'Virgin River' Season 4 Spoilers: Jack & Mel Finale Twists Explained


TVLine 11 July, 2021 - 02:00pm 41 views

Where is Virgin River?

The Netflix show is set in California—but filmed in Canada. Netflix's Virgin River is the perfect TV escape. The low-key show, which saw its third season released in July of 2021, boasts Hallmark-level drama, steamy romance, hot bartenders, and a cozy small town I wish I could relocate to for the rest of eternity. MarieClaire.comWhere Is 'Virgin River' Filmed? | Real-Life Filming Locations

Is there going to be a fourth season of Virgin River?

When will season four of Virgin River come out? Our guess: July of 2022. ... According to What's on Netflix—which, it's worth noting, was correct about season three timing—season four is scheduled to begin filming at the end of July 2021, with filming planned to wrap up at the end of November. MarieClaire.com'Virgin River' Season 4 | Netflix Release Date, Cast, Plot

Is hope in Virgin River 3?

Conspicuously absent from season 3 of Virgin River, which dropped on Netflix July 9, is the one and only Hope McCrea, played by Annette O'Toole: the sharp-tongued, fiercely loyal mayor of the town and fiancée (and former wife) of Doc Mullins. MarieClaire.comWhere Is Hope on 'Virgin River' Season 3?

Is Annette O'Toole returning to Virgin River?

As revealed in the Netflix drama's Season 3 premiere, Hope (played by Annette O'Toole) is away visiting family in South Carolina. ... Without giving too much away, we'll just say that a series of unfortunate events keeps prolonging Hope's trip, preventing her from physically returning to Virgin River this season. tvline.com'Virgin River' Season 3: [Spoiler]'s Absence Explained — Interview

Don't worry, those vow renewals will eventually materialise.

Virgin River season 3 was disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic in one particular way.

If you've already binged the latest batch of episodes of the Netflix series, you'll have noticed the physical absence of Annette O'Toole's character Hope McCrea, who's away looking after her poorly aunt.

Showrunner Sue Tenney caught up with Entertainment Weekly to explain why this is the case.

"That was a pandemic pivot. We've worked very hard to make sure she was still very much in the show," she began.

"If we have a fourth season, everyone is now vaccinated and the pandemic is not what it was. So, I would hope that we would have Annette back."

Sadly, O'Toole's inability to reach the set during deep pandemic times meant that Virgin River's writing team had to rework some third season storylines, including Hope and Doc Mullins' vow renewal ceremony.

"We had a very lovely, two long episodes about that," Tenney revealed, who shelved this tender segment instead of just letting it play out off-camera.

"Two episodes of plot on that. When we get to that point, which is a recommitment ceremony, we definitely are going to want to see that.

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10 things that could (but probably won’t) happen on the new season of Virgin River

The Spinoff 11 July, 2021 - 05:16pm

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Let's Break Down That Wildly Emotional Season 3 Finale of Virgin River

POPSUGAR 11 July, 2021 - 05:16pm

Watch out! This post contains spoilers.

"Still waters run deep" would be the perfect tagline for Virgin River's scenic but emotionally fraught third season. From Hope's encounter with a hurricane to Lilly's cancer diagnosis to Mel and Jack's topsy-turvy relationship, the season is chock-full of sucker punches and never-ending twists. But it's the season finale that will undoubtedly leave fans clamoring for a fourth season. Let's talk about what happened in that final episode, as well as the questions that remain unanswered.

Preacher's guardianship of Christopher — whose mother, Paige, has been on the run since killing her abusive ex-husband, Wes, in season two — is a central plot point in the third season. Preacher knows that Wes's twin brother, Vince, is a looming threat, so he's careful not to let Christopher out of his sight. But when a so-called friend of Paige tells Preacher that she's planning to turn herself in, he insists on seeing her. The friend drives Preacher to the woods, where she claims Paige is staying in a cabin, but on the way, she stops to buy him a snack and a soda. As they begin walking toward the cabin, Preacher starts to feel woozy and collapses to the ground, clearly having been drugged.

