Trump fans like Candace Owens and Jack Posobiec are hyping the $500 Freedom Phone, which appears to be a cheap Chinese handset with a big markup


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Freedom Phone: How Much Does It Cost & Is It Worth Buying?

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The issue of moderation on social media and elsewhere is not new. However, the topic did receive greater attention than usual in the wake of the U.S. Capitol events that took place on Jan. 6. Specifically, the move by Facebook and Twitter to ban Donald Trump and the move by Amazon Web Services, the App Store and Google Play to remove support for Parler.

Following these events, the Freedom Phone was teased as a way for consumers to buy a device that, according to those behind the phone, won’t silence the user. More recently, the Freedom Phone was officially announced by Erik Finman, the self-professed “youngest Bitcoin millionaire" that’s behind the project. While now announced, and available to order directly from the Freedom Phone website, units are not expected to start shipping until next month.

Whether a consumer should buy the Freedom Phone depends on their individual needs. The Freedom Phone makes a lot of promises and it remains to be seen if it can deliver on them. For example, while the phone itself looks to protect the user, how frequent or reliable security updates will be remains to be seen, and likely only something that will become evident over time. Not to mention, while the Freedom Phone looks to offer access to apps that have been banned or limited elsewhere, it may also limit access to other popular apps. Specifically, as this is a device that’s marketed as a phone free of ‘big tech’, it should be expected that access to Google’s suite of apps, and other big tech apps, won’t be included by default. There's also no guarantee that they will be available to download through the “PatriApp Store” either.

Overall, the Freedom Phone is not going to be the best solution for everyone. Those who want a typical and reliable experience will want to look to some of the usual phone-makers instead. However, for those that do see specific value in the Freedom phone, it might be a solution for gaining access to apps that have proven more difficult to download from elsewhere, even if it limits access to other apps in the process.

Source: Erik Finman/Twitter, Freedom Phone

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