'Twilight' Fans HILARIOUSLY React To Full Saga Release On Netflix!


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When does twilight go on Netflix?

When is Twilight on Netflix? What time does it come out? Netflix released all five movies in the series on Friday, July 16. nj.comTwilight on Netflix: Date, release time, order of movies, celebrities in the series

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5 Robert Pattinson Movies Just Hit Netflix

We Got This Covered 18 July, 2021 - 06:00pm

Robert Pattinson is an acclaimed actor that’s demonstrated impressive range and versatility in a number of independent projects over the last decade, and recently signed a huge first-look deal with Warner Bros., New Line Cinema, Warner Bros. Television and HBO Max to develop and produce content for the big and small screens, so he’s clearly a name with a lot of value in the industry.

On top of that, he also happens to be the latest big screen iteration of Batman, with his debut under the cape and cowl finally hitting theaters in March of next year. Despite all of this, some folks still can’t look past his history as one of the leads of The Twilight Saga, the pop culture behemoth that generated a state of frenzied mania among its staunchest supporters.

That’s understandable to a certain extent when the movies are pretty terrible, with none of the five installments managing to reach even 50% on Rotten Tomatoes. Of course, that doesn’t mean a damn thing when audiences are willing to open their wallets, which they did to the tune of over $3.3 billion, making Twilight the most successful brand of the YA literary boom that wasn’t named Harry Potter.

The Twihards were mobilized once again last year when author Stephenie Meyer released new book Midnight Sun, and we now face the terrifying prospect of the franchise dominating the Netflix Top 10 most-watched list. As of yesterday Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and both parts of Breaking Dawn are now streaming on the world’s biggest platform, and the warm glow of nostalgia could encourage hibernating sparkly vampire enthusiasts the world over to reignite their fandom by bingeing the whole lot.

Twilight: Bella Is A Succubus - Theory Explained

Screen Rant 18 July, 2021 - 12:03pm

Twilight was the first entry in a series of four novels which became a worldwide phenomenon. As happens with most successful book series, the Twilight novels made the jump to the big screen not long after the publishing of the final book, Breaking Dawn. The Twilight Saga expanded the books’ fanbase but also highlighted many of the series’ flaws and left many questions about the characters, events, and how the overall mythology of this universe works – and among those is what made Bella so special.

The Twilight series is told from Bella’s perspective, and it all begins when she moves to Forks to live with her father, Charlie Swan. Bella is described as shy, clumsy, an introvert, and pretty much someone who has nothing special that can make her stand out, yet she was a big sensation when she arrived at Forks High School. Boys competed for her attention but she wasn’t interested in anyone except for the mysterious Edward Cullen, who at first appeared to be appalled by her. It was later revealed that Bella's blood had a very alluring smell to vampires, which according to Bree Tanner was “the sweetest scent she’d ever smelled”, but that doesn’t explain why humans were so attracted to her, so a fan theory suggests she was no ordinary girl and was actually a succubus.

If Bella was a succubus she obviously didn’t know about it, and it’s unknown what would have happened to that side of her once she became a vampire. As fun as this theory is, some Twilight readers have pointed out some flaws, such as Alice being able to see Bella in her visions as she’s only able to see that of vampires and humans, so if Bella was a succubus, she wouldn’t have appeared in her visions. Bella was most likely so attractive to everyone simply because she was the protagonist of the books and movies, following the trope of the supposedly average girl that is actually “very special”, but it might be fun to keep the succubus theory in mind the next time you watch the Twilight movies.

Everyone Is Rewatching “Twilight” and the Memes Are on Fire

Teen Vogue 18 July, 2021 - 11:03am

After you've figured out your official Breaking Dawn nickname and relived every moment of the films that Robert Pattinson compared to “existential art house horror” movies, you should take a scroll through your Twitter feed. As one Twitter user so helpfully pointed out, complete with a meme, there's no reason to be sad anymore. And as for your future plans? Well, those are settled: “Everyone shut up the twilight saga is gonna be back on netflix next week no one disturb me i’ll be busy.

While some are wondering about a possible future as a member of the Cullen family, others are contemplating plot points, including Jasper's ability to continually masquerade as a high school student. Another Twitter user also had an important question, writing, “I just wanna know what was in the air that made the whole town love Bella.”

