Trent Dilfer loses it on one of his high school players


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Where does Trent Dilfer coach?

Dilfer has been the head varsity coach at the Nashville, Tennessee, private school since 2019. USA TODAYEx-Super Bowl QB Trent Dilfer regrets his HS coaching moment that went viral

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Trent Dilfer coaching video sparks strong reactions, on each side - ProFootballTalk

NBC Sports 31 August, 2021 - 05:20am

In today’s America, every incident sparks a reaction on both sides. Even when it shouldn’t.

The video of Super Bowl-winning quarterback Trent Dilfer, now a high school football coach, grabbing the son of former NFL kicker Phil Dawson and pushing the boy backward before shoving him away has prompted both criticism and support. If, as the Dilfer defenders are arguing, the moment was sparked by Beau Dawson being disrespectful to Dilfer, the reaction was proper.

The reaction was not proper, regardless of what caused it.

Long gone are the days when adults can lay hands on minors as a gesture of anger or an act of discipline. This isn’t a matter of dispute or “both sides.” It’s a bright line that should not be crossed.

Some of us (like me) grew up at a time when, for example, laziness on the practice field prompted a cleat in the ass from the coach. Being out of position resulted in the grabbing of the facemask and the forceful yanking of the player into the right spot.

And God forbid if a player had a chance during a special-teams drill to block a punt but recoiled from the ball or the leg. I still can picture the moment from the eighth grade in October 1978 when a teammate pulled up after breaking free toward the punter. The coach ordered the player to run multiple times toward the coach as he kicked the ball directly into his head and face and body, repeatedly.

(At least the kid had the protection of a flimsy, ill-fitting helmet with a single bar across the bottom of his face.)

Those days are gone. Period. Full stop. That’s it. No debate. Coaches don’t touch players. It’s clear. It’s indisputable. Even if people are somehow coming up with ways to try to dispute it.

This also isn’t a question of whether Dilfer should be “canceled.” (Quick question: Canceled from what?) It’s a question of fitness to have the health and safety of youth football players entrusted to him. If you can’t control your anger when a player sasses you back or whatever, you shouldn’t be coaching children. And if pushing and shoving is one of your devices for inflicting discipline, you definitely shouldn’t be coaching children.

I’ll admit (although I’m a bit ashamed to do so) that part of me is a little conflicted about the subject of physicality in youth football coaching. To this day, I don’t stand still for very long because of all the times I was kicked in the ass by the coach and/or jerked around by my facemask. It has kept me from ever doing anything that could be characterized in any way, shape, or form as lazy or half-assed.

The fact that I still can vividly recall those moments means that it worked a little too well, however. It probably amounted to a series of small emotional scars. And it probably has contributed to what ultimately has become at times an unhealthy obsession with working and working and working, so that I never stop long enough to get kicked in the ass.

Obviously, there has to be a better way to teach kids about work and effort and respect and responsibility and everything else that football coaches at their best can impart to their players. The easiest way to move in that direction is to realize that it’s the 21st century and that coaches should never be pushing or shoving or kicking youth football players, at any time and for any reason.

Anyone over 40 has had similar things happen. Today’s generation gets all these protections. Guess which generation accomplishes more, isn’t lazy, and doesn’t expect everything handed to them? Asking for a friend.

This game will eventually die, and this reaction to a coach coaching will one of the reasons why.

If i had a son this would be the kind of coaching i would want …learn respect learn discipline and to be tough and be focused at all times, American youth sports and discipline has gotten soft over the years with participation trophy’s and such…Good job Coach.

You know, like you guys do with the unvaccinated vs. vaxxed players (or any people for that matter)

That’s why these kids have such big mouths now. No consequences.

That’s why today’s young boys are not young men. They don’t want their feeling hurt. Weenies.

What a fantastic and deeply personal story. Thank you for sharing. I tried turning to sports to escape and abusive father. My coaches were hands on and just absolute masters of the craft of verbal abuse. Sports were no different from home.

No coach should ever lay hands on a player, or student, without facing immediate and permanent removal not just from sports but of their job as well. Male or female, you touch a student you immediately lose your license to ever teach again.

