Trevor Williams' big Mets benefit is 'a curse to him'


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Did the Mets get Baez?

They delivered as they added a talented and accomplished infielder. The Mets on Friday announced they acquired shortstop Javier Báez, right-handed starter Trevor Williams and cash considerations from the Cubs for minor-league outfielder Pete Crow-Armstrong, who was their fifth-ranked prospect on MLB Pipeline. NorthJersey.comIt's official: Mets land Javier Baez from Cubs in MLB trade deadline blockbuster

Did Javier Baez get traded?

Javier Báez trade: Mets acquire Cubs star in trade deadline blockbuster, per report. The Chicago Cubs offload continues, as they have traded shortstop Javier Báez and starting pitcher Trevor Williams to the Mets ahead of Friday's trade deadline, according to Mark Feinsand of CBS sports.comJavier Báez trade: Mets acquire Cubs star in trade deadline blockbuster, per report

Where did Chris Bryant get traded to?

The Chicago Cubs have agreed to trade All-Star Kris Bryant to the San Francisco Giants, just minutes ahead of Major League Baseball's 4 p.m. ET trade deadline, a source confirmed to The Athletic on Friday. The AthleticCubs trade All-Star Kris Bryant to Giants: Source

Who did the Cubs get for Javier Baez?

Double plays in New York are about to be much, much sexier (and 50 percent more Puerto Rican, too). The Mets made a big splash on Friday afternoon, acquiring Cubs shortstop Javier Báez and pitcher Trevor Williams in exchange for minor leaguer and former first-round pick Pete Crow-Armstrong. Sporting NewsJavy Baez trade grades: Mets get instant multifaceted upgrade; Cubs get limited-but-good return

Mets Acquire Javier Baez, Trevor Williams

MLB Trade Rumors 31 July, 2021 - 08:00am

The Mets and Cubs announced agreement on a deal sending star shortstop Javier Baez to Queens. He’ll be accompanied by right-hander Trevor Williams, with outfield prospect Pete Crow-Armstrong sent back to Chicago in return.

Between landing Francisco Lindor during the offseason and now trading for Baez, the Mets have obtained two of the sport’s best shortstops (who are also great friends with each other) within the span of a few months.  Baez is a free agent after the season, so while this is quite possibly a short-term pickup meant to only help the Mets in 2021, it will nonetheless be a huge boost to New York’s chances of winning the NL East and making a run in October.

The trade ends a very memorable eight-season run for Baez in Wrigleyville, after he was selected with the ninth overall pick of the 2011 draft.  Beginning his career as a free-swinging power bat, Baez’s propensity for striking out never really went away (his 131 whiffs leads the league this year), but he has hit .269/.307/.502 with 116 homers over 2310 PA since the start of the 2017 season.  That includes a huge 2018 season that saw Baez finish second in NL MVP voting, while also winning a Silver Slugger Award.

As accomplished as Baez is at the plate, his defense has become his calling card.  It took Baez until 2020 to capture his first Gold Glove, but his shortstop ability has been celebrated for years, even if he didn’t fully leave second (or even third) base duty until 2019.  Since Lindor has played only as a shortstop at the MLB level, Baez is the likelier of the two to be moved around the diamond as the Mets’ needs develop.

Most of the Mets’ rumors were centered around the team’s search for third base help, though Lindor’s recent placement on the 10-day injured list seemed to expand the search to the shortstop position as well.  Baez can handle short until Lindor is healthy, and could then slide over to play second base or potentially even third base, giving the Mets a clear and immediate upgrade to their infield defense.  Jeff McNeil and J.D. Davis are the current first-choice options at second and third base, though either could be moved into the outfield, with McNeil being the more versatile of the two.

Williams will add depth to a Mets rotation that has been thinned by injuries, though once everyone is at full health, Williams is likely to be relegated to bullpen duty.  The 29-year-old right-hander has a 5.06 ERA over 58 2/3 innings for the Cubs this season, and there isn’t much to like about his Statcast metrics.  That said, Williams’ SIERA is a more palatable 4.18, and he has experienced some misfortune — a .343 BABIP, and a .358 wOBA that is far above his .320 xwOBA.