That's the last time Preacher is seen this season, but we soon learn that this is all part of a plan to kidnap Christopher. Later in the finale, Connie and Christopher return home to Preacher's house, where Vince is waiting for them. Paige is absent throughout these episodes, but with Christopher's life now in danger, she'll presumably come out of hiding — and hopefully, team up with Preacher — to fight for her family.

Hope begins the season in South Carolina, where she's caring for her aunt. She becomes stranded when a hurricane strikes, even falling out of touch with Doc, who's concerned for her safety — but eventually, Hope re-emerges in virtual glimpses, proving that both she and her aunt have weathered the storm. Hope decides to return home to Virgin River after learning about Lilly's sudden passing, but she gets in a car accident on her way to the funeral and ends up in a medically induced coma.

It's unclear what the future holds for Hope and Doc, but showrunner Sue Tenney has said that the Covid-19 pandemic physically kept actress Annette O'Toole away from the set, meaning she's very likely to return should the show be renewed. As stubborn as Hope is, she'll undoubtedly regain her strength soon — and she'll need it, because a young man claiming to be Doc's grandson has come to town, raising questions about who his parents are and if Hope knows about this part of Doc's past.

Jack suffers memory loss after being shot at the end of season two. The details of that night come back to him throughout the third season, and Brady quickly becomes a prime suspect after Jack tells police that he remembers Brady being in the bar that night and the two of them getting into a fight. Brady denies shooting Jack, but when the cops execute a search warrant, they find a gun in his car that matches the weapon used in the shooting. Brady maintains his innocence, insisting that it isn't his gun and he's being set up. Given that Brady is in hot water with his former boss and drug lord, Calvin, he might just be right about that.

Mel and Jack's relationship takes another turn this season when she tells him that she'd like to have a baby. Worried that he can't give Mel what she needs and take care of his twins with Charmaine, Jack breaks things off with Mel just as she's about to return to Los Angeles to visit her sister. In LA, Mel's sister Joey encourages her to consider having a baby on her own, using the embryos Mel and her late husband, Mark, had frozen. Mel visits a fertility clinic, and while we don't see the exchange between her and the doctor, it's implied that she's there to get the process underway.

The timing, however, couldn't be more complicated, because Jack apologizes to Mel as soon as she's back in Virgin River. Despite her reservations, she gives him another chance — and soon after, she learns that she's pregnant. Jack is about to propose to Mel when she insists that she needs to tell him something first. He's ecstatic upon hearing the news that Mel is pregnant, until she drops another bombshell: "I don't know if you're the father." It's a major cliffhanger, setting viewers up for what's sure to be an epic season four.

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'Virgin River's Alexandra Breckenridge on Mel's Shocking News for Jack

TV Insider 11 July, 2021 - 05:16pm

The good news: Mel (Alexandra Breckenridge) and Jack (Martin Henderson) are back together after breaking up — she wanted kids, he wasn’t so sure — by the end of Virgin River Season 3. The bad news: There’s a major complication.

As he’s ready to propose, she drops a bombshell on him: She’s pregnant. Wait, shouldn’t that be great news? Yes, but … she doesn’t know if he’s the father. While they were broken up, she visited her sister, who reminded her of the two embryos she and her late husband Mark (Daniel Gillies) had left.

So whose baby is it? TV Insider turned to Breckenridge to get her take on that, Mel and Jack’s relationship, and more.

Alexandra Breckenridge: I can tell you that I hope that it’s Jack’s baby, but I don’t know. That might be wishful thinking.

She was pretty conflicted about that from the inception of the idea when Joey brought it up with her, so I would say maybe a small part of her. She was definitely more comfortable with that idea when she thought that Jack and her were truly breaking up. But I think once they got back together, she thought, “Well, the likelihood of me getting pregnant is so small.” I think that after she found out she was pregnant, it brought on a lot of complicated feelings for her — obviously, you can see it on her face — so maybe a tiny part. But I think at this point she mostly wants it to be Jack’s. That’s who she’s currently in love with. Of course, she loves Mark, but they’re not in a relationship anymore. I don’t know if that’s the right thing to say about somebody that’s passed away.

