Vaccine inequality could cost the global economy trillions, report finds


CNBC 27 August, 2021 - 01:00am 58 views

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WorldView: Japan's COVID-19 vaccine setback

TVC News Nigeria 27 August, 2021 - 03:50am

Minister: Vaccine contamination must be prevented | NHK WORLD-JAPAN News

NHK WORLD 27 August, 2021 - 01:23am

Japan's health minister Tamura Norihisa says the government will ask Moderna and Takeda Pharmaceutical to take measures to prevent foreign substances from entering vaccine vials.

Foreign substances have been found in unopened vials of the Moderna vaccine at eight vaccination sites in Japan since mid-August. The health ministry has decided to halt the use of 1.63 million doses of the vaccine made on the same production line.

Takeda handles the distribution of Moderna vaccines in Japan.

Tamura told reporters on Friday that the incident has caused concern to those who are getting vaccinated.

He said Moderna and Takeda should immediately identify the cause of the contamination and take steps to prevent a recurrence.

The minister also said medical workers will not use vials that are visually confirmed to contain foreign substances. He added there have been no reports of health problem related to the vaccines.

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