The Baez deal continues a Cubs fire sale that has already seen the likes of Kris Bryant, Anthony Rizzo, Craig Kimbrel, Ryan Tepera, and Joc Pederson all dealt. The Mets announced they’ve received an undisclosed amount of cash in the deal. Baez has roughly $3.96MM remaining on his $11.65MM salary for the 2021 season.  The Mets still have some breathing room under the $210MM luxury tax threshold, as only the prorated portion of that $11.65MM counts against their tax number (and the Cubs might are also kicking in some money).

In exchange for Baez and Williams, the Cubs will receive a solid but not quite elite prospect in Crow-Armstrong, who wasn’t listed by either MLB Pipeline (fifth) or Baseball America (sixth) as one of New York’s top four prospects.  Still, Crow-Armstrong was selected 19th overall just last summer, and he began his pro career with a 1.024 OPS over the very small sample size of 32 PA for the Mets’ A-ball affiliate before having to undergo shoulder surgery.

The 19-year-old Crow-Armstrong might already be just about MLB-ready on the defensive front, as he has an excellent throwing arm and speed that makes him a fit as a future center fielder.  As Pipeline’s scouting report simply puts it, “the offensive game will be a work in progress,” as Crow-Armstrong has shown only power potential thus far rather than any real power.  He does make a lot of contact, however, and his speed could be a difference-maker in helping him turn grounders into singles or singles into doubles.

Andy Martino of SNY reported the Mets’ acquisition of Baez. Jon Heyman of MLB Network reported that New York was also acquiring Williams, while Bob Nightengale of USA Today reported that Crow-Armstrong was headed back to Chicago in return. The Athletic’s Ken Rosenthal and Jayson Stark initially reported the two sides were making progress on a trade, with The New York Post’s Joel Sherman tweeting that a pitcher might also be involved as part of the negotiations.

Now they can have 2 underperforming middle infielders

Baez strikes out alot. Especially on low outside the zone breaking stuff. Yet, he always performs well Javy is a great defensive player. No under performance there.

WOW! This like Black Friday after Thanksgiving! Insane in the membrain!

Johnrealtime – per your very own mon8ker, Baez hit .324 with a .535 slugging percentage for July 2021.

He’s been on fire in July.

Insane got no brain. Great song and memories.

I disagree. Look at his fielding stats

N2northsiders – were you referring to Javy Baez, the two-time all-star, NL MVP runner up and gold glove winner? Is that the guy?

One of the best defenders and smartest baseball players on the planet.

He hasn’t been a great fielder lately. Sadly

Focus on your Brewers, the Mets will be just fine

That’s how I feel. Adding a high strikeout guy to a team that already hits poorly with runners on base

You’re a typical fan who believes offense is the only measure of performance for a position player.

2 expensive MIF’s that can play grabass with each other like they did in the WS.

You Mean like Your Outfielder Yelich lol

A Baez-McNeil trade makes too much sense.

That’s idiotic. Trading your best hitter for a 2 month rental is something only the Wilpons would do.

That’d be dumb McNeil has years of control left trade Davis.

Disagree, McNeil can slide to third

There is absolutely no way the Mets include McNeil in a trade… It will be JD Davis

Lol the Cubs have zero interest in Davis. It will be prospects.

The mets arent giving mcneil for a rental.

Hope it’s not a strait up trade.

McNeil for Baez would be a DOWNGRADE

Baez and Davies make perfect sense for the Mets.

Yea. Davies is exactly what they need. Baez is a luxury not a need.

Right. When the batter has more strikeouts than the pitcher.

22 homers and 65 rbi getting moved to a team who legit cant hit with RISP. PLUS lindor/ baez dp combo is sick!

Those homer numbers will drop significantly in citifield,but yes he will provide plenty of pop and great defense. Also a ton of Ks. I just don’t understand who is going to pitch for the Mets down the stretch.

