Watch Dead and Company Honor Charlie Watts By Playing ‘The Last Time’


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How many years was Charlie Watts married?

Watts, who died in a London hospital surrounded by his family, was married to Shirley Shepherd for nearly 60 years. The couple shared a daughter, Seraphina, and a granddaughter, Charlotte. PEOPLE.comInside Late Rolling Stones Drummer Charlie Watts' Enduring Marriage to 'Incredible' Wife Shirley

Flashback: The Rolling Stones Play ‘Not Fade Away’ on ‘Mike Douglas’ in 1964

Yahoo Entertainment 26 August, 2021 - 10:31am

As always, Charlie Watts is the most impeccably dressed member of the band, since none of the others bothered to wear a tie. He also says his name so softly that Douglas has him repeat it three times. “Charlie Waltz? Watts?”

Douglas then brings a couple of starstruck female fans onto the stage to shriek and gush, but Watts keeps his hands behind his back and looks quite uncomfortable. He was already dating Shirley Ann Shepherd and they’d marry less than four months later. Miraculously, especially considering the track record of his bandmates, they stayed together for the rest of Watts’ life. A lot of people are hurting right now, but her pain must be unimaginable.

At the time of this Mike Douglas Show appearance, the Stones were just another British Invasion band that came to America in the aftermath of the Beatles. There was no reason to think they’d be any more special than the Dave Clark Five or Gerry and the Pacemakers, and their set was almost all covers like “Route 66” and “Walking the Dog.” But they began releasing original singles early the following year like “The Last Time” and “Play With Fire.” By the time “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” hit in June 1965, it was clear they were operating on a higher level than nearly all of their competitors.

They went through countless changes in the decades that followed, and Watts was the only constant presence in the band besides Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. Seeing them take the stage without him next month will be very sad and surreal, but it’s likely he’d want them to continue. They’re also celebrating their 60th anniversary next year and that deserves a celebration of some sort, but it’ll be very bittersweet with Charlie.

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Members of the Rolling Stones have saluted their unshakeable drummer Charlie Watts, who died Tuesday at the age of 80. Mick Jagger, the legendary rock band’s frontman, posted a photo on Twitter of a smiling Watts seated behind a drum. Lead guitarist Keith Richards shared a picture of a drum set with a hanging “Closed” sign.

Watts – drummer for the rock band since 1963 – has died aged 80.

‘White Hot Glistening’ is a lyric from ‘Feel Flows’ itself, the Carl Wilson/Jack Rieley composition from 1971's 'Surf's Up.’

Charlie Watts – a humble drummer behind a humble kit. Daily Express/Hulton Archive/Getty ImagesIn an era when rock drummers were larger-than-life showmen with big kits and egos to match, Charlie Watts remained the quiet man behind a modest drum set. But Watts wasn’t your typical rock drummer. Part of the Rolling Stones setup from 1963 until his death on Aug. 24, 2021, Watts provided the back-beat to their greatest hits by injecting jazz sensibilities – and swing – into the Stones’ sound. As a mu

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Dead & Company Honor Charlie Watts with "The Last Time" at Darien Lake 26 August, 2021 - 09:37am

Watts died on Aug. 24, following complications from a recent surgery.

“Economy of motion, epitome of cool. Rest In Peace, Charlie Watts,” D&C guitarist John Mayer wrote upon learning of his passing.

The Stones cover arrived midway through Dead & Company’s second half at Darien Lake, right before a contemplative “Drums”> “Space.” (A combination of The Rolling Stones’ tongue logo and the Grateful Dead’s “Steal Your Face” icon was also shown overhead.)

The band then hammered home their memorial of the drummer by encoring with Bob Dylan’s “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door.”

‘What a beautiful night in Upstate New York at Darien Lake! Thank you all and we’ll see you Friday in Saratoga Springs,” Dead & Company wrote via social media after the gig.

Check out a clip of “The Last Time” (via YouTuber DanLucky11) and the full setlist below:

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Stellar as usual. I know a lot of cats get down on the $$$$ the dead takes in, but come in, there’s still a following. Love it or hate it, the hippies and hippie wanna bees come out the wood work for these continued shows. I love the music, slow, steady or on fire, it’s music for my soul. Enjoy it and come, hate it or knock, that’s the American Beauty of it all.

Sincerely glad you liked it spoons… personally I thought it was awful… said the same thing 4 years ago and swore I would never see them again but got sucked in again… never again.Bobbys guitar playing has regressed to being almost unlistenable…sad and depressing.. will never go see this crap again

It has been my experience that Grateful Dead music either effects you or it doesn’t. I have a friend who says they are always out of tune and should rehearse more. Another says their music is “bubble gum music”. That’s OK. Deadheads are not looking to proselytize but all are welcome. Saw their Bethel show and it was a great night.

What a bunch of hogwash I would’ve rather went to get my wisdom teeth pulled out again. Out of tune no rhythm pure garbage Time to hanging up Bobby

Last Time—> Knockin were excellent. Rhythm Devils with Oteil and Mickeys Beam set were phenomenal. And I don’t usually like D and C.

Ross James recently celebrated the music of Dylan and the Dead with some…

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