed, who do you call?

Well, the Duke of Richmond is undeniably a man that has all the right connections for anyone looking for a blast of high-octane fun, and Goodwood is his domain.

Hollywood star Tom Cruise paid the Festival of Speed a visit on its final day, but the 'Top Gun' and 'Mission: Impossible' topliner – who tested a Red Bull F1 car a few years back – steered clear of racing up the hill.

But he was on hand alongside the Duke of Richmond to witness the run onboard a 1982 Williams FW08 of Wade Eastwood, the man behind most of Cruise's badass stunts in 'Mission: Impossible' and the star's driving coach.

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All the celebs, VIPs and royals in attendance for the Euros final

Tatler 13 July, 2021 - 07:37am

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with Prince George

What an evening it was last night at Wembley stadium. A combination of agony and euphoria, for players and fans alike – and, regardless of the result, the fact that England made the finals leaves a great deal to be proud of. Gareth Southgate, by now very much a national treasure, praised his team despite the loss, emphasising that although it ended in penalties executed by singular players, it is very much a ‘team game’ and he was behind the decisions made – only endearing the nation to him further.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

At Wembley, to watch the game, were 65,000 devoted fans – including president of the Football Association, the Duke of Cambridge, his wife, the Duchess of Cambridge, and their son Prince George (who, at seven, visibly endured a torrent of emotions from within the stadium). When Luke Shaw scored an early goal for England, Prince George threw his arms around his mother’s neck in uncontained delight.

From Amanda Brooks and her 'lamb cam' to Julius Roberts and his goats

Not seated too far behind the royals was former England captain David Beckham – a great friend of Gareth Southgate’s who has been present at the last few matches – with his two youngest, Cruz and Harper Beckham. Both the Duchess of Cambridge and Tom Cruise were united in starting their day at Wimbledon – and finishing it off at Wembley. The Mission Impossible star was just a few seats down from David Beckham, both dressed for the occasion in suits (much like Prince George).

Lila Moss and Kate Moss with David Beckham, Harper Beckham and Cruz Beckham

Kate Moss, better known for her appearances on the catwalk, was also in the stands for the match to support her team – accompanied by daughter Lila. Not limited to the social set and royals alone, there were also a host of politicians. Sir Keir Starmer and his wife, Lady Victoria Starmer, who were captured taking a selfie. As well as Prime Minister Boris Johnson – sporting an England shirt beneath a blazer – with his wife, Carrie.

Boris and Carrie Johnson with David Beckham

Sir Keir Starmer and his wife, Lady Victoria Starmer

Viewers were not limited to those in the stadium – with the occasion amounting to one of the biggest audiences in English TV history. It’s onwards to next year’s World Cup for this England team and Gareth Southgate.

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All the stars, from Dua Lipa to Prince William, who were cheering for England – both at Wembley and at home – in last night’s nail biting semi-final against Denmark

The fate of The Scotch – frequented through history by everyone from the Rolling Stones to Kate Moss – is up in the air amid fears of a hostile takeover from mystery Dubai businessman

Tom Cruise has reportedly already snapped up tickets – rumoured to cost upwards of £40 million – to this extraterrestrial destination

Kate is meeting with the US First Lady in Cornwall while President Joe Biden attends the G7 summit

So Wait, Are Tom Cruise and Hayley Atwell Actually Dating?

Pajiba Entertainment News 13 July, 2021 - 07:37am

Way back in the prehistoric times of December 2020, The Sun reported that Tom Cruise had become ‘fairly inseparable’ from his Mission: Impossible 7 co-star Hayley Atwell. According to the tabloid’s ‘source’, the couple ‘both seem pretty happy’ and that ‘lockdown, and all the difficulties that came with it, brought them even closer.’ It was a vague story, at best, one that seemed to fizzle away pretty quickly. It’s not that people weren’t interested in the gossip but more that they didn’t really buy it. Similar vague rumors of a romance between Cruise and another co-star, Vanessa Kirby, came and went without much fuss a few months beforehand. To many members of the movie-going public, Cruise stopped being a viable heartthrob leading man around the time that he jumped on Oprah’s couch and lambasted Brooke Shields for using antidepressants.

But wait. The story isn’t over just yet. This weekend, the gossip was reignited as Cruise was seen attending Wimbledon with Atwell. Newspapers like Page Six made sure to emphasize how cozy the pair seemingly were, with that publication claiming… well, actually they didn’t claim much of anything. They just echoed the quotes from that mysterious source who spoke to The Sun. The actors, aged 59 and 39, ‘hit it off from day one.’ They’ve been inseparable, even during lockdown and the troubles surrounding the M:I7 shoot. That’s really it. Not much to hang a story on but hey, gossip’s been spun from far weaker assumptions, as has PR meddling.