Baez does have a good arm…

It just made sense seeing Baez can play Short, Third and Second and has the power to change a game in one sweet stroke.

Now the issue is Baez strikeout rate and that is something Mets fans will not like but fielding wise you can not ask for a better up the middle guy or someone that can shift to third base.

Baez should be able to bat 7th in that lineup.

No Javier Baez please I have his jersey

Mets not giving up McNeil for anyone. Mets probably trade JD Davis and others.

It’s just going to be a prospect. Hes a rental.

I just got a road grey jersey this year. Also have 2 Bryant and a Bryzzo jersey too. Among others

Ugh. Baez and Davis I’m guessing. The two I wouldn’t want from the Cubs.

Davis is on the Mets silly!

Baez and Bryant for Mauricio, JD Davis, and Szpucki

Lol. Baez fits the Mets big-name-who-will-under-perform profile.

Also fits the will hit hr of pathetic Philly pitching profile.

The Cubs trading away their core players, not surprising considering there looking up at the Brewers. For you Cubs fans out there, I laugh my ass off expect 90 loss seasons by next year. U guys had a 5 year window and only won 1 championship. Pathetic

They are doing exactly what they should be doing. Trading for the future

Every team in baseball would sign up for 1 championship in a 5 year window. The Cubs also smartly replinshed their farm. These are good moves.

Next year the Cubs will have INSANE money for free agency. Plus Nico Hoerner and Madrigal 1-2 and Wisdom, Contreras and bringing up Davis. Already awesome.

I’m not a Cubs fan but most teams don’t win more than once. Look at the 2007-2011 Phillies, the Astros (so far), the Mets of the ‘80s, the A’s of the late ‘80s and even my Braves in the ‘90s. The 2011-2014 Tigers never won one, the 1995-2001 Indians never won one and the Rangers never won one despite five postseason appearances in seven years 2010, 2011, 2012, 2015, 2016). The Dodgers have won eight straight division titles and only have one FAKE championship during that run. The Nationals were World Series contenders for almost an entire decade and only won once.

I thought for sure the Astros and Cubs would combine to win at least 5 championships from 2015 to 2025. Just proves how hard it is to win in any given timeframe.

Astros have plenty of time to win the three necessary by 2025

For the record, I think my Braves should have been able to win a second championship in the ‘90s at the very least but the 1991 team was inexperienced against the Twins and they ran into great Blue Jays and Yankees teams.

That’s the best example. 90s Braves were by far the greatest team of the era…only got 1 title. The fact that the Dodgers only won 1 recently is also a minor miracle.

We should’ve won in 2017 too, but ya know… cheating

The Astros would not have been your opponent.

The Twins cheated in 1991 but no one gives the Braves any slack on that. They pushed Ron Gant off of first base and they also turned up their fans while they were batting so the ball would carry more. You lost in 2017. Deal with it.

1991-1996 was when the Braves were the best team in the sport. Unfortunately they lost three of the four World Series they appeared in during that time. After that, a veteran Marlins team got hot at the right time and then the Yankees pretty much took over from there.

Cardinals have been right around a ws appearance every 5 years average for the last 4 decades. Since 1982 we have appeared in 7 World Series. Comes out to .875 per five years. Extrapolate the Cubs to the same time period and they are 1 in 40 years. Or .125 per 5 years. Cubs tanking again. Gross. I’ll take my team going for it every year with the window always open rather then tank, rebuild, tank rebuild.

People were talking about wins, not appearances and why did you pick 1982? The Cardinals are/were a well run team, I think a lot of teams would have liked to be as successful as they were over the last 10-15 years.

Who says the cubs are now “tanking and rebuilding” ???

They will barely have 65 mil on the books for next year. The farm was already considered to have a lot of depth prior to these trades, and they added 11 more prospects. With their financial might, and the NL central being a relatively weak division, they could pull a 2015 yankees retooling and be competitive next season.