The return has also given fans the chance to appreciate some of the film's most “iconic” moments, including the famous baseball scene from the first film. “Cinema really and truly peaked with the baseball scene in Twilight,” one user wrote

You'll have to tune in to find your own moment of Twilight bliss, but with the films back on Netflix, many are considering a return to Twilight fandom, and TBQH, same. For now, even after you watch the entire series once, you can always go back and do it all again. Hopefully, Anna Kendrick gets her chance to watch, as she last admitted to forgetting that she was even in the films. 

Scroll through some of the best social media reactions below.

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Twilight Fans Light Up Social Media as Series Comes to Netflix

ComicBook.com 17 July, 2021 - 04:30pm

Twilight is on Netflix and fans of the series are absolutely freaking out on social media. When news started to spread about the Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson films being easy to stream, hype began to mount. (Don’t worry Taylor Lautner hive, I didn’t forget about Sharkboy.) As streaming has entered its current phase, days like today have become almost routine. You have to chase your favorites around the different platforms and keep track of where they are. Movie fans usually rejoice when they get posted to eponymous services like Netflix and Hulu. (Both of them are elder statesmen of the streaming landscape at this point.) Twilight itself is so old that we’re in a period of early-Aughts nostalgia for the romantic drama. It must be wild to see so many young fans actively discovering both the book series and these movies so far down the line.

"You don't know how long I've waited for you..."

Every film in The Twilight Saga is now on Netflix (in The US) pic.twitter.com/xkjXOLTWm1

Comicbook.com’s Jenna Anderson spoke to former Tumblr trends expert Amanda Brennan about he wildly popular movie series and its enduring legacy.

"We've been looking at trends through the pandemic, and in the beginning, we saw Twilight really pop off in March and April," former Tumblr trends expert Amanda Brennan said in 2020. "It's like that time in 2008, when you were a kid and it was this fantasy that you can dive into. And now, I feel like we've been in this Twilight renaissance for a little bit. The new book has come out, and people are really diving into that fantastical element. So we'll see a lot of "Team Jacob", "Team Edward" kind of stuff. The kind of things you would have seen on an Angelfire or GeoCities fan-fiction website."

Will you be watching Twilight this weekend? Let us know down in the comments!

I was getting sad but twilight is gonna be on Netflix tomorrow pic.twitter.com/DdnhpQfAr0

now that the twilight saga is finally on netflix this is going to be me the whole day pic.twitter.com/zO1aS348MK

everyone shut up the twilight saga is gonna be back on netflix next week no one disturb me i’ll be busy

twilight saga back on netflix today i know what i'm going this weekend pic.twitter.com/N77gK11nfk

The Twilight Saga is on Netflix….my day just got better pic.twitter.com/WEaOOrRMxh

me knowing there’s thunderstorms coming and twilight saga was just added to Netflix pic.twitter.com/brIn4t3cj8

today is an extremely important day in our society, the twilight saga is now available on netflix in the US! pic.twitter.com/nlbiCKFQf4


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Robert Pattinson on Why He Went the Indie Route After 'The Twilight Saga'

Showbiz Cheat Sheet 17 July, 2021 - 01:16pm

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While Pattinson may not have fully understood what he was getting into when he accepted the role of Edward, there were signs that Twilight would become a phenomenon right off the bat. Prior to the film being made, the eponymous book by Stephenie Meyer had become an international bestseller. When word got out that the book was being adapted for the big screen, fans were eager to give their opinions on every aspect of the movie.

Now, It might be difficult for fans of The Twilight Saga to imagine anyone else in the role of Edward. However, plenty of fans were upset when Robert Pattinson was first cast. Though Pattinson was Kristen Stewart’s top pick for the role, fans were initially unimpressed. In fact, some fans even started a petition to get The Lighthouse star removed from the film, citing that he wasn’t “attractive enough” to play the beautiful and ethereal vampire.

Of course, Pattinson was able to win over most Twilight fans over time. He managed to strike a balance between being a tortured soul and a witty boyfriend in the films. As the films became more successful and beloved, Pattinson’s popularity soared to new heights. Suddenly, he was fielding offers from all types of films. However, the projects he ended up accepting were unexpected to many. Instead of doing huge blockbuster films that were more mainstream, Pattison was signing on to smaller, independent movies.

But what was the reason for Pattinson choosing to primarily go the indie route in between the Twilight movies and even after the franchise wrapped? According to The Batman star, it was primarily fear that led him to go off the beaten path. In an interview with BBC, Pattinson revealed that chasing after the A-List productions seemed much more dangerous to him than pursuing the indie path.