One of the reasons that people didn’t buy Cruise and Atwell in December 2020 was because the story was pushed out so soon after Cruise was caught screaming at crew members regarding COVID-19 restrictions. While some people applauded Cruise for his seeming dedication to his work, most found it inappropriate and creepy and yet another reminder of Cruise’s fervent devotion to a so-called religion with an insidiously exploitative reputation. It exemplified a big problem for Cruise as a star in the 21st century: it’s hard to sell him as relatable or even vaguely normal when he’s long given up trying to maintain such a persona. Nowadays, Cruise typically sits out revealing interviews or profiles and plays up the idea of his daring stunt skills and invincibility as an action man. That doesn’t leave much room to be a romantic type. Indeed, his films of late have either seriously downplayed the expected love story subplot or dropped it altogether. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I have trouble seeing Cruise play a suave lover without thinking about the treatment of Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes and Nazanin Boniadi. If you’ve read Going Clear, the first image that enters your head when you think of Cruise looking for a woman is of Scientology allegedly vetting Boniadi to be his girlfriend then punishing her for a minor perceived slight.

That’s what makes this current story so curious to me. Cruise’s team, if they are dead set on selling this ‘romance’ with Atwell, are working against the current. Atwell certainly seems like a solid choice for the role (and let’s be honest here, it is a role.) She’s beautiful, talented, keeps her private life to herself and is no longer on Twitter, and she’s not under 30. There’s still that 20-year age gap but being closer to 40 than 25 does make a difference in terms of that public perception. Can you imagine how much more skeptical we’d be of this story if Cruise were rumored to be dating, say, Margaret Qualley? Celebrity power couples tend to work best when the pairing is well-balanced, be it in terms of fame, career goals, or aesthetics. That’s hard to apply to Cruise given how ridiculously famous he is. What woman could be on that level? Any who are probably wouldn’t bother with the hassle.

There’s also another big problem with this story. See those couple-esque images of Cruise and Atwell? They’re cropped. They didn’t attend Wimbledon alone. Look at the full image and you’ll see another Mission: Impossible 7 co-star, Pom Klementieff. Hell, go on Getty Images and you can also get images of Cruise and Klementieff where Atwell is cropped out! Choose your own adventure! Of course, we know which story the tabloids are going with and why. Read that Page Six piece again and notice how Klementieff isn’t mentioned, not even once. You can see her in one of the photographs but unless you knew who she was and that she too was working on Mission: Impossible 7 with Cruise, you’d think she was just a random spectator. Subtle stuff, Page Six.

Header Image Source: Photo by Karwai Tang // WireImage via Getty Images

‘Mission Impossible’ Star Hayley Atwell Stuns In Sultry Spine-Tingling Pic, “Been Working Out”

2paragraphs Buzz 13 July, 2021 - 07:37am

by 2Paragraphs in Culture | July 12, 2021

Hayley Atwell, (cropped) photo: Sean Reynolds from Liverpool, United Kingdom, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

English actress Hayley Atwell (Avengers, Agent Carter) stars in the forthcoming Mission Impossible 7 and 8 movies with Hollywood icon Tom Cruise and Pom Klementieff. The three recently attended the Wimbledon finals together in London (see photos below).

While filming Mission Impossible, Hayley has been sharing photos on location. When she shared the stunning topless photo below, she captioned it: “backbone.”

Hayley’s fans went wild for the image. One fan replied: “You’ve been working out” with a series of fire emojis; another replied: “strong and beautiful.” Indeed.

She looks great in fancy clothes, too!

Jenna Elfman, cropped photo: Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Tom Cruise Hits Wimbledon With Mission: Impossible 7 Co-Stars Sparking Romance Rumors Again

CinemaBlend 12 July, 2021 - 05:13pm

Tom Cruise is one of the biggest stars in the world and so it's perhaps not surprising that there's very little the actor can do that isn't in the public eye. Beyond that, everything the man does is frequently examined with a microscope. Such is the case with his current relationship status. Rumors have been circulating almost since Mission: Impossible 7 began filming that Cruise had become involved with co-star Hayley Atwell. While there's been no confirmation of any such relationship, the rumors are starting again now that Cruise and Atwell were seen on the town together, attending Wimbledon.

To be fair, Tom Cruise and Hayley Atwell weren't the only members of the Mission: Impossible 7 cast to watch the tennis tournament together. Pom Klementieff also joined the pair and based on the images that have surfaced, it does look like the three of them had a great time together.

A set down, it isn't mission impossible from here to win for Karolina Pliskova#Wimbledon | @TomCruise

It was an unnamed source that originally claimed that Tom Cruise and Hayley Atwell were seeing each other secret. Exactly why secrecy needed to be maintained was never made clear. If the two are seeing each other, it appears that they are still keeping things secret, as there are no reports of anything taking place between the two during the tennis tournament that would indicate they're dating. Alternatively, it's possible that the pair are just friends, and that three friends went to see Wimbledon together, because if you had a chance to see one of the premier tennis tournaments in the world with Tom Cruise, wouldn't you?