Yea Cubs are not tanking. It’s a retool done by a very smart organization.

Still mad over blowing a 3-1 lead I see. I say this knowing you wouldn’t call it fake had the braves won it.

I definitely would have understood that it wasn’t the same. Obviously I wanted to win due to competitive nature but that title would not have been legit even if we had won it.

By Cubs standards that’s pretty good, it’s better than none in 107 year window.

What did u win? Oh nothing gtfo. We’re getting good returns and we will have over 100 mill freed up this offseason. We can sign whoever we want while we continue to upgrade the farm. Hopefully be competitive next year, but deff by 2023. We will be stomping the brewers out again very soon while you guys get put out in the first round by a nl west team.

My Crystal Ball has already revealed the next Cubs title. They will defeat the Athletics in 2028.

If you expect them to go out and spend a ton of money this offseason, you may be disappointed.

That’s an asinine statement. A lot of teams have 5 year Windows and Win 0 championships.

Ehhhhhhh. I’ll see what they give up (if it happens) before complaining too much.

Lol how is Baez a luxury???? But as a Braves fan PLEASE COHEN trade for Baez and Davies for McNeil! You’d look like a genius after!!!!

Just keep Dom Smith out of the deal please

They’d be better off trading for Story.

I thought Bryant was a better fit. At least they got someone

Ahh. Trevor Williams too. This makes sense now.

Some sense, not a lot. Crow Armstrong looked great in spring training. Mets will regret this one, I’m sure

He’s injured and just had shoulder surgery a couple months ago. He has hardly played at the pro level in the two seasons since he was drafted out of high school. He’s a work in progress and is at least three years away. Steve Cohen will most likely sign Nimmo, Conforto, Alonso and McNeil to long term deals. They still have Dom Smith and JD Davis who would still be

… accidentally hit submit to early… Dom & JD could still be under team control, if they’re not traded, by the time the Mets would have to promote him. Who would cut for PCA assuming he pans out? That’s not counting the other top position players in the pipeline – Ronny Mauricio, Brett Baty and Francisco Alvarez. Cohen will almost definitely sign Baez long term to be part of the double play combo with Lindor.

Know with Baez, the Mets can strike out as much as the yankee.

Nahhhh not with Nimmo and McNeil at the top,

“Hello yes is this the suicide hotline?”

Lol. This should work out well.

Damn…..I was hoping that Baez would go to Cincinnati. Being on the same team with Amir Garrett would make great reality TV.

More proof that having billions of dollars doesn’t mean you possess common sense.

Like Baez but are they kidding with Trevor Williams? Hope they didn’t give up too much for a rental and sub par pitcher.

yuck, what a dumb move. If anything they shouldve gone after Bryant to replace JD’s below average defense. What does this do to McNeil? I guess the only way this is a good move is if Lindor is actually going to be out a long time.

Baez can play a mean 3B as well as SS/2B.

Hope it’s not a strait up trade.

Jed is not playing around. Not sure cubs can field a team tonight.

cubs… what about the Nationals lol

Don’t forget about the Nats, they have Juan Soto and a bag of seeds left in the clubhouse.

CJML – Word on the streets is that Cubs will have a lineup of four players today

Pete Crow-Armstrong to the Cubs. Another one of BVE draft picks.

Who else? They got the Mets 1st rounder from last year for rentals.

Why do people always say McNeil can slide over to 3rd. He’s barely played there.

I’m thinking maybe Conforto sits and McNeil would play the outfield. It’s moot until Lindor comes back, though.

Because he is a tremendous hitter, they will find a spot for him.

That’s what I’m thinking. They got no one left. Other than kb(for now) and Willson.

Everyone but you saw this coming.

Not sure I understand this one. With Baez and Lindor (when he comes back) up the middle, where does McNeil go? Davis at 3rd, Dom Smith, Nimmo, and Conforto in the outfield. Seems like an odd move to give up PCA for what is not a need.

And Trevor Williams has negative value. He’s been one of the league’s most hittable starters for the last three years. I’m sure plenty of fans will love this deal (and the players are apparently loving it), but I don’t.