It’s a double-edged sword for her until she knows the paternity and she doesn’t know how Jack is going to react also because she knows she has to be honest with him. Obviously, she dropped that bomb at the end when he asks her to marry him, which is the saddest thing ever. It’s a moment that you want to happen so badly and then she’s like, “I’m pregnant,” and he’s like, “Oh, that’s amazing.” “I don’t know if you’re the father,” which leads him to believe, “Oh my gosh, did you sleep with somebody when we broke up for that one day?” Luckily that was not the case. She’s just going through a lot of emotional turmoil about it and if there’s a Season 4, we’ll obviously explore that a lot. But at the end of the season, she’s very torn about it.

I know. A couple of weeks have passed. That’s not much time. Mel ultimately loves Jack and wants to be with him and wants to marry him, absolutely. When he asks her, it is a little bit shocking and I’m not entirely sure, but my first inclination is she would have said yes. However, just because you want to say yes in that moment… She doesn’t not love him. She doesn’t not want to be with him. And he certainly came back and said, “I’m all in and I promise that I’ll be with you and I won’t turn my back on you again.” I think she fully believes that at this point. I want to say she would’ve said yes.

It is. It’s a lot. The proposal is a huge moment for Jack and the fact that Hope is clinging to her life in the hospital makes it kind of a strange time to propose. But I think Jack’s point is that he loves Mel so much, he doesn’t want to waste another moment, seeing how fragile life is.

She loves living in Virgin River. I think she’s adjusted to small-town life in a way that she wasn’t expecting when she moved there. When she moved there, she was trying to escape herself. She was trying to escape the loss of her husband and the loss of her baby and all of that emotional baggage she was running away from. But obviously, you can’t run away from your emotions and I think she’s been able to heal a great deal since being there. And I think Jack’s really helped her with that process. Personally, I think that Mel loves Virgin River now. I don’t think she wants to leave. I think she wanted to leave when she thought her and Jack were breaking up and her sister needed her. And so there were multiple things at play when she was considering that.

It is. And they have such a sense of community there that you don’t get in the big city necessarily.

Yeah, I love the character of Brie and I love Zibby Allen who plays Brie. She’s such a phenomenal actress and the emotional arc that she carried through the third season was such a joy to watch. She’s so much fun to work with. I’m really excited that we get to continue that relationship in the future if we do have a Season 4 — hopefully that happens.

We personally as just people clicked pretty instantaneously. I think we have the same kind of sense of humor and that carried over onscreen because Brie and Mel have a similar sense of humor and they’re both smart, intelligent, independent women. But they’ve also been through incredible heartbreak and incredible circumstances. There are many layers to that relationship that they have been able to bond over, and Mel desperately needed a female friend, I think, besides Hope.

That’s a really, really good question. I think that now that Jack and Mel are back together — we’ll see though. Who knows? If there is [a Season 4], we don’t know how Jack’s going to react. We truly don’t. So if they split up again and she’s pregnant, she might move back to Los Angeles to be with her sister, because she probably wants that kind of support. And if that’s not the case, if she and Jack stay together, I’m sure she would stay on in the clinic because she loves what she does. She’s devoted to her job through and through.

Charmaine has really been in and out. She’s not as present in the third season, mainly because she has a new relationship and she’s not trying to get Jack to stay with her anymore. She’s understood that that part of her life has ended in that way [and] moving forward they’ll have a different relationship. Mel’s fine with Charmaine. She doesn’t particularly like Charmaine. They haven’t got along very well for obvious reasons. I’m sure she’s relieved that she doesn’t have to see her that much. Because Charmaine can be difficult. She can cause a lot of problems.

Yeah. And that’s really difficult because, with mothers versus fathers, courts tend to side with mothers, but I don’t know a whole lot about that. It just sounds very intense. That storyline weighs heavy on Jack, obviously, throughout the season.