Whether or not Tom Cruise and Hayley Atwell are seeing each other, one can guess they're having fun with this whole situation. They likely realized that going to watch tennis together would get people talking. And it certainly succeeded as far as that goes.

The production of the latest Mission: Impossible movie has been chaotic to say the least. The film was one of the first major productions to shut down in early 2020 when the movie was set to film in Italy just as the pandemic hit the nation hard. Since then, filming of the new movie has had to shut down more than once due to a COVID outbreak, with some rumors claiming that Tom Cruise himself could have been the cause of the latest one. Although, as with the relationship rumor, this one came from an unnamed source, so it should only be given a limited amount of weight.

It's now been about a month since the last shutdown, so whatever the situation, it's likely things are getting back to normal once again. Mission: Impossible 7 is currently set to open in may of next year, with Mission: Impossible 8 opening about a year later.

CinemaBlend’s resident theme park junkie and amateur Disney historian. Armchair Imagineer. Epcot Stan. Future Club 33 Member.

Tom Cruise Attends 3 Sporting Events In 1 Day & Fans Are Impressed: ‘What A Weekend He’s Had’

HollywoodLife 12 July, 2021 - 08:31am

Tom Cruise is having a hell of a day,” on British fan tweeted on Sunday (July 11), and they were not wrong. Tom, 59, pulled off an epic hat trick of sports by attending three different major events within the span of 24 hours. His first appearance came at the Goodwood Festival of Speed 2021 in Chichester, West Sussex. Tom watched as some of the world’s fastest cars and motorcycles whizzed around the track, but like them, the Mission: Impossible star couldn’t stay still. He soon headed to Wimbledon and watched Novak Djokovic defeat Matteo Berrettini in the men’s final. From there, he went straight to Wembley stadium to join David Beckham and Kate Moss to watch the English teal valiantly fall to Italy in the Euro 2020 final.

This accomplishment did not go unnoticed by fans. “If [Tom’s] evening doesn’t end with kebab juice dribbling down his front, then he’s failed us all,” tweeted one, while others were just really impressed that he was able to pull this trifecta off. “Tom Cruise was at the men’s singles final at Wimbledon and now the Euros finals at Wembley. He’s literally living the best stag do weekend ever.” “Tom Cruise wasn’t just at the Wimbledon and Euro cup finals. He was also at the Goodwood festival of speed. What a weekend he’s had.” “Tom Cruise was at Goodwood, Wimbledon, and the Euro finals on the same day. Anyone else would have had to use stunt doubles for this feat.”

Tom Cruise wasn't just at the Wimbledon and Euro cup finals. He was also at the Goodwood festival of speed. What a weekend he's had🔥

— Nauman (@Nomsterrr) July 12, 2021

Tom cruise attending Goodwood, Wimbledon and Euro 2020 finals in one day👌😂 not a bad day out

— Callum Ilott (@callum_ilott) July 11, 2021

If Tom Cruise isn’t at the deciding T20 at Chelmsford on Wednesday night I’ll really start questioning his commitment to British sport.

— Henry Moeran (@henrymoeranBBC) July 11, 2021

Tom Cruise just spent the weekend at Wimbledon and now he’s going to be at the Euro’s final 😂living his best life. #ThreeLions

— Abu (@AbuMiah_) July 11, 2021

Tom’s appearance at Wimbledon came a day after he and his Mission: Impossible co-stars — Hayley Atwell and Pom Klementieff — attended the women’s Wimbledon final. Tom looked dapper in a blue suit while leading Hayley (who Tom is reportedly dating) and Pom to their seats. From there, they watched as Ashleigh Barty defeated Karolina Pliskova.

Despite zipping around the country, it was a relatively low-key day for Tom, as he seemed relaxed while enjoying the best of what England has to offer. This sports trifecta comes on the heels of Tom defending himself over his explosive December 2020 rant to the Mission: Impossible 7 crew. In an audio snippet leaked in December 2020, Tom delivered a profanity-filled tirade against workers who weren’t observing social distancing protocols.

“All those emotions were going through my mind. I was thinking about the people I work with and my industry,” said Tom in an interview about the rant. Tom didn’t apologize, noting that there was “a lot at stake” at that point and that he was only admonishing “select people” and not the whole crew.

Watch: David Beckham and Tom Cruise fist-bump at Euro 2020 final

The Independent 12 July, 2021 - 03:06am

The football legend and Hollywood star were sitting just one seat away from each other at Wembley stadium. When Luke Shaw volleyed Gareth Southgate’s side ahead of Italy within the first two minutes, the two famous spectators were caught on camera grinning and knocking their knuckles together.

Model Kate Moss was also in attendance at the star-studded event.

Mr Cruise had already watched the men’s singles final at Wimbledon earlier on Sunday.

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