Top fashion designer badly injured in fireplace explosion hid injuries due to 'obsession with perfection'


Yahoo! Voices 10 October, 2021 - 10:22am

Olivier Rousteing: Balmain designer reveals fireplace explosion injuries

BBC News 11 October, 2021 - 01:21am

Rousteing, the creative director of fashion house Balmain, shared the news in an Instagram post on Saturday.

"Exactly a year ago, the fireplace inside my house exploded," he wrote.

He woke the next day at the Hôpital Saint Louis in Paris, and has since been recovering from his injuries.

Rousteing said his insecurities and fashion's "obsession with perfection" had stopped him from revealing all before now.

"To be honest I am not really sure why I was so ashamed," he wrote. As he recovered he had hidden his injuries with long sleeves and jewellery during interviews.

"Now, a year later - healed, happy and healthy," he wrote. He thanked the medical staff who had treated him despite "dealing with an incredible number of Covid cases at that same time", and spoke about how lucky he now felt.

"There is always the sun after the storm."

Fellow fashion designers, models and other celebrities were among those to offer their support in response to Rousteing's post.

The designer Donatella Versace wrote she was "so glad" he was safe. "Let love rule," said musician Lenny Kravitz.

Kim Kardashian West wrote "I love you", while her mother Kris Jenner said she was "beyond proud" of Rousteing, adding that his "message of hope and strength and focus and love will always inspire everyone who you come in contact with".

Rousteing took up his post as Balmain's creative director in 2011 at the age of just 25. According to a profile in Out Magazine the brand grew between 15% and 20% between 2012 and 2015.

He has opened boutiques in London and New York, the company's first outside Paris.

A 2019 Netflix documentary, Wonder Boy, looked at his career and followed him as he searched for his biological mother.

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Olivier Rousteing Shares the Moving Story of His Burns Recovery for the First Time

Vogue 11 October, 2021 - 01:21am

To celebrate his 10th anniversary as creative director of the house of Balmain last month, Olivier Rousteing staged the kind of spectacle only a designer with his audacious vision could pull off. Featuring 6,000 attendees, a performance from Doja Cat, runway walks from the likes of Naomi Campbell and Carla Bruni, and a voiceover celebrating his work courtesy of Beyoncé, it capped Rousteing’s decade at the house with all the brilliant bombast that has become his unmistakable signature.

But there was another reason for this celebratory spirit, too, as he revealed to reporters following the show. In October of last year, Rousteing suffered severe burns after a fireplace at his home exploded, which he explained came to inform the collection with its notable sense of ease and comfort. And today, Rousteing opened up about his ordeal publicly for the first time, posting an image of himself to Instagram that was taken soon after leaving hospital, with his upper body almost entirely bandaged to aid his recovery.

“I finally feel ready to share this,” wrote Rousteing. “I’ve been hiding this for too long and it’s time for you to know.” As well as sharing details of the experience itself, he paid a heartfelt tribute to the medical staff who helped him on his journey back to recovery. “I woke up the next morning in Paris’s Hôpital Saint-Louis,” he continued. “The talented staff at that famous hospital, which was dealing with an incredible number of Covid cases at that same time, took amazing care of me. I cannot thank them enough.”

Just as impressive as Rousteing’s rapid recovery is the fact he continued to produce collections all throughout the past year, with many of his shows being celebrated for their innovative approach to reworking the runway format while dealing with the restrictions imposed by Covid-19. One such example was his spring 2021 show, where the usual front-row crowd was present on digital screens, in an ingenious melding of the conventional fashion show with the key role technology played in keeping that sense of community alive throughout the pandemic.

At his most recent show, he noted that throughout his recovery he had used turtlenecks, face masks, long sleeves, and jewelry to conceal the effects of the fire. But in his Instagram post today, Rousteing remarked that he felt ready to turn over a new leaf and opened up about his efforts to recast this devastating event as something positive—in no small part through the beauty of the clothes he’s created over the past year while recovering.

“My last show was about the celebration of healing over pain and I thank all the models, the productions, my team, the models, my Balmain family, [and] my friends that came and supported not only my 10 years of Balmain, but my rebirth,” he wrote. Ultimately, the message Rousteing hoped to share was an inspiring one: of self-love, gratitude, and the healing power of creativity. “Today, I feel so free, so good and so lucky,” wrote Rousteing. “I’m beginning a new chapter with a smile on my face and a heart full of gratitude.”

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Fashion designer Rousteing reveals horrific burns from exploding fireplace

The US Sun 09 October, 2021 - 07:17pm

FRENCH designer Olivier Rousteing opened up for the first time about his horrific injuries following an explosion at his home last year.

The creative director of the fashion house Balmain shared a picture of himself wrapped in bandages with burns on his face to his Instagram account on Saturday.

"A YEAR AGO," he began the lengthy caption.

"I finally feel ready to share this. I've been hiding this for too long and it's time for you to know.

"Exactly a year ago, the fireplace inside my house exploded."

According to the 36-year-old creative director, he woke the next day at Paris's Hôpital Saint Louis where he was treated by staff already dealing with the Covid pandemic.

He added that he could not thank the medical staff enough for "taking amazing care" of him.

Rousteing went on to say that he had hidden what had happened to him from as many people as possible including his team and some of his friends.

"As I recovered, I just worked days and night to forget and creating all my collections, trying to keep the world dreaming with my collections and at the same time hiding the scars with face masks, turtlenecks, long sleeves and even multiple rings on all my fingers through many interviews or photoshoots," he wrote.

"Now, a year later - healed, happy and healthy."

Rousteing received plenty of support from his celebrity friends and clientele with Kim Kardashian writing: "I love you" and Cardi B posting: "Sending so much love and blessings".

At 24 Rousteing became the youngest and only black creative director in the history of Balmain.

According to Out Magazine, the fashion house grew between 15% and 20% after Rousteing joined in 2011.

In 2019, a Netflix documentary called Wonder Boy followed Rousteing's career and his journey to find his biological mother.

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