 “You can see quite a lot of examples of it not really working out for people,” Pattinson revealed. “So I just thought it would be a silly idea to try to do a massive action movie or something. I always think that whatever movie you’re doing, there’s a potential that it’s the last movie you’re ever going to get, and so I don’t want to end my career on a ‘transitional’ movie.”

It seems that Pattinson’s instincts have worked out for him. He is well-respected in the industry and has plenty of films on his resume. Furthermore, his path ultimately led him to another A-List role, as he is gearing up to lead the latest Batman franchise. Going the indie route has helped to ensure that Pattinson’s career has lasting longevity. We’re sure his fans are eager to see what he chooses to lend his talents to next.

The Entire Twilight Series is on Netflix: Time for Weekend-Binge - The Teal Mango

TheTealMango 17 July, 2021 - 12:18pm

If you are as excited as I am while I write this, then buckle up because we are all set to take a trip down memory lane since the Twilight series is now on Netflix.

For Twilight Fans, nothing could get better than just enjoying a warm cup of coffee, some popcorns, and binge-watching the entire saga with your beloved.

Now, we can all chill in peace!

The film franchise is based on Stephanie Meyer and the wonderful way it has been put in picture is worth rewatching over and over again. Certainly, it has been through a heck of jokes but ultimately it comes back for some good reason or bad.

Watching the Twilight series on Netflix is surely a good time, that’s for sure.

Twilight, back in the year the 2000s became immensely popular and had so many spotlights on it. You surely knew about Edward Cullen and Jacob Black who were all crazy for Bella and kept fighting for her.

There are so many memories that you must be ready to welcome while you are on your way watching this epic love cum horror cum action cum thriller.

If you know it all and if you don’t, it’s time to tie your shoes and join the marathon because hello! Twilight series is streaming on Netflix.

Let’s all agree to the fact of how much admiration we have for good TV Shows especially when they are long-running and are offering comfort. Naming some shows like these, Friends and The Office surely strikes first.

With time, there have been so many chances of the platform. The entire franchise and shows were transferred from Amazon Prime to Hulu. Sadly, it didn’t take much time to swift away from Hulu as well by the end of October keeping all the fans to sit and look for alternatives.

The Twilight series captures the soul. If you scroll through Twitter, you will figure out how steady the trend has been flowing.

Here’s how crazy Twitter is going!

Wait, don’t tell me you don’t have a Netflix subscription yet. Just in case, you haven’t, now you know the story therefore, just dive right in.

Take a trip all the way back to the Forests, the Forks, Washington, Bella, Edward, Jacob, and just keep going…

Get to the depth of the love triangle and figure out how it all started. Experience everything all over again and be ready to come across some real s**t.

All the Five Netflix Movies are streaming on Netflix and before it gets any old, just get started, will you?

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A Lot Of Twilight Fans Are Having The Best Weekend As Kristen Stewart's Movies Make Their Way To Netflix

CinemaBlend 17 July, 2021 - 12:02pm

I know what you are. Say it… out loud. You’re a Twilight fan. Doesn’t that feel better? Hiding a secret as dark as that can really weigh on you. We all know that the Twilight films aren't necessarily movie masterpieces, but they also kind of are. There's the memorable blue filter in the original film is, of course, iconic, the awkward silences we all experienced in high school (but no other high school movie truly captured) and of course the love triangle! And finally, finally we can experience all five movies on Netflix.

This weekend Twi-hards get to pretend we don’t already have a stack of Twilight DVDs already on our shelves and binge the entire saga in the comfort of our homes. The franchise arrived on the streaming platform on Friday, and the first movie has already made Netflix’s top ten alongside new Netflix releases including Never Have I Ever, Fear Street Part Three: 1666 and Gunpowder Milkshake. Fans took to Twitter to share their weekend plans:

now that the twilight saga is finally on netflix this is going to be me the whole day pic.twitter.com/zO1aS348MK

If you want to watch the entire Twilight saga this weekend, put aside 607 minutes (or just over 10 hours) of your time because we’re talking about Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn Part 1 and Breaking Dawn Part 2. You could split it over a weekend, a few days even but, if you're a hardcore fan, I know you're not leaving that couch all day. The movie that started it all hit theaters in 2008 and became a cultural moment. Anyone still have their Robert Pattinson posters like her?:

today is an extremely important day in our society, the twilight saga is now available on netflix in the US! pic.twitter.com/nlbiCKFQf4

