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When is Warframe getting cross save?

Today, Digital Extremes announced during TennoCon 2021 that its popular online shooter Warframe will get full cross-play and cross-save support later this year, letting space ninjas take their characters across PC, Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One seamlessly. KotakuWarframe Will Get Cross-Play And Cross-Save Support Later This Year

Revealed at TennoCon 2021, Warframe's New War expansion got a 30-minute live gameplay demo that "shocked audiences by showing Corpus Engineer Veso, Grineer Soldier Kahl-175, and even fan-favorite Dax warrior Teshin -- all playable in a Quest for the first-time ever."

While no date was give, it was also announced that cross save, cross play, and simultaneous Warframe updates across all platforms are all in the works.

“Community is incredibly important to us and opening up Cross Play and Cross Save is just one of many more efforts we’ll take on to bring more players together including extending Warframe’s fast, fluid, action combat experience to other global gaming platforms,” said Sheldon Carter, Chief Operating Officer at DE. “We are at the very beginning of the next-generation of Warframe. We are eight years young and have the benefit of beginning our second console generation with a major game expansion that will also mark a new chapter of more story-based content our players have been asking for.”

If you are on the fence about whether or not to jump into Warframe, we recently wrote an op-ed on why it's the perfect time to suit up for the game that features space travel, parkour, and space pets.

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Warframe live event shatters concurrent user record, crashes servers

PC Gamer 18 July, 2021 - 08:01am

Tennocon 2021 is the largest yet, going strictly by the numbers.

According to SteamDB and Steamcharts over 175,000 Warframe players are online right now—which is only a fraction of people playing the game. Warframe also has a standalone client, is available on the Epic Games Store, and runs on no fewer than five major consoles. Nonetheless, the total on Steam is over 10% higher than the previous peak of just under 155,000 players for last year's event.

If you'd like to tune in, here's how to watch TennoCon 2021. So far, this year's major announcement is that crossplay and cross-saves are coming to every version of Warframe, including the just-announced mobile version of the game. Developers Digital Extremes are also expected to release more information about the upcoming The New War expansion, first announced in 2018 and highly anticipated by fans ever since.

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Warframe's Next Big Update Will Release Simultaneously On All Platforms Later This Year

Kotaku 18 July, 2021 - 08:01am

With Earth’s mightiest bastion, Cetus, burning and the pride of the Corpus fleet lying in ruins, the combined strength of the Tenno and their allies might be the key to this new war.

Warframe Live Event Reportedly Caused Server Crash During Tennocon 2021

TheGamer 18 July, 2021 - 05:34am

This is a huge milestone for Warframe, as you can imagine how kicked you’d be about an event three years in the making finally arriving to your favourite live game. Players were clearly excited about this as they caused game servers to crash. More specifically, players were unable to enter the Relays, which are Warframe’s player hubs.

As reported by PC Gamer, the reason for this was the interactive preview event that Digital Extremes had planned. Players needed to head to the TennoCon Relay which showcased The New War, but the sheer number of players made it extremely hard to travel to it. However, the game was playable if you could get in.

“We’ve spent a lot of time talking about The New War on Devstreams and at past TennoCons. We’ve shown cinematics, added in-game messages and lead-ups, and now the wait is over… we are so excited to finally provide some answers and give everyone a small piece of what’s to come with The New War," said Digital Extremes community director Rebecca Ford. "We’re thankful for the patience of our players and we look forward to seeing their reactions to some of our big reveals in the chat."

Another major announcement made during Tennocon 2021 was that Warframe will finally be getting crossplay and cross-save across all platforms. This means you can log off your game and seamlessly pick back up where you left off on any other device.

"Community is incredibly important to us and opening up Cross Play and Cross Save is just one of many more efforts we’ll take on to bring more players together including extending Warframe’s fast, fluid, action combat experience to other global gaming platforms,” said Digital Extremes COO Sheldon Carter.

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