'Undetectable' Call of Duty: Warzone Hack Cancelled By Its Creator


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When does Season 4 Reloaded come out?

Season 4 Reloaded arrive on the 15th July 2021. roccat.comCold War And Warzone Season 4 RELOADED: Release Date, Patch Notes, Maps, Weapons, Operators And Everything You Need To Know

PCGamer reported on the cheat, known as User Vision Pro, that was an aim assist and auto-fire cheat – footage of the system in action subsequently spread, showing the effect on Call of Duty: Warzone play. The system was billed as being “undetectable”, “unstoppable”, and capable of running on any game on console or PC, due to the script running on a different computer to the game, meaning that no game files would be altered, allowing it to slip through anti-cheat software.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present you the next generation of cheating now available on console, and has been for a while but lately its been becoming more popular and more of a trend, consoles are no longer a safe space to play your games legit anymore pic.twitter.com/iEQzPVFf1h

Have you played Call of Duty: Warzone?

The fact that Call of Duty: Warzone was the game being used to show off the cheat software forced Activision into action. After forcing takedowns of videos featuring User Vision Pro, Activision subsequently told creator User101 to close the website associated with the cheat and cease development on it. User101 released the following statement:

"This statement was not required. However, at the request of Activision Publishing, Inc (“Activision”), I will no longer be developing or providing access to software that could be used to exploit their games. My intent was never to do anything illegal. At the end of the video that brought so much attention to this project, it stated 'coming soon'. The software was never published.

"This type of technology has other actual assistive benefits, for example, by pointing a webcam at yourself you could control movement without the use of limbs. Unfortunately, because of its potential negative impact I will not be developing it further."

User Vision Pro never actually got released to the public, so it seems like Activision got there just in time to stop this cheat from becoming widespread. As Activision’s flagship title, Call of Duty: Warzone has had to focus on protecting its player base from cheaters or hackers, and the game has successfully banned 500,000 cheaters since launch. The increased focus on the game means that it now also has the vast majority of Activision’s development studios working on it.

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Warzone players are loving Season 4 patch's secret change to zipline mobility

Dexerto 15 July, 2021 - 04:46pm

Warzone Season 4 Reloaded is live and with this update came a lot of changes to the game we all know and love. One of the biggest changes went unnoticed as it was initially left off of the patch notes released by Raven Software.

It became apparent to the community when a clip on the Warzone subreddit was posted by “aur0n” showing off the new mechanic allowing multiple people on the zipline same time.

As you can see in the clip, all three players were able to get on right after the person in front of them got on the zipline. Previously, players would need to wait for their teammate or enemy to reach the top before being able to use it themselves. An interaction that previously would take around 20 seconds now only takes a little over five seconds to complete. Cutting the time down by nearly 75% will allow squads to play at a much faster and aggressive pace.

Redditor ‘dknisle1’ said, “that might be the biggest change in the patch. This could be a game changer. Especially at ATC.” At the Airport in Warzone there is an air traffic control tower that can only be climbed by ascending on a zipline. This is very friendly to campers and snipers.

Another redditor, ‘Baxterftw’ agreed and said, “ATC tower campers won’t like this. It’ll be fun to push that now.” With this change it will make it a lot harder for a team to hold down the tower without taking some casualties along the way.

This also has a huge impact on Rebirth Resurgence. Some buildings have ziplines to ascend, such as Prison Block and Nova 6 Factory. The roofs of these buildings are common camping spots for squads and now teams can push together to take over these buildings to get a victory.

❗️ We've amended the Season Four Reloaded Patch Notes to include the following:

• Ascenders now allow multiple Players to use them simultaneously – allowing for quicker vertical engagements as a squad.

Enjoy ☺️ https://t.co/0vSvqOcZoL

— Raven Software (@RavenSoftware) July 15, 2021

Since releasing the patch, Warzone devs have confirmed in a tweet that this was an intended change and not a glitch, which means it is here to stay. Raven Software have since updated the patch notes to include the change.

Other players are happy with the change but still feel like more can be added to this aspect of Warzone. ‘Henryjhutchins’ on Twitter is really excited but wants to be able to hip-fire while going up a zipline.

This change has been something that the Warzone community has been interested in for a while and could definitely have a huge impact on the pace of the game.

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