How did we get here? The Twilight series started as Stephenie Meyer’s bestselling books but, when Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were cast as Bella and Edward in the movie adaptation, things really shifted into gear. The co-stars became a real-life couple and, suddenly, Twilight was more than just a YA series. Nearly 15 years since the first movie came out, it’s become nostalgic and a comforting part of many people’s past:

twilight saga back on netflix today i know what i'm going this weekend pic.twitter.com/N77gK11nfk

It’s a great time to bring all your friends together and watch the Twilight movies again. And the beauty of it being on Netflix is that most people have it so, if you're hoping to check it out with someone who is too far away, you can both push play and still enjoy it at the same time. A Twilight-themed party could even be in the cards this weekend at fans’ homes like this:

Twilight Saga just dropped on Netflix. Who’s coming over for a watch party??? pic.twitter.com/eF5iBY0bzN

Many fans of the Twilight movies started off loving the books, so it’s always fun to tap into the time when you're super into something and even laugh at it. There are definitely some funny lines throughout the Twilight saga that we can’t stop quoting:

rewatching the Twilight series on Netflix, forgot how unintentionally funny this shit was. ???? pic.twitter.com/HlWGJ2I9au

Judging by the numerous social media posts and Twilight’s position on Netflix’s weekend rankings, there are a lot of people hitting play on the saga this weekend. And with that, a lot of fans will surely be coming to grips with the fact that the series kind of slaps! Sure, it’s got its flaws but, between the incredible soundtracks, cast and entertaining moments, you may also be admitting your fandom to the films:

The Twilight Saga is now on Netflix so, I think it's a good time to tell y'all that I LOVE Twilight and I'm so sorry I kept it a secret for so long. Twilight is horrible and I love it ???? pic.twitter.com/XsNeOMZXCo

While you’re here and getting ready to watch Twilight, check out some behind-the-scenes facts about the first film and stick with us on CinemaBlend for more updates about the Twilight phenomena.

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Twilight: 10 Unpopular Opinions About Bella (According To Reddit)

Screen Rant 17 July, 2021 - 09:30am

Many fans share the same viewpoints on Bella, but due to the saga's popularity, there are plenty of differing thoughts regarding her character. Fans of both the books and movies have taken to Reddit to express their unpopular opinions about Bella and her relationships.

A Reddit user doesn't feel that Bella fits this trope and argues that she's not perfect by any means. She has obvious faults and strengths, and everything she got she worked hard for. The user went on to say that because Bella was a new student in a small town, it makes sense that people took notice of her.

They pull quotes from the series to describe Bella through Edward's eyes. They also emphasize how Bella constantly sacrifices her life and puts others before herself. When she was afraid, she always had courage, and she's a better role model than those presented to kids today.

A Reddit user starts a discussion about how Bella gets even more gorgeous after becoming a vampire, and not enough people talk about it. Whoever did Bella's makeup did a fantastic job at showcasing the supernatural changes her body underwent. Her eyes are red as a newborn, but they turn golden later on.

Many fans find her dull and boring and feel as if she's not worth the amount of attention she receives. However, there's a noticeable difference between Bella's book and onscreen versions, and much of the disapproval is aimed at the movie character.

They point out that, unlike Edward, Jacob didn't withhold information from her. They had things in common and they had a strong friendship. A major downside to turning into a vampire was that Bella wouldn't be able to see her family anymore. If she'd ended up with Jacob, it wouldn't have been a problem.

They argue that while Bella may be indecisive, she cares about the people around her. She hasn't done anything wrong in the broad scope of things and she's a person anyone would be lucky to have as a friend.

The two only became close because of reasons relating to Edward and the supernatural. Jacob was also younger than Bella, and she probably would always associate him with Forks. If not for Edward, there's a good chance that Bella would have moved away for college. Another user attempts to contradict this by pointing out something Jacob said to her. He tells Bella that he was the natural path her life would have taken, and she doesn't deny it.

They were looking forward to Edward helping Bella through all the issues they warned her about in the series, but she ended up becoming an extremely powerful vampire with "super self-control." Bella's vampire storyline turned into a new mother storyline, and the ending felt detached as a whole.