Mets need more pitching to beat LA and SD. Would Mets consider MadBum?

Getting healthy is their best hope for competing. Having healthy deGrom, Carrasco, and Syndergaard in time for the playoffs would go a long way towards competing with those teams. Rich Hill and Trevor Williams are placeholders.

Baez will be a big boost. I can’t imagine how ridiculous that middle infield defense will be when Lindor comes back.

I think their biggest concern is innings, not necessarily high caliber innings. Williams is a fairly reliable innings eater, so at least they won’t have to rely on scraping the barrel just to find a guy to start a game.

We all know that the Mets have been winning with pitching and defense this year, so evening things out by getting a big bat who plays great defense is a net positive.

Giving up PCA is frustrating, but at least it was only 1 player and a guy who is so far away from the big leagues that it’s not a huge concern for the moment.

@PSUMetsFan It is also a matter of winning; you can eat innings and lose and at the end of the day you got through the season and not in the playoffs!

Yeah but you never know though, Williams actually has a 4-2 record as a starter this year. In previous years deGrom would practically throw a no hitter and get the L. Point is, he’s a proven major league pitcher who can at least keep you in the game, as opposed to some of the guys they’ve been trotting out there lately who aren’t major league caliber at all. We essentially got Williams for free in this deal. In the playoffs he won’t be starting, we just need a guy who can give us a few starts until our regulars get healthy.

it’s a joke they got Trevor – a guy who will tax the bullpen and they didn’t add extra relief

Interesting. I thought the Mets were trying to acquire offense and pitching help.

I don’t like giving up Crow-Armstrong for a rental. I wonder if this is a case of the new regime not liking the old regime’s draft pick.

Sandy has traded away many of BVW draft picks. BVE drafted well in his short stint.

Sandy has traded away many of BVW draft picks. BVW drafted well in his short stint.

Yeah, Way to go Rizzo!! Alright Javy! Let’s go KB! Yeah, Nice hit Crow- Armstrong! Well shoot. That doesn’t sound right. This is going to be weird.

Wow another overpay. New ownership, same old Mets

The real-life son (Pete Crow-Armstrong) of the mother in LITTLE BIG LEAGUE gets to play on the team in ROOKIE OF THE YEAR. Now, hire Daniel Stern as an equipment manager and LFG!

Baez and Trevor to go immediately to Mets dl. Yet another no power prospect for the scrubs.

If it truly is Crow-Armstrong going over to the Cubs this is terrible. Terrible awful terrible

Mets aren’t going far if Trevor Williams is the deadline pitching help….no freaking way. They could use another bullpen and rotation arm…..shoot I’d argue they still need 2 SPs since i don’t consider Trevor adequate.

And instead we get an infielder who offers a slight upgrade in exchange for a recent first rounder. This frikkin’ team

Are you trolling. Baez is a huge bat, gold glove and high energy. We gave up a nineteen-year-old who’s rehabbing his shoulder from surgery.

Huge bat? He doesn’t even get on base 30% of the time. C’mon with this.

@seaver41 spot on and especially since the Phils got Gibson and Kennedy

I’ve been a Mets fan since their 4th year in baseball. My reaction is ‘Yawn’

Um. Look up Baez stats and go watch clips of him on YT.

I don’t care about clips on YT, I care about actually improving the team without punting the future.

WTF did we punt? Baez is a potential MVP candidate entering his prime and we gave up a injured player.

MVP? Entering his prime? Are we looking at the same Baez?

Baez is not an MVP candidate. You are delusional. 108 OPS+. Not that great.

I wish it was “yawn” for me. I hate this trade if the rumors on what we gave up are true.

Pete Crow-Armstrong and Nick Madrigal are an outstanding 1-2 in a future lineup. Great bat-to-ball and OB skills and speed at the top of the order. Brennan Davis looks like the real deal. If Christian Hernandez and Ed Howard work out could be a really athletic lineup. Looks like the new Cubbie core. Two of the kids from SD are performing well too. Just need to develop some arms for once.