You don’t put your hands on anyone. It may not have always been the rule but it should have.

oh please. did you even watch the video? you’re trying to make this out like he’s bobby knight. hella soft.

It was a little too much from Dilfer. If he hadn’t shoved him I would have been on the Dilfer camp but we live in a PC world so stay off the physical shoving and grabbing

Tough to say what happened based on the video. If the Dawson kid got into Dilfer’s face and started to push him around because of a bad play call or something, then Dilfer was justified. If Dilfer was mad at the kid because he made a bad play on the field, then Dilfer was out of line. It’s all about the context.

Shouldn’t we all just kind of butt out? Isn’t this between Dilfer, the school, the kid and the dad? The dad is on the staff, I am sure there is a close relationship between the kid and Dilfer. Anyone who has coach before knows having a personal relationship changes the dynamic, its not just coach and player.

“Those days are gone. Period. Full stop. That’s it. No debate.” Frightening language.

Folder is a good guy, but he has always been a hot head. Hopefully he learns from this.

Anyone with any intelligence knows that positive reinforcement is the most productive way to teach children. Physicality, screaming, and generally acting like a lunatic is not only wrong, it is also counterproductive. The abusers on their individual power trips have no place in youth sports.

It’s times like this when you realize that this country and furthermore this world is simply doomed. As if the last year and a half surrounding COVID wasn’t enough evidence. People don’t even agree on right and wrong anymore because they loudly want to be wrong. If Dilfer was right, why did he apologize? He shouldn’t have said a thing if he was right. He knows he was wrong, and the morons defending him because they want to take a misled dig at younger generations that has nothing to do with this are just as wrong.

This country is getting so soft.

way to go…. this article is the antithesis of talking out of both sides of your mouth.

He should let the entitled kid do whatever he wants so he can grow up with no discipline and probably turn out to be a total jerk. Unreal we are even talking about this video.

Here’s a simple question. Has respect and discipline in this country gotten better or worse over the last 30-40 years? Here’s your reason why.

@realfootballfan – he apologized because “morons” such as mike and yourself are trying to get him fired. I’m sure he didn’t want to.

And this is a major reason why many young adults have no respect for teachers, law enforcement or figures of authority in their lives, they’ve never learned or been disciplined.

I’m surprised at how many commenters seem to think the only way to discipline a player is to scream at him and shove him around. Come on. It doesn’t take any real imagination to come up with dozens of ways to deal with a kid acting out or not doing the right thing. If the only thing in your toolbox is screaming and physicality, no wonder we see so many adults whose first resort to a disagreement is the same thing.

Marine boot camp has remained essentially unchanged for many years because it works.

Don’t make judgments since we only see the end of the incident. Like a video of a cop tackling a protester…..when the video omits the protestor punching the cop in the face first.

The comments here display exactly what I’m talking about. Yeah, the coach putting his hands on him is going to set him straight. Never mind what’s going on at home. It’s up to the coach or the teacher or something in society, my favorite catchall, that has nothing to do with why he actually is acting entitled and spoiled. You people sound like psychopaths. The bottom line is that Dilfer is the grownup. So he doesn’t have control of himself is what you’re saying, and yet somehow he’s going to set them straight. The height of idiocy.

I give you something to cry about Petunia. Really, let’s stop being a bunch of pus….

Yeah, I’m worried about ending a guy’s high school coaching career. I got the pitchforks out. The worse thing is that you actually believe that nonsense to justify your wrongness.

Also, the guy talking about it works for the Marines is funny. The military spits out some of the most dysfunctional people in the world. Go have an actual conversation with many of them struggling with mental illness and adjustment issues to the civilian world.

The bottom line is that he’s the grownup, and he’s setting losing his cool as the example to follow. Why not kick him off the team if he can’t control him? That works pretty well.

Coach Dilfer did the right thing. Period. And why not mention the kid? He has no respect and thinks he is above all else. Thank you Coach for being a coach and real man!