While she has no right to tell Bella what to do, a Reddit user understands why Rosalie is so passionate about the subject. They argue that 18 is too young to make such a life-altering decision because vampirism is something that can't be taken back. The user continues on to say that Bella should have given it a few more years to see if she still felt the same.

Among other criticisms, the original post states that Bella sends the harmful message that a woman needs a man in order to be happy, and she doesn't represent the average teenage girl. There were many people who disagreed, and a Reddit user went into an in-depth explanation of why that specific argument against Bella is superficial.

Why Twilight: Breaking Dawn - Part 2's Twist Ending Works - Den of Geek

Den of Geek 17 July, 2021 - 04:00am

Almost a decade later, we're still thinking about the gotcha moment at the end of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2.

“To me, it’s like an eight minute musical number,” director Bill Condon told Vulture in 2012 of the film’s wild climax, adding that he had particular fun deciding who would be killed in the “dream” sequence. (For those keeping track at home, it was: Carlisle, Jasper, Jane Caius, Marcus, and Aro.) “When I got involved, it was just a sentence, ‘There’s a battle.’ But then it was fun to actually come up with it. That was, I would say, the biggest thing I worked on for two years.”

Condon’s delight in bringing this sequence to life translates to the screen; the director goes all in for the vampire-werewolf battle, which features some truly gifted thespians (including both Michael Sheen and Rami Malek) fighting wolves and glaring at one another intensely across the snowy tundra. The CGI-driven action is brightly lit and easy to follow. The movie gives each and every gruesome death its moment in the winter sun, letting the potential plot and character implications hit. Honestly, this entire sequence is a gift. It allows fans to see this cast and these characters battle it out in the most dramatic of ways without changing the ending of a beloved story. As a Twilight book fan who saw it in theaters, it was a hell of a good time.

It’s also not technically a deviation from the book’s plot.

“I don’t think there’s anything in there that’s not aptly suggested by the book, which is very interesting,” screen writer Melissa Rosenberg told Pop Sugar in the lead up to the movie’s release in 2012. “I mean, the book is all very much Bella’s point of view, so, for instance, when Jacob comes to Bella and says, ‘I just told your dad I was a werewolf,’ I get to actually go see that. Bella only meets their stories once they’re there, and we get to actually go with the people who are finding them, and meeting them in their environment. So it’s a lot of fun for me, and actually the final sequence at the end . . . I get to do a little bit of inventing there.”

Most of The Twilight Saga is incredibly faithful to Stephenie Meyer’s book series, which a majority of fans seemed to appreciate given the franchise’s collective box office numbers, totaling in the billions of dollars. But what works on the page doesn’t always make for the best on-screen story. Rosenberg knew that and found a way to integrate a big budget action scene into the saga’s epic conclusion without ever changing the book’s plot.

It’s an interesting albeit superficial solution to a frequent adaptation problem, and honestly one that I can’t imagine working for most franchises. But The Twilight Saga isn’t just any franchise. The blockbusters have a massive fandom driven mostly by girls and women. Most Twilight fans, of which I would consider myself one, don’t read or watch Twilight primarily for the plot. Twilight, like any self-respecting representative of the romance genre, is an emotion-driven story in which the plot acts as a vehicle to evoke various feelings in the characters and, in turn, the reader. It’s the intensity and/or complexity of that emotion that keeps fans engaged, and coming back for more. And boy, does the Breaking Dawn – Part 2 twist evoke some emotions.

Romance is also usually a genre known for happy endings, which is why the quasi-twist in Breaking Dawn – Part 2 is both so effectively shocking and would have been a bad choice should it have been “real.” The happy ending is an integral part of the promise for catharsis that the romance genre gives its readers/viewers. Romance readers have a different relationship to the angst and struggle of a story when we know it will all work out in the end. It’s no less or more valid a story structure than the horror genre, for example, which usually relies on the opposite kind of promise when it comes to its ending. But it is one that often needs defending in mainstream culture.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 is not a cinematic masterpiece. There’s a limitation to faithful-above-all-else film adaptations like Harry Potter or Twilight that often keeps these franchises from making the best creative choices. But I like that The Twilight Saga resisted making a change that would have alienated much of the main audience for these films, especially this late in the game. Instead, with the twist ending, fans of the book series were able to enjoy a franchise-ender that truly shocked us without losing the saga’s happy ending in the process. (Let’s just agree not to talk about the Renesmee/Jacob stuff, OK?)

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