I’m officially nicknaming Hoyer “the Sheep” because he always gets fleeced.

I think you are wrong. He’s killing it. Especially the Madrigal pickup.

2 months of Baez and Williams for a first rounder seems solid to me. Better than a qualifying offer.

I think it is a good deal and provides RH in a LH dominant lineup. Williams can eat some innings up and not require the Mets to keep giving Eickhoff like pitchers opportunities..

If that is all the Cubs are getting this is truly a bad trade!

I just don’t get trading Crow-Armstrong when good defensive centerfielders are so hard to come by.

Maybe I’ll get lucky and he turns out to be Billy Hamilton

So a strikeout prone shortstop and a mid level pitcher with a 5.00 plus era, both to be free agents in a few months, for the team’s number 5 overall prospect. Crowe Armstrong was so highly regarded that the Mets invited him to this years spring training before he saw his first minor league game, and they give him away for a pair of rentals??? Better hope we can get a productive year or two signed from Baez to give the illusion this was a good move. Is it me or does this trade wreak of desperation?? I guess Sandy was tired of everyone else swooping in to take advantage of the Cubs dumpster fire sale and felt obligated to do something too. Ugh!

Trevor Williams is controlled in 2022. Enjoy!

I just saw, he’s arbitration eligible in 2022. So that’s the upside in all this I guess. Again….ugh!

@af1257 Spot on dude; thanks for saving me a few keyboard clicks!

I love the tears from all you Mets haters hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Honestly, I thought they would make a better move. I think the Braves improved the most at the deadline. Phillies and Mets improved too. This is going to be a wild race.

The Braves didn’t make any Earth-shattering moves but they definitely improved the roster without giving up anything of significant value. At least there isn’t a huge hole in the bottom four spots of the lineup now.

big win for cubs – stupid stupid stupid for the mets

I like this trade in terms of playoff defense. Baez and Lindor up the middle and McNeil at 3rd. You can’t have Davis at 3rd in the playoffs

I think that’s their main thinking in making this trade plus to cover SS until Lindor gets back

Only problem with that logic is when the Phillies bag Gibson and Kennedy and we get Williams you aren’t going to have to worry about the playoffs infield.

Mets cash strap themselves with Lindor when you guarantee 10 years and in my opinion he then has no incentive to off field stretching and training programs and then gets a muscle pull you have to go out and rent a guy to play his spot? Oh yeah and screw up your #10 pick.

you forget they may not make the playoffs now -rotation is falling apart. WAlker hasn’t pitched but 67 innings over 3 years – what exactly do you expect from here on out? Megill? Rookie can’t be counted on. Rich Hill is done- TB dealt him cuz they know he was a sticky stuff guy with a DL stint lurking during every start. Mets didn’t improve staff today – huge mistake..

Can’t wait to see how Mets22 spins this one

Shhhh! Enjoy the piece and quiet.

Fans always dramatically overrate prospects. As a Mets fan I was never high on PCA. Projects to me like a light hitting backup outfielder

You get energy, maybe better clubhouse chemistry, solid defense, speed, and power with Baez, but the K and BB rates are a major negative

Guillorme can’t play SS every day but he grinds out at bats and has a .401 OBP in addition to very good defense at SS

Wow it’s like we are a big market team lol… fun IF when Lindors healthy woah.

Trading for Baez makes the Mets big market? Hate this trade.

McNeil was bad at 3rd. He can’t play it. I think Baez will play 3rd and go back and forth between 2nd and 3rd. Who comes off 40 man for Cookie, Baez, and Williams? Peraza?

McNeil is fine at third. Not great but fine. And he’s a much better hitter than Baez.

I think Cubs won this one unless Baez re-signs. Crow Armstrong is years away and missed last year and most of this year.

Funny how Mets only gave up one guy for Baez and Yankees get rapped giving up 4 for Gallo and 2 for Rizzo. Teams always ask more from Yankees.