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Trent Dilfer in hot water for shoving and screaming at high school player - ProFootballTalk

NBC Sports 30 August, 2021 - 04:19am

Former NFL player Trent Dilfer is now the head football coach at Lipscomb Academy in Nashville, and he has been widely criticized after a video emerged showing him shoving and screaming at one of his players.

The player, Beau Dawson, is the son of former NFL kicker Phil Dawson, who is also Lipscomb Academy’s special teams coordinator. The video shows Dilfer grabbing him Beau Dawson by the front of the shoulder pads, driving him backward, shoving him and screaming at him. Several high school football coaches have weighed in to say that Dilfer’s actions were inappropriate, and Dilfer acknowledged as much in a statement released by the school.

“I want to address the incident on our sideline during Friday night’s game versus Independence that has drawn a lot of attention,” Dilfer said. “First and foremost, I take full responsibility as the head coach and leader of our team for not deescalating an emotional situation with one of our players, Beau Dawson. Beau is one of our finest student-athletes and embodies all the characteristics we are looking for in our Mustang players. Beau plays the game with the right kind of passion and is an inspiration to our other players. During a moment of frustration in an attempt to get our team to play with more discipline, I unfairly singled Beau out. Somehow Beau Dawson has been portrayed publicly as the culprit in this situation, when in reality I should have been a better leader and shown greater wisdom and discernment in how I handled this incident. Overall, I could not be more proud of Beau and the rest of our team for how they handle the emotional nature of each game they compete in.”

There has been no word on whether Dilfer will face any disciplinary action.

Real tough guy pushing around a kid. What a leader.

This was commonplace when i played youth/high school football. We’ve gotten soft as a society.

Man makes a mistake, issues a heartfelt apology.

Let’s all move along, shall we?

I remember a Bucs game when Dilfer had something go wrong, and he came back to the sideline and threw his helmet at the Gatorade table, knocking most of it over, while screaming at, well, someone (you couldn’t see from the TV angle).

I do believe he really is a good man, but maybe has some trouble controlling his anger.

We live in a SOFT world now. I remember being shoved and yelled at by coaches. That treatment made me play and try harder. the world seems to expect coaches nowadays to treat players like gold even if they suck or mess up. It’s crazy.

Dilfer has gone of the deep end once again.

‘Hey, it’s all about the kids”….

So…getting chewed out by your coach is not ok in high school football? Not even when your dad and your head coach played on the same nfl team and have been friends since before you were born?

Athletes are often alpha types, which means it takes a stronger alpha to correct them. Welcome to football, folks.

This was commonplace when i played youth/high school football. We’ve gotten soft as a society.

We live in a SOFT world now. I remember being shoved and yelled at by coaches. That treatment made me play and try harder. the world seems to expect coaches nowadays to treat players like gold even if they suck or mess up. It’s crazy.

Yeah, it happened when I played, too. Every single coach was a screaming jerk, all the time. I don’t think that makes kids “tough”, I think it’s poor leadership and teaches kids to make things overly emotional and that it’s OK to bully others. I’m not saying that passions will never run high and voices should never be raised, but my coaches taught us that they were never to blame for anything. These aren’t good lessons or effective leadership.

I don’t think it’s “soft” for coaches to keep their hands off players, I think it’s crazy that it was considered OK for so long. We could also say it’s “soft” to allow kids to drink during practice – it was common back in the day for coaches to tell players they were “weak” if they needed water.

Times change. Not every old way was good. Too many football coaches were (and still are) meatheads who think yelling is “turning boys into men”. Right. Keep telling yourself that.

The video was no where near as bad as the story made it out to be

Grown men that think that grown men yelling at them is what made them the men they are. Hysterical. I never tried to scare my children into good behavior. And they turned out great.

I’m sure they do if they don’t have to deal with a meritocracy. Just work for the gubmint and collect your check for doing the least acceptable amount of work.

Athletes are often alpha types, which means it takes a stronger alpha to correct them. Welcome to football, folks.

Well, Trent Dilfer said it wasn’t okay, so there’s that.

Athletes are often alpha types? What’s your research, professor? People just throw random non-facts out there as truth like they’re some kind of expert. Welcome to social media, folks.

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