Well, I know who shot Jack. [Laughs] Brady certainly comes across as innocent to me in the show, regardless of the information that I know. I think he appears to be innocent, so maybe Charmaine shot Jack.

I know! Wasn’t that an interesting little twist that they put in there where Brady comes to the bar drunk and he’s like, well, you’re not innocent either? I was like, “Ooh, what did he do?” I don’t know anything about that.

I never considered that. I think that her life would be a lot more lonely than it is now if she stayed in Los Angeles. I think that she would have held onto her grief longer and probably made some poor decisions in dating.

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'Virgin River' showrunner teases Hope's fate and what's ahead for Doc and Muriel

EW.com 11 July, 2021 - 12:00pm

Jack (Martin Henderson) may be in perfect health, but there's another resident of Virgin River we have to worry about now.

In the season 3 finale, which hit Netflix Friday, Hope (Annette O'Toole) is in a car accident that leaves her in the hospital with a traumatic brain injury and the very real possibility that she won't survive. While Doc (Tim Matheson) tries to face up to the prospect of a version of life without the woman he loves. The residents of Virgin River, especially Mel (Alexandra Breckenridge) and Jack and Muriel (Teryl Rothery), come to offer Doc solace and comfort.

But a big question remains? Will Hope make it to another season (if Netflix renews the show)? Showrunner Sue Tenney is here to put all our fears to rest, hinting that the trajectory of the question will follow a similar path to the course of Jack's fate between seasons 2 and 3 after being shot.

"We do move ahead," she tells EW. "To us, it's the recovery and what she's dealing with — a traumatic brain injury. In a hospital and going through recovery, that's not really where our show lives. But we're very committed to what the truth of something is, so we'll go to the edge of what's the best recovery for this. We always stick with the parameters, medically, but also we know at this point what we like to do, which are complicated emotionally drama-based stories."

So, just as much of season 3 was focused on Jack's emotional recovery from his shooting and his struggle to remember his assailant, much of Hope's journey in season 4 will be focused on her life post-accident and the changes that brings.

"Doc, like Jack, is dedicated and is not going to move off of that dedication," she explains. "But the more fun relationship is the one between Muriel and Hope. It starts as very antagonistic. [But] in the slow burn category, you'll see moments coming up that are going to open up that relationship. [It's] fun taking enemies and making them friendly."

If it's not Muriel, we're certain Hope will find someone to butt heads with. She is still Hope, after all.

Virgin River Boss Answers All of Our Season 3 Burning Questions

TV Guide 11 July, 2021 - 09:00am

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You might think that Mel's (Alexandra Breckenridge) baby surprise at the end of Virgin River Season 3 was enough drama, but it was really just the tip of the pine tree for this mountain town. Outside of Mel and Jack's (Martin Henderson) relationship woes, the third season of the Netflix drama also saw Vince (Steve Bacic) return in his vengeful hunt for Paige (Lexa Doig). He had Preacher (Colin Lawrence) drugged so he could get to little Christopher and it seems like only bad things can come from that scenario. 

While Season 3 provided clues as to what happened the night Jack was shot, we still don't have definitive answers about what went down in the bar before Mel found Jack bleeding out on the floor. Brady (Benjamin Hollingsworth) was arrested at the end of the season for the crime but he swore he didn't do it (and for once we are inclined to believe him) but that still leaves a lot of questions up in the air about who actually pulled the trigger. 

Elsewhere, a mysterious hitchhiker showed up claiming to be Doc's (Tim Matheson) grandson and Hope (Annette O'Toole) remained unconscious in the hospital after getting into a car accident on her way home from visiting her elderly aunt. And of course, Charmaine (Lauren Hammersley) is stirring up trouble again with her new husband threatening to sue Jack for parental rights to his and Charmaine's unborn twins. 

There was so much going on at the end of this season that TV Guide needed to bring in executive producer Sue Tenney to help break down all of these big cliffhangers and tease what to expect if the show gets picked up for Season 4.

Virgin River Season 3 is now streaming on Netflix.

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