It’s almost like not all prospects hold the same value.

Mets trade a Low A player who is done for the year with a shoulder injury to pick up a (possible) 2 month rental at SS/2B and SP who can eat innings while the team gets healthy. While in principle, trading your #5 ranked prospect for uncontrolled talent is not a good practice, let me remind people that the Mets farm system isn’t deep like the Rays or Padres. So #5 for the Mets translates to #15 – 20 for deep organizations.

I think that the team made a smart trade, didn’t give up too much, and addressed two immediate needs in the process. Is this a Scherzer/ Turner acquisition? No. But it at least gives the team a fighting chance to hold on to 1st place until DeGrom and Lindor return.

Crow-Armstrong is a first round pick, the Mets prospect depth has nothing to do with anything. But, it seems he may be damaged goods so maybe the trade isn’t that much of a travesty.

@SeeUonTheUlnarSide are you in any way affiliated with the Mets organization, their families or friends?

Phillies get Freddy Galvis, Gibson, and Kennedy; with a trade like this the only thing Mets fans are going to be holding on to is themselves.

Yea I gotta laugh at the idea that a few weeks of Baez will let them hold onto anything they weren’t gonna hold anyway. If they’re in trouble, this move does nothing to change that.

Crow-Armstrong usually develops nicely in OOTP. Baez ends up in AAA after 2022.

So unless there’s another trade, mcneil , alonso,conforto,nimmo,smith or davis sit on the bench

They gave up Armstrong for this deal??

I guess they couldn’t catch the cubs off guard and trade Bob Armstrong and his 4 sons ,brad,steve,Brad,, and bryan(road dogg).,even though brad abd bob died

Yes they gave up Armstrong for this deal.

Hopefully they have confidence they can get an extension done with Baez. May mean trading Davis and see how McNeil does at 3rd, or go for a 3B and make sure you rest guys where McNeil gets his ABs, either at 2B, 3B, or LF. Once DH is in the NL, Alonso takes that, Dom Smith goes back to first, and McNeil can man LF with either Davis or our new 3B at third. This could work

So DeGrom is shut down for two more weeks. If he’s done for the season, which is a distinct possibility, what are we doing mortgaging the future when we’d have little chance to succeed in the postseason? Just dumb.

Wonder if Cohen had his fingerprints on this deal too just like he did with the Lindor signing. I hope not.

Mortgaging the future lol, Crowe was one guy. He is also coming off a injury for next season so only time and god will know if he heals and performs. A prospect is just that, 1 out of maybe thousands actually turn out to be A mlb player and excel. Javy Baez is A proven commodity on A team that is built to win now. I do that trade any time. LGM

This one is for all the Cub fans who argued and got hostile with me the past two days for once again informing them that the team was in a FULL rebuild!!! I told you guys BEFORE the season that the Cubs were in a FULL rebuild they just hadn’t bothered to tell their fans that yet! There is nothing left but Jason Heyward. This is a FULL rebuild on the Northside just like I told you it was. Be glad. It is the CORRECT decision. It was just made 2 years too late.

Not A cubbie fan but agree. They remind me of the Phillies back A few years ago,they also waited to long.

How is this a “FULL” rebuild? They’re still just trading players who are free agents next year. You are mistaken in your I told you so. Trading Baez proves NOTHING.

It’s a FULL rebuild! Nothing left but the guy who is untradeable and that is Jason Heyward. You cannot build a contending roster off of free agency. Free agency is the worst place to spend money. Best value comes from trades at this time of year when teams are dumping. Cubs have no farm system. That has to be rebuilt! Best way to do that is to lose big and draft well. The next 3 or 4 years are going to be ugly on the northside. Ugly!!

Pads should have swapped Heyward for Myers or Hosmer ,maybe a change of scenery gets them back some what a shell of there former selves.

On the one hand you make a good point: very hard to rebuild a team through free agency. But trading players that won’t be around next year anyway doesn’t signify rebuild. I still say retool, they’ll be good within three years.

