USWNT, other soccer teams kneel before Olympic openers to protest racism


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When is the opening ceremony for the 2021 Olympics?

The 2021 Tokyo Olympics officially begin on Friday, July 23, 2021 (7/23/21) with the opening ceremony, which takes place in Tokyo, Japan. Fans can watch the event for free via a trial of fuboTV. nj.comTokyo Olympics 2021 Opening Ceremony: Start time, free live stream, how to watch, USA TV, channel

Will the Olympics have an opening ceremony?

July 21, 2021, at 12:03 a.m. TOKYO (Reuters) - Forget the mass choreography, the huge props and the cornucopia of dancer, actors and lights associated with an Olympic Games opening ceremony. U.S. News & World ReportOlympics-Tokyo Opening Ceremony Will Be 'Sobering' Show, Not Flashy

Did the Olympics start 2021?

The 2021 Olympics are being held in Tokyo, a decision that was made in 2013 during the 125th International Olympic Commission Session. It is the second time in Tokyo's history that it will host the Olympic Games. It is Japan's fourth time hosting the event, and first since the 1998 Winter Games. Sporting NewsWhere are the Olympics in 2021? Locations, venues & more to know about Tokyo Games

Will the Tokyo Olympics happen?

Still under the banner of Tokyo 2020, they'll now take place from July 23 through Aug. 8, 2021. ... Take a look here at all the venues where athletes from around the world will be competing at the culmination of their years of training and devotion to their sport. CNETTokyo Olympics, one year late, are finally about to happen

Dan Wetzel, Pat Forde, Pete Thamel

The demonstrations were pre-planned, as they have been before various international soccer matches for over a year now as collective statements against racism and other forms of discrimination. English Premier League players first popularized the gesture last summer in the aftermath of George Floyd's murder and the subsequent racial justice reckoning that spread from the U.S. around the world.

At the USA-Sweden game in an empty Tokyo Stadium, at the sound of the referee's whistle, all 11 starters from both teams, plus the ref, dropped to one knee. They stayed there for about 10 seconds with pregame music still playing in the background. They then rose, and a short in-stadium countdown to kickoff commenced.

Several USWNT players have, individually and sometimes collectively, knelt to protest racism in the past. Megan Rapinoe famously became the first white woman athlete to kneel during the national anthem soon after Colin Kaepernick did in 2017. Others have joined Rapinoe in protest before national team games since Floyd was murdered in May of 2020.

All 18 USWNT players stood for the anthem on Wednesday. It's unclear if a protest during the anthem would be acceptable under the new IOC rules. (National anthems aren't played before most Olympic events — only afterward, during medal ceremonies.)

Players from Great Britain and Chile also knelt before their match on Wednesday. They were, officially, the first to stage a pre-event protest that was acceptable under IOC rules.

The infamous Rule 50 had long prohibited most forms of protest at Olympic events. In January 2020, the IOC specifically barred kneeling and fist-raising, among other acts, at all Olympic venues, at any point before, during or after a competition.

But pressure from athletes who felt the rules infringed upon their freedom of expression — and especially from Black athletes, some of whom felt targeted by the guidelines — increased beginning last June. The U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee's Athletes Advisory Council called for an abolishment of Rule 50 last summer. The USOPC, after forming a racial and social justice council, followed in calling on the IOC to “end the prohibition of peaceful demonstrations” at the Games.

In response, the IOC staged a lengthy review of the rule. It initially announced that it would, effectively, maintain the restrictions. But athletes, such as U.S. hammer thrower Gwen Berry, said the rules wouldn't stop them from protesting racial injustice. The IOC essentially sought a compromise, and announced in early July that demonstrations before competitions would be allowed.

Protests during competitions and medal ceremonies, however, are still prohibited.

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