Saddest part for you Cub fans is that Jed Hoyer knows these guys ain’t gonna get “break the bank” money in free agency from other teams. Trading them now means they don’t have to pay them the money owed for being underpaid when the team was winning. Scoop them up at a discount after topping lowball offers from other teams.

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Lennon: Trade wins cannot make up for deGrom's lost time

Newsday 30 July, 2021 - 08:38pm

The Mets better hope for a 2015 Cespedes-like surge out of Javy Baez after getting him from the Cubs roughly 90 minutes before Friday’s deadline.

Unless there’s something we don’t know, and he also throws 100 mph with a wicked slider.

Because in keeping with the Mets’ long tradition of following a positive event by blindsiding everyone with something terrible, acting general manager Zack Scott — shortly after the Baez presser — revealed that Jacob deGrom was being shut down for two weeks (again) with elbow inflammation.

Though there’s never a good time to discover the best pitcher on the planet is not likely to return until September — now the most optimistic scenario — finding out a few hours before the deadline was less than ideal. Scott said deGrom felt discomfort after Thursday’s 36-pitch side session, went for an MRI around noon Friday and the Mets didn’t have a results-based strategy for him until 1 or so.

By then, it was too late to formulate any contingency plans for the dwindling trade market. As if that were even possible for a two-time Cy Young winner who was a lock for a third before his second trip to the IL earlier this month.

"It didn’t really change things," Scott said, "because you can’t replace Jacob deGrom."

The closest thing on the market was Max Scherzer, owner of three Cy trophies, but the Mets were told days ago he’d use his veto power to nix any trade to Flushing, and he wound up going to the Dodgers with Trea Turner. Next on the list was the Twins’ Jose Berrios, but the Blue Jays grabbed him Friday.

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"If another team had a better package of players," Scott said, "you can’t force them to like our package better."

Otherwise, what was left? Andrew Heaney? Kyle Gibson? J.A. Happ? Jon Lester? Scott pointed out it was mostly back of the rotation starters available, and the Mets picked up one of those, Trevor Williams, along with Baez from the Cubs.

As much as they feared a deGrom setback, the Mets had to realize this was a possibility, based on a flurry of minor ailments this season that seemed to arise from the superhuman strain he puts on his body by generating more velocity — more frequently — than any pitcher in the game. Plus, he already was on the IL, and they were being extra-careful with the rehab process.

That’s the most troubling part. Even the cautionary pace failed to solve the problem, and though Scott said the MRI showed no structural damage, what reason is there to believe he’ll ever be healthy again this season? From what we’ve been told, all of his MRIs this season have come back clean, yet deGrom only seems to be moving farther away from the rotation.

Obviously, it’s a big problem. Before hearing about deGrom, the Baez trade had to be viewed as a significant boost for the Mets. Though not the front-end starter or shutdown reliever most pegged as the team’s top priorities, Baez brings two things the Mets could definitely use: an elite everyday shortstop to fill-in for the injured Francisco Lindor and a lethal bat against lefthanded pitching.

As a bonus, Baez easily slides over to second base to play alongside his close buddy Lindor — expected back by late August — and create one of the most dazzling double play combos in the sport. The Mets also liked the fact that Baez was coming from a pressurized environment, having won a World Series with the Cubs, and could be re-energized about joining Lindor on a contender in New York.

"When you’re a few games ahead in the division on roughly Aug. 1, we need to do something," president Sandy Alderson said. "Not only to improve the team, but to demonstrate to the players that we had their back and we’re attempting to make the team better for the next 60 games."

The addition of Baez unquestionably makes the Mets better. They’ll have to grimace through the strikeouts, but he’s also mashed 22 homers this season. How much better is going to depend on the status of deGrom, the unique weapon they’re lucky enough to have. And Scott was right. No trade was going to make deGrom’s setback any easier to stomach.

David Lennon is an award-winning columnist, a voter for baseball's Hall of Fame and has covered six no-hitters, including two perfect games.

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